Cozy Cottage with Cousins


Sept 5, 2017, 247 miles
Wakeda Campground, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

Paula, Sue and Dawn

Normally our mornings on a travel day as pretty relaxed, but this morning I was ready to leave and get to our next site early as it was time to get together with the cousins.  My Cousin Dawn had called and wanted to come meet us at the campground when we arrived. She had researched all the campgrounds in the area and picked this one out for us, she thought it was the nicest in the area and close to her.

farmers market
SPA_0204 (1).jpg
pumpkins for sale

We were almost set up, which was a good thing because when all 4 of them, Cousin Dawn and Bob, Cousin Paula and George arrived,  it became a 3 ring circus with us all talking and laughing at once. Within minutes we were standing by a group of flowers with a selfie stick taking pictures of us girls and sending them to my sister, Penny who was unable to be there. The guys have decided to get out chairs and chat outside while we are goofing around. Next thing we know the door opens and George brings in a bottle of white wine…yea…he knows us girls.

Guy, Sue, George, Paula, Dawn and Bob

Dawn is a planner and a thinker, she had been noodling what would be fun things to see and do while we all were together. So right away before we could blink our eyes, we were off….she had us packing our bags for a 3 day trip….now mind you we just traveled 247 miles in our home….this campground is costing $50.00 a nite and we are….what taking a trip….but first we are off to see something wonderful…



yup…its a beautiful field of sunflowers…we, of course need a couple hundred pictures…from no less than 4 phones, and a camera…

our view of Salisbury Marina from “The Deck”


By this time we are all starving….Dawn has plans….we head to “The Deck” which is located at the bridge marina in Salisbury, Mass. It was such a wonderful night, a full moon, lots of stars, just the right temp, no sweaters needed. We sat outside overlooking the marina with the hundreds of boats anchored, swaying with the ripples in the water. You could hear the seagulls squawking as they walked along the wharf. Our dinner was excellent, Guy had ordered mussels which were so good Paula and I almost ordered another round.

salt marsh with the tide out

Off we went headed to the cottage on Plum Island, which is off the coast of Newburyport. Newburyport is a small coastal city, of about 17, 500 residents. The city of Newburyport, had fallen into disrepair back in the 1960’s almost loosing the old historic colonial charm of the old buildings. In the 1970’s the historic downtown section was renovated and is used as an example for city’s around the country with renovations. The town, of course, offers many restaurants, and retain shops. Many of the colonial residences have widow’s walks, structures on the roof where the residents could watch for the return of sailing ships. Nearly every home has a splendid flower garden. Many of the homes are built right up to the sidewalks.

salt marsh between Newburyport and Plum Island

Newburyport is on the south bank of the Merrimack River and between the salt marshes. Newburyport is 37 miles northeast of Boston and just 5 miles south the the New Hampshire border.

tides out

Off the coast of Newburyport is Plum Island, accessible by a causeway that crosses over the salt marshes, where the Plum Island river connect to the mouth of the Merrimack River. Plum Island is a barrier island, and is approximately 11 miles in length. The island got its name from the beach plum shrubs that grown on the dunes.

6:00am getting ready for the 1st cup of coffee and sunrise
LaciLou loves the freedom of running on the beach

When on the beach at Plum island you can look from one end to the other and find nothing but beautiful beige sand, sea grass, and birds. While we were there we were the only ones on the beach which was just a 3 min walk from the cottage.



I don’t know how to describe the cottage but to say we all love being there. It is nothing fancy, but it is warm and homey. The bedroom walls don’t all reach the ceiling so when sleeping we do hear someone snoring…someone roll over…someone getting up…but it’s just like the show the Walton’s when at the end….you hear “good night John Boy”. Yup, that’s how it is.

The Cozy Cottage
cozy livingroom
the cozy kitchen
the cozy porch/dinning room

We spent 3 days at the beach cottage, walking the beach, playing a New England style version of corn hole, had hair cuts, the guys went to “When Plgs Fly” bread store for lunch, the girls walked to a friends house, took pictures and then all too soon it was time to leave.

some of the beach houses on the beach



Our 3 days went by so fast, Paula and George needed to leave as they were headed to Texas to grandchild sit for a week. Guy, I and Lacilou headed to the coach to drop off our clothes then headed to Dawn and Bobs for a nice quiet dinner on their back deck. The weather was just perfect, no bugs, no rain, just a slight breeze. We all enjoyed wonderful steaks, great conversation, and Dawn and Bob’s beautiful home.


Friday, we took a ride up the coast to Ogunquit, Maine, so we could walk along Marginal Way, which is a mile long pathway that extends from downtown Oqunquit to the docks at Perkins Cove. The path is along the rocky edge of the cliff that surrounds the ocean.

hotel, beach club and restaurant
very exclusive hotel





my favorite house on the walk

The view is astounding, overlooking the crashing waves hitting the very rocky shoreline, the fresh air blowing in your face, the smell of the ocean, the smell of the roses along the path, the beautiful homes that overlook the path and ocean.


We left the guys sitting on one of the many benches that line the pathway, while Dawn and I did the entire walk. Once we reached Perkins Cove we did not head straight back but looked through some of the many tourist stores. Both of us did not take our phones and wanted a ride back, ended up borrowing a very nice man’s phone to call Guy….not knowing that he had also walked behind us but lost us when we went into the stores and had headed back to where Bob was sitting.

Sandy, Walt, Guy and Sue

That night Guy and I were meeting up with my mom’s half sister, Sandy and her husband Walt. We had not seen each other since I was about 17 or 18, we think!! She and her dad Walter (my granddad) came from Mass to California for a visit. They also have a passion for camping and traveling in an RV and have put their home on the market and would also like to live in their coach as full timers. We had plenty to talk about and decided that one dinner was not near enough time together.

love this car. I have always wanted one


Saturday was a busy day as Dawn found a wine tasting and car show at Mill River Winery in Rowley, Mass. We started off with a nice glass of wine while looking at the antique cars, and also walked thru the grape vines.

AppleCrest Farms

On the way home we stopped at  AppleCrest Farms where there was a fall festival going on. We walked thru the market checking out the fruits and veggies, listened to a band playing, watched the kids making scarecrows, outside there was wonderful array pumpkins and squash.




I had been saying all week I wanted whole fried clams, we decided to head to Woodman’s Seafood Restaurant in Ipswich, Mass. I have to say the clams were awesome, but so many I could hardly eat them all.

whole fried clams and they were so yummy!!
“When Pigs Fly” awesome bread store with every kind of bread you can imagine
Guy and I bought sourdough, apple cinnamon, garlic olive and cranberry walnut!!! Yummy

Well, our week with family was over and time for us to head to Gettysburg, PA to attend the RV Super show….yup, big changes are going to happen…..stay tuned to find out….Until then y’all have a Blessed Day!!



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  1. You knew of all the people following your blog that I would enjoy it the most. The best part of everything was being together. You and Guy are easy to please and a lot of fun to be with. Take good care of my dog and yourselves too. 👑

    1. Just to let you know your dog is treated better than Guy!!! She is so spoiled…love her to pieces!! Im so glad that you and Bob read our blog…we had a wonderful time spending the week with y’all..

      1. Hi there Jim and Barb, we will be looking forward to seeing you in SD and checking out the new diggs!! Have a great winter until then. We are hoping to be there sometime in late April or early May.

  2. Love love love those clams! That pic has my mouth watering! What a great adventure you had exploring the far north northeast and New England! I’ll have to refer back when we get to that area!

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