St. Anthony’s, NFLD


August 19, 2017, 70 miles
Triple Falls RV, St. Anthony’s, NFLD



This morning we sure took our time getting up and hitting the road, with only 70 miles to our next destination there was no need to hurry. We got up and I even had time to make a breakfast for Guy…eggs on toast with sausage. Guy had time to apply some stuff to the jacks, while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and got the coach ready for travel. I think this schedule is finally getting to us….we don’t normally travel from place to place so fast.

the little fishing village of St. Anthony’s


Lou and Karen were in the lead today, which gives me some down time from navigation. We travel with our walkie talkies on so we can keep in touch, when all of a sudden Lou is saying something that I don’t make out….Guy got it….he thinks he sees an iceberg out in the ocean…I grab the binoculars…yes, I can see it…Guy stops so I can get a good look and all of a sudden it breaks in two…no pictures…Darn!!


After a few minutes Lou is on the walkie talkie again….there was a moose walking down the center of the road…now we are getting excited…but Guy and I can’t see it…then it takes a left turn to the side of the road….then it makes a right in front of Lou…then another left…so glad we were crawling along the road…it finally heads into a field and starts grazing…Guy and I stop and take a million pictures…some of them are not to clear thru the window…he also is moving but the same direction as we are…we find out that it is not a moose but a caribou…

SPA_9485 (1).jpg

That afternoon after setting up camp, we went on a whale watching trip…it was cloudy..cold and very windy…the waves were at least 5-6’…there were whales but they were so close to the rocky cliffs trying to eat the small fish, we could not get to close. We were rocking and rolling so much that I could not hold the camera and the railing to steady myself for pictures, but I snapped any way.


trying to keep warm
you can just see the outline of the whale under water
no whale ever breeched…this is the most we saw of them

Sunday is an other day off to do as we wish…since we have not had internet and no cell service we head to a Tim Hortons…it is like a McDonald’s. We get some coffee and egg muffin, then get on their wifi and check emails. I text our daughter to see how things are going…when we drove into the parking lot there were 6 cars from our group there doing the same thing.



Guy and left Tims following the map up to the tip of the island, so we could see a little more of the area. It was nice to just drive where we wanted and stop when we saw something of interest. It was a great day, we even had LaciLou with us, I think she enjoyed being with us and not left behind.


now that is a great pier!!!

It was fascinating to see the coastline, with the rocky cliffs and the fishing villages dotted along the shore and on the hills. This area had more white houses and sheds, the fire wood was stacked in long rows, getting ready for the winter months. You must get a permit early in the season, when you get the permit you are told where you may cut and given a number. After you cut your trees, they dry them by standing them up, then they lay down pallets and split the wood and stack on the pallets, the number of the permit must be visible on the trees. To haul the wood they use a sled, sort of like what you would use in snow, with skis on the bottom. There is no stealing or crime, so they are not worried about the wood being left stacked along the roads.

wood is hauled in sleds


you can see the number that was given to whom ever cut this wood

You may also have a garden, of any size and you may put it any where you choose, along all the roads, in fields or where ever there is good sun.  It is fenced in with wood about 6-7’ high to keep out the moose or caribou. We saw many beautiful gardens and could see that they were well taken care of and then there were those that had been abandoned.


Today we toured a Viking archaeological excavation site located in L’Anse Aux Meadows National Park. This is the most northern tip of Newfoundland. This site was were the viking first discovered Newfoundland and built their village as a supply port. The village was unearthed over 7 years of digging, the remains of sod building were discovered along with numerous artifacts which are on display.

the long walk way out to the village
communal hut




peat moss used to build the buildings

We also toured the Norstead Village which has a replica of a viking boat, that had transported 32 tons of cargo from Iceland to Newfoundland and the village. There were people dressed in period clothing demonstrating blacksmithing, knitting, cooking over an open fire and trading.

oven used to bake
yarn hanging…the ladies are making socks



old viking boat

Later that night we attended a Viking Feast, which was in a peat sod hut. The meal was buffet style but drinks were served by Viking maids.

part of the peat sod hut where we had dinner
the roof of the hut…everyone getting ready to enter



We sat at long tables and benches, with metal plates, and spoons and a knife to eat with. After dinner a Viking tribal court was held. Diners in the restaurant were asked if they had a gripe by any one and to please stand up and state their claim. The audience was then to vote on the guilty or innocent verdict. We even received a certificate that we were now official viking yellers. It was pretty loud in that building with every one pounding on the tables and yelling, guilty or innocent.

my Viking warrior
the long tables inside 


Guy and I really liked this little town and the surrounding area, it is pretty far off the beaten path, not many restaurants or shopping. It was a great experience visiting the viking village and learning the history of the area.

loved this boat sitting waiting to go fishing

We are now headed to Rocky Harbor where we will explore the Gros Morne National Park and head into the fiords….so come on back to see the beauty of the fiords.

so cheery 

Y’all have a Blessed Week until we meet again…

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  1. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful times and excursions. You do such a fabulous job that you make me feel like I am traveling with you! Love all the history that you tell as well.

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