IMG_2561.jpgFeb 1- April 1, 2019
Gold Canyon, Arizona
This post will be pictures of the beautiful areas we saw on some of our rides thru the desert. There are many places and some awesome views that you don’t see unless you venture out in an off road vehicle.

can you just imagine who first lived there or what the building was used for

2019-02-27 12.44.49.jpg


2019-02-26 11.32.02.jpg
riding thru box canyon
2019-02-26 11.31.40.jpg
box canyon
2019-02-26 11.32.08.jpg
box canyon

2019-02-26 11.22.54.jpg

2019-02-26 11.19.46.jpg
heading down the mountain with a beautiful view

2019-02-26 11.37.25.jpg

2019-02-27 10.22.35.jpg
an old miners cabin, inside was an old refrigerator, a couple of chairs and other memorabilia




Family members bring the remains of their family members who have spent their lives traveling and exploring the mountain trails. Some of the marked areas have boxes with ashes in them, a note pad where who ever visited can write their names. There were even a couple of geocaches. We also found ashes in a couple of others.


We were treated to a great air show right up and over the campground, there were 5 of them flying around.
our new best friend 
this lady was not going to let me pass it was a stare down until I honked my horn
the inside of a dead Sagauro
the poppies starting to bloom
2019-02-12 09.52.04.jpg
an old corral


2019-02-12 11.32.26.jpg

2019-02-12 09.27.03.jpg

Thanks for following along with us on our journey around this wonderful country, we love hearing from you. Leave us a message in the comments and I will always answer.

15 thoughts on “Randomness

    1. Yes, there are many jeeps that ride all the back roads in the Gold Canyon area and up into Superior and Globe. Some more challenging than others…we have always had a jeep and would feel very comfortable riding there.

  1. The box canyon ride looks fun. We are so ready to join in on all that fun. Glad ya’ll are enjoying your travels.

    1. The whole area in Gold Canyon was awesome riding…box canyon was a great ride. Someday we need to spend some time riding together again. Will you be heading west this year?

    1. Hi Steve and Diane, we were amazed at how many trails there are in that area…you could really get lost. We actually did that ride a couple of times heading to other areas.

  2. Thank you so much for the update on your travels.
    The day we sold our RV was very sad. We now travel
    through your eyes 😍 & heart!!
    Hugs and travel safe!! D&K in PO.

    1. Hi K and Don. I hope you both are doing good out there in PO. It would be sad to see the rv go.. we know our time is limited as well and just trying to see as much as we can now.

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