Classic car show

April 24-May 12, 2019
Moab, Utah


Moab is a busy place, especially with it being Spring break for most of the schools in the area, it was crazy. The 27th Classic Car show was also in town. The car show presents beautiful antique and unique cars and trucks from 1900 to 2019. The event started with some car enthusiasts wanting to hang out at a local restaurant, to show off their cars. As time went on a car club was started, calling themselves “Moab Rod Benders” Along the way the club decided to start their own car show for the public. The very first show was an incredible success with over 200 cars participating. Today the show has around 500 entries, 8,000 spectators in the 3 day event. The car show is now run by the Rotary Club of Moab with all proceeds going to the Moab Free Health Clinic providing medical services to the uninsured and underinsured.


Love this car, I think it was my favorite
my two favorite cars, always wanted the TBird in pink with a black top

The show starts on Friday with the cars riding thru town and out to Green River for lunch at Ray’s Tavern. On Saturday there is the trophy presentation, Sunday they are off to Red Cliffs Lodge for another lunch. Throughout the week the cars start arriving and driving thru town, showing off their paint jobs with radios blaring, revving engines, or just their showing off their sweet rides.

a pink caddy, the inside was pink as well
my parents had one just like this in pea green
this was so awesome, I just can imagine heading to the beach in it

Guy and I rode our bikes to the car show, we didn’t want to take our truck as we knew it would be difficult to find parking. It turned out to be a 25 mile round trip, love our E bikes. It was sure fun checking out some of the cars that we had when we were teenagers or our first cars, like my 65 Chevy Nova, Guys 67 Ford Mustang or our 67 Ford Bronco.



Another event that we attended and found just by accident was the “Bronco Safari”. Guy and I had purchased a 1967 Ford Bronco when we were first married, we drove it everywhere. We took it off roading as much as we could going to many jeep/bronco safaris. We were roughing it at that time and had taken out the back seat and made a bed for us to sleep on and a place for the dogs to ride, I made curtains for the windows to have a little privacy. We traveled with our two dogs, Shauna a german shepard and Scrubby a Laso mix. They took up most of the room in the bed at night.

this is the same color and year as our Bronco



In Spanish Trail just south of Moab there is the Spanish Trail Arena, as we were driving by we could see about 150 Ford broncos of every size and color. Of course, we knew we needed to go check it out.



People were milling about talking about the day and who had engine trouble, who broke down, who got towed in, who was left out on the trail with a broken down bronco, who had flat tires. There were organized trail rides during the week, some scenic all the way to the extreme.  There are rules about what you must have installed on your bronco before you are allowed to go on the trail rides, a CB radio is a must, roll bar cages, 35-37″ tires, extra parts, and much more. While we were admiring all the Broncos, we noticed that ballots had been given out so attendees could vote on the Bronco they liked best. We did not stay to see who one but we picked out favorite.



There was a raffle going on for numerous Bronco items, tee shirts, hats, horns, tow straps, side steps, wenches, you name it you could bid on it. We knew we couldn’t stay to long as they were getting ready to serve dinner and we didn’t have a ticket nor were we part of the rally.


It sure was fun that week with both of the car shows. Stay tuned for our next adventure while we were in Moab. There is so many things going on, the next week after we were gone they were having “The Rally on the Rocks”.  There were over 1,000 Polaris Razor side by sides coming into town. They would be riding the trails and checking out each others buggies. Some would be going home with new ideas on how to change theirs.

We wish we could have stayed for it, but we were headed to the repair shop for an appointment to have our alignment done and a new tire put on in Custer, Wy.

the view at night from our little deck

Stay tuned for the next adventure in Moab. We want to Thank you for reading about our adventures thru this awesome country.

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  1. Love your blog…we manage RV park on Klamath River on Hwy 101 Klamath, Ca …redwoods

    1. Hi Denny and Linda, so good to hear from you. We are always talking about you and wondering what you are up to. I hope all is going good with the coach. Thanks for following along with us. Hope we make it out to you area next year.

    1. We should have planned better so we could have gotten together. Thanks for following along with us on our journey. But you guys are also having a wonderful journey of your own!! Hope to see you in Ga!!

  2. Very cool! We always love car shows, we just walk around a dream about owning one of those cars and think “Someday……” even though we know that someday will probably never come to fruition.

    1. We enjoyed looking at the cars that we grew up with and the ones we had together. We are always looking for car shows and look at the amazing things that are done on them.

  3. What a collection of sweet rides! Great time to be in Moab.
    Safe travels!

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