Toadstools and Lions Head

April  23- May 12, 2019                                                                                                                                            Lone Rock,  Page, AZ/Utah

can you see the Lions Head?


cowboy road sign

Our next stop was Johnson Canyon Road, a 16.2 mile trip that heads into the Escalante National Park. Driving down the road you find colorful cliffs of the Grand Staircase. There are farm houses and fields with horses grazing next to the sandstone walls. As you travel you see the cliffs changing from the red cliffs to white cliffs, these cliffs are steeper and rockier and look so majestic against the bright blue sky.



We had a brochure of the miles to each of the historic markers along the road.  Along the way you will see an old dilapidated town that was once used to film GunSmoke, the Lions Head up high on the mountain, cowboy road sign and many other historic markers.  It turned out to be a fun excursion as not all the historic markers were easy to find or easy to get pictures of, with both of us looking and trying to be the first to spot the marker.

old town buildings where lots of movies and commercials were taken



While driving we found a great boondocking spot at Crocodile Hog Canyon, where we could take our buggy out from there and ride thru the mountain trails. Next year!!! We also stopped at Nephi Pasture Trailhead and had lunch, while we were just admiring the view, along came 5 buggies heading along the trails up into the mountains. There are numerous riding trails that go much further into the Escalante National Park which is the south entrance.


Along Hwy 89 heading into Kanab we saw a sign for a hike to theToadstool Trail, a short 3.2 mile round trip journey. WOW, it was truly a cool place to walk …we felt like we had traveled to another planet.



look how little Guy is



Below are some pictures of Lake Powell, they are taken just above the Glen Canyon Dam. You can see by the white rock the water line that Lake is down about 30′. This is due to droughts in the area and the high water withdrawals for human and agricultural consumption. Lake Powell is the second largest man made reservoir in the US.




can you see the electric plant in the distance

Our time at Lone Rock was longer than we had planned but we truly enjoyed it. It was so peaceful. The wind became a challenge and got very tiresome, with the dirt blowing it was hard somedays to sit outside and just admire the view. The weather was the perfect temperature, warm days and cool nights which make for easy sleeping.


If you want to see where we head next come on back and check on us…we love having you along on our journey…we also love hearing from you…I do answer every comment, it might not be right away as we have been very spotty on internet, but I do get to it.

love the different layers of rock formations

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  1. Howdy World Travelers..
    It is so nicel to be able to see the United States in the comfort of my own home. It is the cheapest vaca I’ve
    ever been on, LOL..
    Seriously though it is so cool to see all the places in your travels.. I’m truly jealous of your adventures of a life time.
    One day when I grow up maybe I’ll get a chance to see even a few of the places you have already visited.. There are
    so many awesome places and I haven’t decided where I want to go yet so I guess you’ll have to keep traveling
    and posting your travels at leased till I decide..
    Love you and looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Your Sis

    1. Hi Sis, just think of all the places all of us together have traveled to…we have seen some awesome stuff together…I hope we are still traveling when you guys decide to head out…that would be the best vaca together…Love you and Hugs

  2. Love it you guys!! Some real neat places!! Can’t wait to see your next adventure!! Miss ya hugs!!

    1. Hi Troy, nice to hear from you…hope Canada is treating you right and its getting warmer…Thanks for following along with us…hope it gives you some help in planning your next trip here to the states. Hugs to you and the Girls

  3. Did you see the second in your picture if you look behind the big lion and you’ll see a tree and then two platforms of sandstone and you find the second one or the first one on the left side and look up it looks like a baby lion with its head shape and glowing.ears and etc behind the mama lion so to speak quite interesting you took the photo at the right angle and the right exposure but boy I’d say it looks awful much like 2 lions in the morning. I love the toadstool ones they’re great just unimaginable to me have wind and rain formed the rock formation.

    Thank you for your journeys I appreciate it greatly , safe travels to you too

    1. Hi to you Donald, I will look back at the pictures to see if I spot the lion…the toadstools were awesome, so amazing how they are formed. This country is amazing on how diverse each area is and no two places alike. Its been really fun exploring and finding so many wonderful and amazing places. Thanks for following along with us as we do explore!! Hope you are feeling better.

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