Buggy Princess

Feb 1 – April 1, 2019
Gold Canyon, Arizona

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Guy and I are not big hikers and never have been, we have good intentions but we never follow through. Not far from our rv park is Silly Mountain Park, that has a small mountain trail and cactus garden.


Guy and I walked all the trails which turned out to be about 3.5 miles. The views from the top was out standing. We could see 360 degrees around Phoenix. The wildflowers were in bloom all over the mountain, it was hard walking and taking pictures at the same time.


Superstition Mountains



we got up now we needed to get down

One of our rides with the some of our new friends was to head to Saguaro Lake which was about 20 miles away. The only way there with the buggies is to trailer them.

our truck pulling our neighbors trailer and the buggies

Guy and I don’t have a trailer so Lee and Kathy our neighbors have a trailer that they put their jeep and buggy on and tow with their Class A. They offered to put our buggy on their trailer with theirs if we could tow it. Of course, we said yes. We were excited to head out to new territory with our friends.

 our Buggy Princess

There were 4 buggies going with a new friend Jerry in the lead. We were going to leave Laci home as we don’t have a seat for her and I don’t think it is safe holding her. Jerry’s dog had a seat in their buggy that he had outgrown. Next thing we knew the seat was taken out and given to us for LaciLou so she could go with us when ever we went. I especially liked that the seat is secure to the roll bar and also has a safety hook so she can’t fall out. We were so excited and had it installed before we left for the day. Since then LaciLou goes with us all the time and is loving it. I am on a mission now to figure out how to make something to hold her up higher so she can see out the front window.

the new group of horses taking over the water hole

Along the way we spotted off in the distance 2 herds of wild horses. One of the closest groups were at a small pond while the other group were pretty far away. When the group furthest away came to the small pond they chased away the first group that was there.

the tourist ferry on Lake Saguaro


We eventually could see the lake from the top of the mountain. When we finally made it there it was time for our lunch break.

Jerry and his wife and their sweet puppy, Guy and I with LaciLou, Kathy and Lee, LaDonna
Lupine in bloom



It was a great ride with a great group of people that were so sweet to take us under their wings and show us the area. A huge Thank you to all of them and hope we meet up again one day.


Come on back and check out what the Rovers are up to next…we also love to hear from you…leave us a message in the comments and I will most defiantly answer you back.IMG_0387.JPG

14 thoughts on “Buggy Princess

    1. Thanks Sharon, hope all is well with you and Steve. Do you think you will get out in the rig of your this year? We may be heading to Indiana in Sept..if your home we might get to stop by…

  1. So great to see the desert as I look out the window at lingering snow! On my list for next winter will be hiking Silly Mountain. I just never thought about doing it.
    Beautiful photos! We hope you 3 are doing great! Suzie & Galen, WY

    1. Hi Suzie and Galen, yikes, I can’t believe you still have snow. The desert sure is nice but hasn’t been to warm. The nights are still cold, but better for sleeping. Guess we won’t get to WY for a while longer or atleast until snow is gone. Hope all is well with you both.

  2. Oh Sue how those pic’s make me miss our life and activities in AZ and our friends there. Hope you guys are doing fine and having more adventures. We are doing good gotten back into the swing of life here and staying really busy. Little by little our days are getting warmer and we spend more time in the yard and garden. Give a pet to Lacilou and greet Guy for us.

    1. Hi LaDonna, we miss our time in Gold Canyon, y’all made it a great time for us. It was such a fun couple of months. Glad to hear its getting warmer there, hopefully the snow is gone. Hugs to you and Dale.

  3. We’ve always found hiking to be an enjoyable way to exercise but Dianne’s knees are now shot and she’s waiting to get on a list for knee replacement. Nice to have a tour guide to explore a new riding area. Safe travels!

    1. We have never done long hard hikes but do love the short easy ones. I hope Diane gets some relief soon for those knees. I am starting to have a bad hip but find for me more walking seems to help. I think mine is arthritis. Enjoy being home with the grands.

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