Hanging in the Smokies

Feb – June 1, 2018
Camp Alexander, Blue Ridge, Ga


Wow!! I cant believe it is June already, where has this year gone….my last post was in January!! I kept telling myself that there wasn’t much to write about and who would want to read about the everyday life here in Blue Ridge? Then I was going thru the pictures on my cell phone, how surprised I was at all the fun places we have explored in the last few months and decided I needed to update y’all.

awesome barn
beautiful view of the surrounding mountains

We are still hanging here at Camp Alexander, much to our dismay. The new truck had been done since January and was waiting for us at Classy Chassis, Valapariso, Indiana. With the weather and health problems there has just not been a convenient time to head to Indiana. We finally flew on May 10th, to Chicago to pick up the truck, then headed to the RV Factory for a meeting about the new 5th wheel and the changes. We also drove down to Shipshewana, Indiana for a short visit and dinner with JoLinda and Craig. They camp host and do odd jobs at the Shipshewana Auction and Flea Market summers.

IMG_0617 2.jpg
picking up our truck from Tom Martin at Classy Chassis


of course, all new trucks must get washed

No”, in case you were wondering, our 5th wheel has not even been started!!! The new frame design, which will be stronger, took longer than anticipated. We finally got the call May 19th that they have ordered the frame. With a new frame also comes changes in walls, windows, cabinets, electrical and anything else you can think of. We needed to start over designing what we wanted as there were so many awesome changes. We knew this would be a little wait but did not realize it would be 6 months just to start the prototype. If all goes well they say we should have it by mid September, which will be 1 year since we ordered it.

Toy Hauler Frame 2.JPG
prototype frame

After we picked up our truck we headed out to South Dakota to get our driver licenses and register the truck. We ended up going thru 13 states in 13 days by the time we landed  back in Ga. We did stop along the way to see a few places we have been to before, like the Corn Palace, Custer State Park, Wall Drug and Pactola Lake.

IMG_0628 2.jpg
Corn Palace in Mitchell, Sth Dakota, the murals are all done with corn cobs, they redesigned and are changed every year. This year there are 13 different colors and shades used.
IMG_0651 2.jpg
“Dignity” in Chamberlain, Sth Dakota along the Missouri River, can you see me?


I needed to see the Buffalo in Custer State Park, we saw hundreds of them all over the park. It was sad to see the effects of the fire that lightening started last year.


We were about 20 miles away and still in the Custer State Park
Pactola Lake, Black Hills, Sth Dakota

We took a ride to meet up with friends, Les and Sue that we had last seen in Quartzite, Az 2 years before. They write a blog: The Rambling RV Rat, which is written by POPO, the rambling rat…sitting in the middle of Guy and I. LaciLou is sitting on POPO’s lap. Les and Sue are camp hosts for the next 4 months at Pactola Lake, in the Black Hills of Sth Dakota. We wished we had our 5er and could have stayed, it was a super campground and even had a few sites that can handle a big rig. There is a 14 day limit, there is no electricity, with lots of trees, so could be hard to use solar.


On our way back to Alabama I had read that our special friends, Steve and Paul were in Kansas and heading west. I sent a text asking where they were and if we were close enough to meet up.  Lo and behold, they were about 500 miles from us heading in the direction we were headed. We planned to meet up for dinner and drinks. They arrived at their campground just about 1/2 hr before we arrived at our hotel, love it when plans work out.

Enter a caption

We have certainly enjoyed our time here in Blue Ridge, but as we read our friends blogs and what they are experiencing, we get a little envious and want to get on the road. We surely have not been sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves but have been keeping pretty busy.

Our friends, Cori and Greg were in Greenville, South Carolina, holding a few Rv seminars at the  Camping World RV show.  We decided not to pass up the opportunity to see them and headed there to spend the weekend, eating, drinking and enjoying each others company.

our new greeter to Camp Alexander, “Yogi”

We spent time with our long time friends Marty and Debi and the manatees in Crystal River, Florida. We also attended the Super Tampa RV Show.



We have spent lots of time cutting firewood and falling dead trees


these are just 2 of the 6 piles we have

Had great times with our kids and grands, celebrating new homes and 6  birthdays. We have one more birthday left and that would be our grandson, Ryan’s, 18th in August.

our son, Stephen, Cari (our sons girlfriend), grandson Ryan and me


Craigs 9th birthday
IMG_0516 2.jpg
Mallori celebrated her 14th birthday
IMG_0512 3.jpg
Mallori, Jason, Craig and Kristi

We helped our son paint and do some repairs to his new home in Auburn, Al

One of the first things he did was hang his American Flag


Enjoyed many campfires, music and potlucks with our neighbors and friends

our new neighbor Peggy in Blue Ridge
enjoying special time with Sharon and David playing and singing


Guy and David helping themselves to cookies

We tried taking a 15 day cruise and getting kicked off the cruise on day 5 in Granada, with a hospital stay thrown in.


Bob and Jo visited from Florida on their way to Alaska. They owned the cabin across the street from Camp Alexander but decided to go full time and sold to Peggy. They owned the cabin for 6 years and figured that they spent less than 1 year at the cabin.


