Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick

August 30, 2017, 125 miles,                                                                                                     Ponderosa Pines Campground, Hopewell, New Brunswick

the tide is out
the rocks are called “Flower Pots” tide is out

Today was a 125 mile travel day. After spending one night in Turo we packed up and left about 8:30 am, and arrived at the Ponderosa Pines campground in Hopewell New Brunswick. Most of the drive was on good road except for the last 24 miles of road along the Fundy Bay. That road made me think I was back in Newfoundland it was so rough and pothole ridden.

love all the rock formations

This campground is located less than 1 mile from the Hopewell Provincial Park. This is the park that contains the famous Hopewell Rocks (Flower Pots) that are in the Fundy bay at low tide.  Once everyone arrived, we all car pooled to the park to see the rocks at low tide.  A park ranger met us there and took us for a walk along the shoreline while explaining why the Fundy bay has the highest tides in the world and also talked about the rock formations that stand tall in the bay.



Depending on the alignment of the moon and sun tide levels vary from around 34 feet to maximum height of almost 52 feet.  We arrived at the park at 1:45pm just after the 1:17pm low tide. The shoreline was wide which gave us plenty or room where we could walk for almost a mile along it. After our tour we left the park around 3:30pm and returned to the campground.




Since high tide was to be at 7:30pm today we all headed back to the park at 5:45pm. We were told we could stay until the park closed at 7pm.  When we got back it was amazing to see how much the tide had already risen.

water rising, notice the change from the picture above


water getting higher

The Ranger there told us that at 6pm the tide was already 31.4 feet higher than when we had been there earlier.  He said at 7:30 today the high point would be 34.6 feet.  As we walked along a much smaller shoreline we could see the tide creeping ever so slowly closer to us. By 6:30 pm most of the shoreline was under water and people were heading for the stairway to take them up to the top of the cliffs.



the stairway 

The stairway to the top is 100 steps with a couple of viewing platforms along the way. We stopped at the lowest platform to watch the tide rising. It was easy to see the huge changes 5 minutes would make. All in all it was a very interesting day.

our view from our coach, again another awesome view


Today was our last official travel day with the Adventure Caravan group. We drove 106 miles from Hopewell, NB to Saint John, NB.  Saint John is the 2nd largest city in NB. We will be here for 2 nights and then the Adventure Caravan part of our trip is over.




The weather was cool with a high of about 60 and we had a few rain showers throughout the day.  This morning started off with coffee & Tim Horton donuts provided by the staff then at 9:30 we boarded a bus for a tour of the city.  The driver was very knowledgeable about the city and the sights. We visited the Market Square, Carleton Martello Tower and Reversing Fallsview Park.  He also drove by many of the historic sites and homes around the city and explained the different types of architecture we were seeing.

Carleton Martello Tower

Some of the things we saw were very significant in the history of the town.  St. John is the oldest city in Canada. In 1877 a large portion of the city burned (almost 60%). Whole sections of the city were leveled.  The City Market was in an area where everything around it was burned except it.


We were told about various points of interest, houses with historical significance such as movie stars (Donald Sutherland and the founder of MGM), billionaires (the Irving’s), etc. Many beautiful historic houses are still standing.


Our next stop was the the Carleton Martello Tower. This is one of few towers remaining in Canada that was built by the British during the war of 1812.  It was the oldest structure in St. John built on top of the rocky hill overlooking the city and the harbor.


It was September 2nd and our tour was over with Adventure Caravans, everyone met up for another donut and coffee breakfast, said our goodbyes and packed up. Most everyone was heading back to where we all met up to start the trip in Herman, Maine.

IMG_8870.jpgGuy and I had decided since it was Labor day weekend and our 47th anniversary, we wanted to head to Bar Harbor for one last look at things we had not see while there in June and find a great restaurant for dinner.

So come on back to see the pictures of the wonderful coastline of Bar Harbor Maine.



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  1. Sue, I have greatly enjoyed reading about your Canadian travels & the photos have been just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Also may I say, Congratulations on 47 years of marriage! That’s quite an accomplishment itself.

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