Gold Canyon #3

Feb 1 – April 1, 2019                                                                                                                          Gold Canyon, AZ

Arizonia has been following the country with some pretty weird weather. The temps have been colder than normal, with rain totals higher than normal. We have had rain, snow,  ice and wind. One morning as we were taking LaciLou out, you can imagine how  surprised we were to see snow on the Superstition Mountains.

Superstition Mountains

While we were in Gold Canyon a few of our RV friends were arriving and staying in the area at different locations. With Guy and I being stationary for long it had been a while since se had seen everyone that we were looking forward to meeting up with everyone.

Superstition Mountains
Ruth took this picture of the snow and spring flowers

One couple we were looking forward to seeing who are not Rvers, was Gary and Cindy. They live in Ahwatukee, a city outside of Phoenix. We have been friends with them about 25 years. Guy and Gary worked together at Seagate. We have traveled with them on many trips and they have come to our home in Alabama for some r and r on the lake. They have moved around from Ca to North Carolina and now to Az. Chandler is not far from here so we met them for lunch at the Hop Social Tap and talked for hours getting caught up on kids and grands.

This was take 10, we could not seem to get a good picture. Guy, Me Cindy, Gary and in the back their youngest son, Ty                                                                   

They invited us over to their home one night for dinner. We tried to take pictures of all of us but we goofed around so much we only got one good one. Cindy and Gary made a wonderful dinner of steak, salad and potatoes, with brownies for dessert. We knew they had a spring training baseball game to attend the next day and were planning on leaving early…..if 10:30 is early!!

Dale and Ruth, were in Phoenix waiting for parts for their Rv, and had been since December last year. We went with them to their favorite breakfast place, Crackers and Company Cafe. The breakfast was very good, but the conversation was even better.

2019-02-09 12.01.43.jpg
Dale and Ruth

Their coach finally got fixed but then something went wrong with their truck and was now in the shop. The coach was finally done and needed to be moved from the repair shop. Their time was up at the campground they were in and were moving into our park a few days until their truck was done. Since they had no way to move it, Guy went and got the Rv for them. I had made dinner for them since it was late in the day and Ruth made dinner for us a few days later. But Guy had gotten sick during the day and we didn’t want them to catch anything we didn’t go. But Ruth brought us her Jambalaya and apple brownie cake…wow , excellent.

Guy and Dale moving the rv
The Salt River with the Superstition Mountains covered in snow

While they were here we took a great bike ride along the Salt River bike path, the path connects the Az State University, Tempe Beach Park and Marketplace, also the spring training home of baseball’s Chicago Cubs. We continued into Papago Park, which offers hiking trails that are smooth with minimal elevation which makes it a popular place for bikers and runners. The terrain is primarily sandstone. Our bike trip ended up being around 20 miles.

Turlingas lining the safety barrier
The two bikers Dale and Ruth
Biking at Papago Park

Debbie and Steve were staying out at the Lost Dutchman State Park, which is about 16 miles from us. They came over for a short visit one night after Steve got done working, we sat drinking a 40 yr old bottle of port and chatting away until midnight. I think we could have gone on longer until we finally checked the time.

Glenda in front, Debbie on the left, Ruth, Steve, Guy, Dale, Curt and Me

Later in the week we met up with Debbie and Steve, Curt and Glenda, Ruth and Dale for pizza at Rosita’s. Once we got there it was packed, it must have been the rain that drew them in. We all made the decision that we would head to Guy’s favorite type of food “mexican”. Curt recommended Los Gringos Locos in Apache Junction which was about 12 miles. It was National Margarita Day, and low and behold, it was packed there as well. We waited at least an hour for a table, but with the margaritas flowing no one cared. We were having so much fun and were getting pretty loud that the table behind us asked us to quite down…LOL!!

IMG_2488 (1).jpg

It was my sister Penny and Rogers 40th wedding anniversary in March. They had decided to celebrate it in Bullhead City, Az where they have a vacation home named “River Shack”. They asked us to come celebrate with them for a few days. We enjoyed a nice quiet time together, the guys went in the hot tub, there were plenty of adult beverages consumed, we all went to our favorite Thai restaurant, took a day and drove over to Laughlin, NV and walked through the casinos (the only one to gamble was Roger), took a trip to Oatman to have ice cream and see the donkeys. Hit a few bars and the Elks club for drinks and just enjoyed being together.


the 4 travelers

Debbie and Steve were in Surprise, AZ visiting his mom before heading out to parts unkown. We got in touch with them on our way to Bullhead City to see if they could have lunch on our way back.  Debbie found a great place for us all to meet at the State 48 Brewery in Surprise. I know this might come as a shock to some of you but none of us ordered adult beverages.

It sure was fun catching up with all our friends but we were still waiting for one more couple to arrive in our park. Tracy and Lee were coming in from Texas, we hadn’t seen them for 3 years. They were bringing with them a new addition to their family, Jack. I was looking forward to meeting him.

prickley pear cactus

Thanks to all you readers for keeping up with us and our travels. We also love hearing from you, if you leave a message in comments I will answer every one of them. Until next time have a very Blessed week.


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  1. Looks like a great time was had by all. Can’t believe you all went to a brewery and didn’t imbibe…especially Mr. McCormack and his flights! 😉 Safe travels!

    1. Steve and Debbie had decided to go on a little change of eating and drinking to loose weight for the wedding of their son. You guys enjoy your summer at home with those grands!!

  2. Again, thank you for sharing your life with us. I love looking at your pictures because I get to see places that I otherwise would not see. Continue to enjoy life and God bless.

    1. It’s amazing how wonderful this country is..we love all the diversity and feel so Blessed that God has given us this time to explore his creation. Thank you Phyllis for following along.

    1. The snow was amazing and lasted about a week, all the surrounding mountains were covered. Even in Gold Canyon we had flurries and some slush on the roads for one day.

  3. Very nice of you to come to Dale and Ruth’s rescue. They had quite the ordeal! Sounds like a great time with Steve, Debbie and gang. A 40 year old bottle of port? Wow!

    1. Having some of the gang together was awesome! We are all headed in the same direction this summer and will hopefully see each other somewhere along the way. Guy collected ports for a long time..we carry them down in the basement of the coach…we will have to have one when we get to SD!!!

  4. You guys look like you’re having fun ,keep sending the posts !!

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  5. So fun to meet up with you guys again, it really was great getting to know you better, even if the circumstances weren’t quite what we expected due to the repairs and the repeated delays.

    Thanks again for all the help with towing the RV while we were dealing with truck repairs. Glad we got a bike ride in, that was a fun day, your battery bikes were fun to try!!

    1. We were glad we were there to help y’all, we totally enjoyed our time together even tho it was way to short. Enjoy Washington…wish we could catch up with you…we just got our tickets finally to go to the Antelope Canyon…yea!

  6. Great pictures – looks like everyone was having a great time. Love the snow on the mountains!

    1. Carolyn, The snow was so beautiful, I couldn’t take enough pictures. It sure was cold for the month of Feb…hope to see you sometime this summer..I have your iternary and will try to be somewhere near you.

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