Bob and Jo were driving out our driveway when they had a regeneration problem which caused the engine to stall and roll backwards 20′ which caused the wheels to go over the edge and almost down a 12’ embarkment. The regeneration problem is caused by carbon and waste in the exhaust system.  The tow truck driver was excellent, not a scratch or any damage after getting them out.



the tow truck guys hooked cables around our trees, one to the front and one to the back of the rv and pulled out them sideways and forward

We have done some small hikes checking out the area waterfalls and  taking friends to the highest point in Ga, Brasstown Bald, elevation 4,783.

Brasstown Bald, with Lake Chatuge,  South Carolina behind us
We got to take our little yellow Honda out of storage and enjoy the top down

Our daughter, her husband and kids brought up their TT for 4 days over Memorial weekend, which was a busy weekend. The weather man said the storm “Alberto”  was on its way, 65 mile an hour winds, with 3-5’s of rain and possible flooding, tornados could also arrive. That sure didn’t bother us, we decided to plan and play anyway.

some pictures of the town of Blue Ridge


Blue Ridge Scenic Train, goes from Blue Ridge to McCaysville about a 2 hr ride along the Tacoa river
Blue Ridge Scenic railway station

We walked around downtown Blue Ridge, checked out the boutique stores, the beer joints, stopped at the Vine for wine, then hit up the Fightingtown Brewery for burgers and fries. The next day we attended the Art Festival being held in the downtown park. Yes, things were purchased, bracelets, bow and arrow set and a black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower for Mallori. Later that night we went to the Monster truck show, the clouds were really black and rolling but no rain, until we got in the trucks to leave.


it was extremely hot and humid and as you can see extremely dusty!!                                                  You can imagine how red we all were when we left.
the dust was flying



The last day they were here,  Guy and Jason decided to cut down 3 more dead trees. We had been teaching Mallori to drive the buggy around the neighborhood, so the guys decided to use her to drive the buggy and drag the trees down the driveway. We are having gravel delivered so we can line the driveway to make it wider. We placed tree trunks along the driveway to hopefully help keeping tires on the roadway.


Mallori dragging the tree trunk


For the first time Guy and I  will be here at Camp Alexander thru all four seasons. Fall was absolutely beautiful, the colors were so vibrant.


Spring was very short lived, 50’s during the day with nights in the 20’s, summer has come in with a bang, we have gone into the 80’s over night!! We are in the south so along with the 80’s comes humidity.

Hwy 515

Winter was the longest, coldest and whitest on record of snow (10 1/2”), the temps went down into the the single digits.

Camp Alexander


smokey mountains
sunset over Lake Blue Ridge

Guy has added a lean too against his garage to house his side by side buggy. He also purchased a trailer to haul tools and firewood around the property and around the neighborhood.


the side by side with its new trailer

We have sure enjoyed our time here at Camp Alexander and the surrounding area. There is plenty more for us to explore, it should be a great summer while we patiently wait for our new home. Until next time y’all have a “Blessed Week”


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  1. Wow! So glad to get an update from you! You sure have been busy! Hope your new home on wheels is ready soon so you can get back out here! Although it sounds like you are making the best of the wait! Hugs to you both! And Laci! ❤️

    1. Hi Kelly, looks like you have also been rather busy and enjoying life…I have loved all the places you have been visiting…lots that we have been to but seeing it with a different eye makes use want to go back again. We hope to head out first of Oct if we can..we will head to Utah for some buggy riding before the snows hit.

  2. Sue, I love your blog. I have missed it. You are such a great author. Love the pictures. We are doing well. Doug just built a garage for his tractor. Everyone is well. We have 4 great grandkids. They are adorable. Love and miss you, Sue

    1. Hi Sue, Wow 4 greats, that is awesome…Its about time Doug covered that tractor…glad you like the blog…took me to long to write it…now I hope we have something going on this summer to write about again…I will sure be posting pictures of our new home when we get a few…Tell Doug we said “Hi” give him a hug from us…if you see anyone on the mountain say hi from us…

    1. Hey there Maureen, we love y’all as well..wish we here heading to Oregon so we could spend sometime together. Love all the pictures of your Mom and that sweet new grand baby. Miss you…

  3. Love the blog and pictures!
    It sounds like you’ve had some awesome adventures the past 6months even without the fifth wheel!

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! Really loved seeing pics of Camp Alexander during each season. Such a beautiful area. It was great seeing you at Pactola, and we look forward to hearing about/seeing the new rig! Stay well!

  5. Wow, you’ve been busy! Loved the photos of Camp Alexander during each season–such a beautiful area! Glad you got to visit with us at Pactola. Best wishes with the truck, and we look forward to hearing about/seeing pics of the new RV! Stay well.

    1. It was great spending time with y’all at your new gig! We have already put over 3,000 miles on the new truck!! We love it! If your ever in North Ga, Blue Ridge is a wonderful place to visit…even if we are not here your welcome to stay at Camp Alexander.

    1. There is always a next time…Sth Dakota is one of our favorite states to visit…I’m sure we will be back when your there. We are hoping to head to Utah in October if all goes well with the 5er..so if your in the area of Blue Ridge, Ga give us a call…

  6. What a great recap of spring and the many wonderful and exciting adventures that found you both. Warmed our hearts to see us back there with you both at Camp Alexander. That was truly a special time. Hope you can make it back to the winery that we all went to for more music and tapas.

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