Halifax, Nova Scotia (part 2)

July 31, 2017, Halifax/Dartmouth

United States Coast Gurad

We were excited to head out this morning as we were headed to the Halifax waterfront as vessels from around the world, Chile, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, USA and over 30 more would be in the harbor for 4 days. The tall ships will visit 11 ports around the province of NS, Lunenburg, Sidney, Annapolis Basin, Halifax and others. The Rendes-Vous 2017 brings together ships present and future have sailed from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Bermuda, Boston and Quebec City as well as other ports across Canada on a 7,000 miles trans-Atlantic race.



Have you ever wanted to sail on a ship or want to sail on a tall ship? There is a program that allows you as a guest or trainee to take part in five different international races if you want to go on a ship as a guest or as a trainee. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy different maritime heritage and culture and take part in many team activities and parties.



This party in Halifax has lasted for 4 days, with concerts, ship tours, the best culinary chiefs around! The grand finale will be with cannons and fireworks. The ships will sail out of the harbor at 12:00 pm Tuesday, Aug 1st, 2017.




We had free time in the harbor until 1:45 when we would meet back up to go on a tall ship “Silva” for a ride around the harbor. We had taken LaciLou with us again today, thinking that she could walk with us along the board walk and would enjoy the outside, it turned out to be another very warm day, and walking along the board walk was hot and humid. I took my shoes off to feel how hot the walk was….yup, to hot for LaciLou’s feet…luckily we had brought her backpack.

Lacilou and Guy

She loved looking out and watching all the people from their height rather from the ground up. But as the day went on she started getting hot and wanted out. I ended up taking turns with Guy holding her.


So, it was a relief when we boarded the ship and could feel the cooler breeze on our faces, LaciLou also loved laying in the shade. Our friend, Paul came and took her from us and made sure she stayed in the shade to keep cool. I need to keep and eye on him as I think if I turn around he will be taking her to South Carolina with him…lol!!


Moving along the coastline gave us such a great view of the tall ships that we couldn’t get with the thousands of people that were milling about on the boardwalk. Also the view of the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth from the water was more dramatic, the sky was so blue, with the contrast of the buildings it was amazing.


Leaving the harbor we headed to Alexander Keith’s Brewery for a beer tasting and tour. It was kinda wasted on me since I don’t drink beer…and Guy didn’t have any either as he needed to drive our coach back from the repair shop.

IMG_3420 2.jpg

IMG_3421 2.jpg

This brewery will be 200 years old this year as well as the harbor. The founder of the company Alexander Keith had lived in the brewery building, and many of the rooms were still set up as they were in 1817 when he started the brewery.

IMG_3422 2.jpg

They make 4 different beers, everyone had a chance to taste them all. It started with a pale ale and went to a very dark coffee, chocolate beer. This was a very different tour then others we have gone on. We started at an old fashioned bar with the first beer tasting and a brief history,  then another tasting in the room where all the herbs and spices were kept, in the brewing room was another tasting, the last beer was served in a wonderful rock enclosed room with a large bar, where the servers played the guitar, a hand held drum, and sang a couple of songs, then it was last call for another beer. Since no one was driving it didn’t matter how many were consumed.

herbs and spice room


IMG_3425.jpgSomeone said that if you drank all the tasting samples and the 2 glasses of beer then you would have drank 30oz of beer. Yikes!! Another fact for NS: No bottle of wine can be sold for less than $10.00, and no beer can sell for less that $2.75.



Our next day was a free day…yea…there were many that went back to the harbor for the sailing of the ships…some played golf…others took a ride up the coast…while others went back to Peggy’s Cove….Guy and I decided we needed some time to just veg…I went and got a hair cut and wrote this blog.…Guy took the truck to chevy and worked on a project then took a nap….



We have a big 250 mile drive tomorrow into Sidney, NS, so sometimes it’s just nice to relax and enjoy the quiet. So until next time y’all have a Blessed Day.

Theodore Tugboat

Theodore Tugboat began in 1989 as a children’s television series. The stories tell the adventures of Theodore and his many floating friends in The Big Harbor.

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