“Hells Revenge”

April May, 2019
Moab, Utah

beautiful flowers out on the Hells Revenge

We didn’t get to ride our buggy as much as we thought we would while in Moab.  Guy had taken the buggy into the shop for an oil change. Then the next day, we got a call that they found our axels had an issue and needed to be checked and replaced. It took 3 days to finally get it back, the UPS man is slow getting to Moab. We decided to head to the shop when they said it would be ready, well someone else’s buggy was in the shop instead. So we waited another day.

snow on the La Sal Mountains



the view from the Hells Revenge trail on the top of the mountains


As I have written before the trails in Moab are rated with how extreme and hard the trail is. It also gives you the information about what type of vehicle is best on which trail. With Guy and I having bought our first 1941 Jeep at 16 yrs old and off roading all our lives we usually don’t worry about rough trails, rocks or sand. We have gone on numerous jeep safaris all over California, with most of them being pretty extreme. But that’s if we have someone with us. By ourselves it becomes more challenging on how we would get out of a tricky situation, it is always safer having a partner.

slick rock surface, looking out our very dirty windshield


“Hells Revenge” is a “6” out of “10” and is a slick rock mountain trail, there are steep climbs and descents, rock ledges, lots of broken rocks, sand and even blowing sand. Some of the edges of the rocks are seriously not for the faint of heart. The trail is marked on the sandy parts of the route with piles of rocks while the slick rock areas have yellow diamonds painted on the rock that mark the way. One left or right turn in the wrong spot could lead to a disaster.


The first climb goes straight up slick rock then descends down and heads towards another straight up climb. There are sharp turns, and a descent along a steep ridge with little room for error left or right. Let’s just say in all the years we have been off roading I have never been so scared, and I used the sissy bar more than I even have. We had LaciLou with us in her seat with her seatbelt on, she had no idea what was happening but was loving being with us.


There is the “Tip-Toe through Hell” option that follows along “Hells Revenge” trail and skips the most difficult parts but was that an option for us…oh, “hell” no…we plowed right through the hard stuff of Hells Revenge.



There were three areas that we decided not to take, one was the “Escalator”, a straight up slick rock mountain with numerous holes in the rock, and we decided against the “Tip over Challenge”  and the Bath Tub, which was a hugh hole in the rock filled with water and mud, to get out it was straight up the rock. While we were there watching a buggy tried multiple times to get up the slick rock, he finally decided that he wasn’t making it our and gave up.  There were others that were watching and were going to wench him out but he was able to back up. We never did see anyone make it out.

the Escalator
the Bath Tub
going down into the stinky mud and water
trying to make it out the other side, he did not make it out

What made me happier was the amount of vehicles that were out riding the trail, we talked to a few and stopped to watch some of the jeeps go up the steep climbs or down some of the narrow canyons. Knowing there were others around to help if we or any one had an issue made us feel much better. The town of Moab has numerous rental companies in town, renting jeeps, buggies, bikes and just about anything else you can think about. There are also tours of most of the trails that will do all the driving for you.


overlooking the Colorado River

The large vista views that we could see on this trail go from the La Sal Mountains through the Arches National Park and the cliffs that surround the Moab valley, and is out standing. You see the sandstone cliffs, and canyons and part of the trail goes out to the Colorado River overlook.



When we arrived at the Colorado River Overlook there were about 6 buggies already there, with only room for 3…we squeezed in and then along came 3 hugh jeeps thinking they were going to join us…we were on a tiny little rocky out cropping high above the river, where did they think we were going? Guy and I decided it was time to try and turn around and let them have the place. I didn’t take pictures which is to bad as it was kinda comical.

I think I need this sweet pink buggy!!! What say you?

All in all the “Hells Revenge” was not any harder or rougher than any other ride we have been on. The scenery was beautiful, the weather couldn’t have been any better, with nice cool breezes. We left the trail with all our fingers and toes, no break downs on the buggy and happy that we had done it.


11 thoughts on ““Hells Revenge”

  1. What a great riding area! We’ll have to return as we only did the Sovereign Trail.
    Safe travels!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I did not know there are tours on the trails. I’m gonna let someone else drive.

    1. Hi Chey, if you have ever driven a buggy the road would not be so bad, it does take a little thinking on which way to go but it was great. From what I heard the tours are great…friends took the tour and were served wine and strawberries on the top!! Find that tour!!

  3. So GLAD you did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you got my message telling you how great this was.  MR LOVED it. Especially the one ravine where jeep had turned over. She sat in the back and enjoyed every minute.  We took the last trip of the day and had wine and strawberries on top of one of the hill as the sun went down.  Then drove back in the dark.  This trip was with the original father and son that began this attraction. Did you see the stone formation that the “rock hard” expression came form???

    1. Wish we could have been with you and MR when you were here, it was a fun ride once we got started…dang wine and strawberries would have been awesome instead of our peanut butter sandwiches. Hugs to you both!

  4. I don’t even know what to type anymore. I’m scared just reading it. One sure bet is you two are perfectly mated! And Guy, your health? Am I the only worrier? Phenomenal story, TY ❤️

    1. We had have an awesome time exploring and checking out as much as we can…so things are scary but I need to put on my big girl panties and go for it…Guys health is awesome, better than ever!! Thanks for worrying about us and continuing to follow us!!

  5. Make us want to get back down there and hit some trails! Too bad the weather did not cooperate so we could get your buggy out when you were here.

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