Moab Utah

April 23 – May 12, 2019
Moab, Utah

the view from our campsite at Ken’s Lake, Spanish Trail, Ut

Our time was up in Lone Rock, where, oh, where were we going to head? Looking at the map, which is our best friend, and checking on mileage and times of arrival, it was either Marysvale or Moab, Utah. Both places have lots of off road riding. Marysvale was only a 3 hr drive, awesome, so that was our pick. I had researched the internet for a boon docking spot and found an awesome place on Lake Piute about 13 miles south of Marysvale. There are 8 sites to choose from but once again, as we walked it Guy decided the soft sand was more than he wanted to deal with and take the chance of getting stuck. We took off and headed into the town of Marysvale.

from the fence down to our rig is one camp site

Once arriving in the extremely small town of less than 400 people, trying to find somewhere to pick up a trail map and gather information was almost impossible, as all the stores were closed. We finally stopped at Liz & Charlie’s RV Park. The explanation we got was we were to early in the season and with the snow they had this year all the trails were closed and not much was open. Well, needless to say that was disappointing as we went 3 hrs out of our way.

a great view, see the snow peaking out
our first visitor to our site, we did not see him as we were parking the rig                                and ended up running him over

We next headed to Moab, but knew we would need to find an over night stop, we found a great boon docking spot in the Fishhead National Forest. There were 8 sites to choose from, and luckily there was a nice pull-thru for us.  One other camper was there with two guys, Jeff, from Cal and Scott, from Las Vegas, who were heading to Moab to meet up with their long time friends from college. They rent a house every year spending a week together biking thru the mountains on 100 mile trips. Most of you know my husband does not stay up late but Jeff and Scott came over to our place and we all talked until after midnight. I wish I had taken a picture of them and our sweet spot.

from the top of the hill looking down on the campground,                                                                 the water fall that leads down to  Ken’s Lake

While there, we had to many electrical appliances running at once, then all of a sudden everything turned off, oh no! Thankfully, Guy got it back on. But a few minutes later off it went again, no getting it back on. If we ran the generator we were fine, the solar was working fine. We had no cell reception where we were so could not get help, but the next day on calling Greg, from RV Solar Solutions, who installed our system, he and Guy figured it was a fuse. Guy hot wired the electrical so our refrigerator would keep running and we could use the micro.  Guy got on Amazon to order one,  and found out it would take 2 weeks for it to arrive.

a toadstool

Not having reservations is a tricky business and trying to find boon docking spots can also be tricky. We tried a few areas that are run by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) on the road leading to Canyonlands National Park but all the camping areas were full.  We decided to head to Ken’s Lake Campground which is about 10 miles south of Moab.  Along the way we saw about 75-100 rigs camping on a road area and decided to head over, it was an old airport runway.  We found out later that it was an Xscapers Convergence. The group was created by the Escapees RV Club to bring a new generation of working age Rvers together. They hold convergences that last 5-10 days, with a lightly structured events. They reserved the airport road for 2 weeks, we found a spot along the road and spent the one night.

the La Sal Mountain range

The next day we decided to see if Ken’s Lake had a spot available. Luckily,  a 5th wheel had just vacated a large open site. This is a first come first serve campground, so you don’t wait, you grab it fast.  The site at Ken’s Lake is perfect for us and we can stay here until our fuse arrives. We feel totally blessed as we are in love with this site. Our rig fits perfectly and our back deck can stay open, where I can sit outside in the mornings and enjoy my coffee in my jammies or have our dinner and watch the sun go down.


There is a very fast moving creek next to us that starts at the top of the mountain and ends in Ken’s Lake, there is no one behind us or in front, the other side if fenced off so no one there either. It’s $20.00 a night, but with our National Pass it’s $10.00 for seniors. Our view is outstanding, the front is of the red sandstone mountains……..behind are mountains that are still snow covered and in front we have the sandstone mountains.

walking in we found a pool of yucky smell water!!

Unpacking and setting up the site was fast, as we could see a couple of buggy roads and they were calling our name. They were short runs as we came upon a locked gate on one trail and then crossed the fast moving river in one spot but the next spot was way to deep and not wanting to get stuck in the mud we turned around. There was also a very large boulder and slick rocks that we knew we could go down but not back up so we turned around again. Without another vehicle with us we knew we didn’t want to take a chance.


Some of the rock formations had Indian writings on them which was so cool. What was frustrating was looking at the graffiti that was also on the rocks. I just can’t figure out why people can’t appreciate the history of our nation without trying to destroy it.

you can see where the jeeps and buggies scrapped on the rocks
tooo deep to cross

We spent the next day in Moab just driving around. I don’t really know how to describe this town, it is a super busy place, the traffic is bumper to bumper, there are jeeps and buggy’s everywhere. If your buggy is street legal and has a license you may drive it on the roads. The town really caters to the off roaders, as they bring in the big bucks. There are numerous rental companies, tour companies and repair shops for buggies and jeeps. There are the tee shirt stores, gift shops, restaurants, and anything else you would possibly want.

the face of that is slick rock, we knew we wouldn’t be abel to come back up

You must use caution as all the trails are numbered, starting with a 31/2 and go up to a 9. Most of the trails are really best for jeeps with a high clearance, large 33-38″ tires and locking suspension. Guy and I are up for any type of trail, but going alone we are more cautious. We could get stuck miles from camp or even town and we sure don’t want to walk back.

Well, we have just arrived in town and have lots of planned activities, so come on back and find out all that we found to do here in Moab. Do we attend the Jeep Safari or the Bronco Safari, a Classic Car show with 500 antique cars coming into town, a cruise down main street or just eating at the taco van, riding bikes into town for ice cream!! Yummy!

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  1. Those trail ratings are just recommendations to be ignored and you should just go for it! You left just in time, they are talking 8-12″s tomorrow and another 12 on Tuesday!

  2. Great spot for fun buggy trips.. Wait for us and we’ll be right there..
    Have fun but be safe out there..
    Love ya

    1. Hi there Dawnie…if you continue to bite your nails you won’t have any left…this is any awesome town with so much to see and do…lots of adventure. Hugs to you

  3. We loved Moab. Glad you got everything figured out on the electrical side. The spots you guys are finding dound perfect. We can’t wait to get back to that area!
    Continued safe travels!
    Les and Sue

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