Rocks, Water and Friends

Prescott, Arizona
April 1 – 7, 2019

I would like to say that our trip from Gold Canyon was uneventful but that would not be the case. Our 3 hour trip ended up 5 hours! The drive through Phoenix was easy as there was not really any traffic but once we got up on HWY 17 it was stopped due to some emergency. We got caught in between exits, even if we took one of the exits they did not go in the direction we were headed. So we sat with everyone else that were out of their cars, riding their bikes, walking dogs, going in and out of motorhomes. There were even people that were backing up on the shoulder trying to get back to the exits. It truly was comical. We finally made it to the where the accident was between a car and a truck, the truck caught on fire which in turn caught the grass on the side of the road and the surrounding hill on fire, traffic could not go until the fire was out.

Guy and Lee
Terry and I

We finally arrived at our campground…we were pretty disappointed. It really is where everyone lives permanently in their rvs. Our site is large but has a big slant, it was not easy leveling and consequently our steps are pretty high in the air and was hard getting into the rig. It is quiet as most everyone heads to work in the morning. If we hadn’t prepaid we would have left and found somewhere else.

IMG_3062 2.jpg
Willow Lake
the rocks around the campground

The campground is within walking distance to Willow Lake. The lake is surrounded by sweeping views of big boulders, it has a 5.7 mile walking and biking loop around the lake. Electric boats, canoes and kayaking are the only water craft allowed. Swimming is not allowed.

Willow Lake

The reason for this trip to Prescott was to visit with our long time friends, Terry and Lee. Guy and Lee worked together at Seagate. When we moved to Los Gatos, we loved where Terry and Lee lived in Los Gatos which is in the mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz. We found our 50 acres of awesome on the mountain and drew up plans to build our dream home. Our property butted up against Terry and Lee’s but we couldn’t get there unless we drove. The plans went to the planning department and then October,1989 the 7.4 Loma Prieta earthquake hit, it closed down the entire area from Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Fransisco. The earthquake happened while the world series was getting ready to start in San Fransisco. Terry and Lee were at the game in San Fransisco and didn’t know that they had lost their home and most everything in it. They did rebuild in the same spot.

It took another year and many structural changes and additions to our plans before we finally got the plans back and could get started building. We lost most everything in that earthquake and what was left went into a storage container. The home we were in was pretty much destroyed and we needed to move out. We moved into 3 rv trailers, one for Guy and I (35″) and each of our kids had one (20″ each). We moved them to the bottom of our property and lived in them for the next 3 years while we were building the house. We only lived in that home for 1 1/2 yrs before we were transferred to Atlanta, Ga. where we built another home.

another part of Willow Lake

Terry is a planner and had our week planned out pretty well before we even arrived in town. She made us dinner for the first night, swedish pot roast, cauliflower rice, salad and cheese cake. The night was full of laughter and stories of old times. We had not seen each other we figured out for 6 yrs. There were 5 of us girls (Shelley, Debra, Terry, Sue and I) that were always together when I lived in Ca. After my move we took trips  together or just hung out at our house on the lake, once or twice a year for the 25 yrs after we moved from Ca.  When Guy and I went on the road the one of the hardest parts has been not spending that girlie time together.

the view from Jerome looking towards Flagstaff


Lee had to work on Tuesday, so Guy became mine and Terry’s chauffeur. We had driven through the little town of Jerome a few years before but had not stopped. I wanted to walk the streets and look in the shops. We left pretty early and got there before the stores opened, Terry spotted  a little coffee shop down in the basement of a building so we decided a coffee would be good.  Guy had eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes. While Terry and I had an Irish Cream, bourbon and coffee, yikes. It was so strong we had to add lots of creamer.

view from Jerome

Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1967. Jerome in its heyday was made rich by the copper mines in the area. It was home to more than 10,000 people in the 1920”s. The population today is 444. The town is more than 5,000 feet above sea level. It is built on the side of the mountain, you will find art stores, clothes stores, restaurants, leather store, and many other different types.

some of the buildings in Jerome
if you look closely you can see LaciLou peeking out of her bag in the front

After walking the town of Jerome we headed to Sedona, I just wanted to see “The Chapel of the Holy Cross”. In 1932 Marguerite Brunswig Staude was inspired to build a chapel after the newly constructed Empire State Building.  An attempt to build the Chapel in Budapest was aborted when WWII broke out, she then decided to build the chapel high atop the red rocks in Sedona.  It took 18 months at the cost of $300,000. The Chapel was finally completed in 1956.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross
walking into the chapel

The life size bronze “Christ of the Holy Cross” rises in the front of the church with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Sedona. The bronze Living Christ is upon the Tree of Life which depicts humanity’s journey from its fall in the Garden of Eden and perfection by the Holy Trinity. The tree of life has twelve leaves which represent the twelve apostles and their work.


There is no parking at the Chapel,  you must park along the street and walk up and down a pretty big hill. Guy drove to the top and let us out, he went back down the hill and finally found a place to park about 3/4 s of a mile down the hill. We were surprised at how many people there were visiting the church.

the views from the Chapel


As you walk around the front of the chapel and look at the view of the surrounding red mountains this house is just below the chapel. There is a beautiful water fall and pond on left that doesn’t show up. The gardeners were working in the yards with two beautiful husky dogs.

I wonder how many people live there?

Lee was free to hang with us on Wednesday so off we went to check out more of the area. We drove out to the most scenic and coolest areas, Watson Lake. The lake is surrounded by the Granite Dells. The granite dells consist of exposed bedrock and large boulders of granite that are lumpy and have a rippled appearance. Both Watson and Willow Lake are man made. There are miles of hiking over the boulders, along a miles of trails, and easy bike rides.

Watson Lake



Our next pretty lake was Lynx Lake which is just outside of town. This lake is 55 acres and is surrounded by tall pines and is at the 5,500 ft elevation. There is boating with a 10 horsepower engine allowed, canoeing, kayaking, but no swimming allowed. We drove thru the campground, to see if we could fit in but the sites allow nothing bigger than about 25-30’. The roads are narrow with low hanging trees, the sites are nestled among the trees.  IMG_3093 2.jpgA marina with a small store is not far away. Terry had put together a great lunch of cheese and crackers, we sat at the tables and just admired the wonderful view of the lake.


While we were walking the 2.5 miles trail we found an eagle on the other side of the lake sitting up at the top of a pine tree. I took a picture but you can hardly tell its an eagle. When he took off and flew we tried to take him flying but that didn’t really work either.

if you look at the top of the tree you can just about see the white head of the eagle

After all this tourist stuff we needed some adult beverage, so off to the Prescott Brewing Company we went.


I am not a beer drinker so had a pinot griego, while the rest had beer and nachos, Guy had a bacon lettuce sandwich, which he shared with me.


The week went by so fast, with dinners at Terry and Lees, appetizers at her sister Helen and her husband’s house, touring the town and campgrounds for future trips. It was a wonderful week of sharing and laughter.


When leaving Prescott we were headed to Kirkland, Az to visit one my longest friend, Barbara. We have been friends since we met at 10 years old. We were headed to her and Jim’s cowboy ranch. So come on back and check out this amazing cowboy ranch.IMG_3107.jpg


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    1. Hi Dawn, I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the eagle, he was an awesome site. After living for almost 6 yrs in a tiny condo on wheels I could never have another large house, and that one was way over the top.

  1. Some beautiful lakes in that area. Watson was very cool with all those rocks! Nice that you were able to enjoy time with your friends while passing through.

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