February 1st – April 1, 2019,
The Arizonian Rv Park, Gold Canyon, AZ

2019-03-12 13.25.23.jpg

Our reason for heading from the wide open spaces of the desert was a change scenery and different trails for buggy riding. We were looking forward to spending some time at the Superstition Mountains.

2019-02-08 10.27.00.jpg

A Crested Saguaro that greets you arriving at the RV park

The Arizonian Rv park is located next to the wide open spaces around the Superstition Mountain range. There are 431 sites, two sides to the park, one side of the park is for campers with dogs, the other not. There are numerous sites with park models that have paved driveways and small yards. I will take a guess and say that between 80-85% of the people here in the park have one or two buggies or motorcycles. We have tried to stay in this park a couple of times but it has always been full, except this year we were lucky as there was a cancelation.  We were surprised that it was the prime spot, a corner lot with lots of room and no one on one side of us.  All the sites have a small cement patio by the doors, with small pea sized gravel around the site.

2019-02-23 18.17.27.jpg

2019-02-23 18.17.14.jpg

Our home in its spot for the next two months

When you stay in an rv park there is always lots to do. The pool and jacuzzi are heated all winter with lots of hardy souls that use it rain or shine.

2019-03-29 15.47.02.jpg

The fountain at the front entrance with park models in the background

2019-03-29 15.49.11.jpg

putting green and pickle ball courts

They have a pool room, quilt room, game room, banquet hall, horseshoes and tennis courts, rc (radio controlled) car race track and rc airport.

2019-03-29 15.52.18.jpg


2019-03-29 15.50.53.jpg

shuffle board courts

2019-03-29 15.53.51.jpg

Game room

There is also an activities director that organizes monthly functions. Of course, we signed up for some of the things that were happening like, spaghetti dinner, Mother’s Day dinner, a couple of musical shows and The Organ Pizza House.


Maggie Mae


Frank Valley Tribute by “December 63”, fantastic performance

One of the functions we signed up for was the RC Car Race Day with a hot dog lunch.

2019-02-08 11.06.17.jpg

RC Car track with everyone standing for the American and Canadian anthems

2019-02-08 11.04.18.jpg

RC Car flying both the American and Canadian flags while each anthem was played


2019-02-08 10.33.30.jpg

The RC Cars waiting to race

The Organ Stop Pizza restaurant opened in 1975 with a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ as its center piece.  The organ has nearly 6,000 pipes. Massive amounts of wind are required for the operation of the organ, there are 4 huge turning blowers that are installed that produce the wind. The blowers can be seen outside the building thru the windows.


once he was done with his performance he took requests from the audience

Around the room you can see 2 different types of pianos, different sizes of drums, cymbals, xylophone, orchestra bells and numerous other instruments which are played from the keys of instrument panel. The Wurlitzer theatre organ is the largest in the world and the largest type to ever be assembled.


The Organ with all the pipes in behind glass windows that open as each section of pipes play

The restaurant opened for the Arizonian and Weavers Needle Rv parks, for $8.50 each they served all the pizza and salad you could eat. The organ performance was spectacular and was played as we ate.


The American and Canadian anthems had just finished playing as the                                              organ sank down into the stage

We have some great neighbors, Rosemary, Dennis and Rocket, their sweet pup. They are from Ohio and are here most of the winter.  Rosemary and I have had some super conversations.  Across from us is Kathy, Lee and Heidi, their lab. Kathy and Lee also have a buggy and multiple friends with buggies here in the park. It was so nice that they would ask us to go with them on rides thru the desert and showed us many places to go. Through them we met LaDonna and Dale who are their long time friends from their home town in Nebraska.  We now consider them our good friends and will right more about them in the next blog.  Which as I’m writing this, Nebraska is going thru massive flooding, none of their houses were damaged but some of their fields were.


LaDonna, Me, Kathi, Linda, I’m sorry I don’t remember her name,  Jennifer in the back

This has been a crazy year weather wise across the whole country, Arizona included. The day time temps have been in the 50’s – high 60’s, with the nights down in the 30 range. We have had rain most every day, snow, hail, and wind. Some days it was colder here than at our kids homes in Alabama.

                             Some of the cool cactus you find out in the desert. 


The wood framing of a dead Saguaro Cactus

Even with all the rain and wind we did get some buggy riding in. At the back of the park  is a gate that leads out to Az Trust Land. You must buy a yearly pass for $15 to go thru the trust land and out the back gate. A rancher leases the land for his cattle, if it rains he locks the gate for 2 days and more if it’s been raining a lot.

                        Some of the first blooms of the season growing in the desert

2019-02-12 09.22.30.jpg

Some of our desert Friends


I was driving the buggy and this new friend of ours didn’t want to get out of                                           the way until I honked the horn!

The trails were super, the views from the top of the mountains were amazing and making new friends was priceless. Most of the trails were pretty far from the camp and took awhile to get there, one was 18 miles to the best spots, one day we drove our buggy about 10 miles on the main roads to the trails.

IMG_0530.jpg2019-02-12 09.27.03.jpg2019-02-12 09.26.01.jpg

We found some hieroglyphics on numerous rocks, as well as holes in the rocks where the Indians ground their corn and spices.

2019-02-12 09.38.35.jpg

the holes for grinding corn and spices


Guy at the edge of the mountain top


The Superstition Mountain in the back ground

I will just post a few mountain pictures to show how beautiful the surrounding area is. I will have a part 2 from Gold Canyon and tell you about the rest of our awesome stay here in the Arizonian.




The Arizonian Rv Park in the distance

This is just a short part of our stay in Gold Canyon, come on back and check out the awesome places we go with the buggy that you don’t see unless you get out on the dirt roads.