Cavendish and Charlottetown, PEI

July 19, 2017, 240.7 miles
KOA Cavendish, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island



Our group seems to be the last group out of the campground on our travel day, there are some that are very early risers. At our briefing Will, will give us the times out of the campground. He leaves first and needs to be at the next place before any others, in order to organize the sites and get his own rig set up before every one arrives. There are times when some of our group arrive before he does. Our time out today was 7:00 and last out at 9:00, with arrival to not be later than 7:00 pm.


When crossing over from New Brunswick we all had been briefed that there was an 8 miles bridge to cross, and of course, it was under construction. The traffic could be bad with a long wait…with that warning our group decided to leave a little early, we thought!! We left the campground at 7:50 am, but we sure weren’t the first, we once again we almost the last ones to leave. When going over our trip log decisions were made on where we wanted to stop but as we traveled along and it got later in the day we were worried about the bridge and how long we would wait, so another decision was made no stopping.



When we arrived at the bridge there was a long line but the wait wasn’t more than a half hour, the first 2 coaches made it thru the first red light, but the second two had a 15 minute more wait.





Prince Edward Island(PEI) is one of eastern Canada’s smallest maritime provinces. The island has red-sand beaches, lighthouses, lots of farmland, mussel farms off the coast.


There are more shades of green here on the farms than I have ever seen. The farms stretch as far as the eye can see, there are no large mountains, but lots vast green rolling hills. PEI is one of Canadas oldest settlements, there are 142,907 residents that are Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and French. The island is 2,170 sq miles, and slightly larger than Delaware. The capital is Charlottetown which is a very urban city.



We took a guided tour of Queen’s Square where we were met by two period dressed ladies who divided up our group. We then walked around the sq as she gave us a talk about the area and history of Charlottetown. Charlottetown is the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island. The confederation of Canada took place in Province House (which was under construction) in 1873. PEI was the 7th Canadian province.


The coastline has long sandy beaches, dunes, red sandstone cliffs, salt water marshes, bays and harbours. There are no large animals such as bear, moose, caribou or wolf found on PEI. There are only 2 kinds of snakes and both are non-poisonous, you can find red fox, coyote, skunks, or raccoons.


Our first day in PEI was a guided tour of the area, touring the marina and watching a lobster fishing demonstration. Commercial fisher man are the only ones that are allowed to set traps for lobster, they do not have a set area and can pick where they want to set the traps. There are only so many lobster licenses given out, the only way to get a license is to buy one from who has a current license. There are two seasons for catching lobster summer and fall, the season was over while we were there. There are certain sizes that a lobster must be to keep it, no female lobsters with fertilized eggs can be kept.





Next was into the PEI National Park, where we stopped along the shoreline to view the red-sandstone cliffs.



We made a stop at Anne of Green Gables, grandparents uncles home, where Lucy Maud Montgomery found her inspiration for the books she wrote. The author Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote the classic novels “Anne of Green Gables” in 1908, grew up on PEI. She wrote 20 novels, 530 short stories, 500 poems and 30 essays. Most of her novels were set in PEI. Lucy at the age of 21 months was raised by her grandparents after her mothers death. She spent much of her childhood alone, and created many imaginary friends and worlds to cope with her loneliness, which helped with her creativeness.



Our lunch was at the PEI preserve company, in New Glasgow, we had preordered our lunch before we got there, there was also easy listening music while we ate. After lunch everyone headed to the gift store to sample the jelly and jams that are known and sold around the world. Guy and I bought a few, one was raspberry with Champagne, blue berry and raspberry, and garlic and horseradish.




We then headed to Summerside, the 2nd largest town on the island where we toured the town. Our stop was at the College of Bag Piping where we watched a bag piper, drummer and Celtic dancer put on a great performance. They each explained a little about their life and why they chose to attend this college. We found out that they do not reside there, they must continue with their schooling at home town, and only attend the college from 4:00pm until 10:00pm.



That night a few of us went to the Lost Anchor for dinner and adult beverages. The only spot big enough for all 7 of us was on the roof deck, at first it was sunny and hot but as the night went on it was very pleasant. I had the lobster roll which was excellent and a nice cold Pinot!!


We had a free day on Thursday, some of the guys decided to go out fishing, called bottom fishing. They were gone about 4 hours, and brought home lots of mackerel. We will be having a fresh fry on Monday. Guy and I have already tried some of it and not sure we want any and might take something else instead.


So whats a girl to do while her man is gone…….you guessed it…….so 4 ladies and 2 men decided to head to Charlottetown and find us a few quilt shops. We had also picked up a brochure about a quilt trail and we were off to explore it as well.


We stopped at 2 quilt stores, only 2 of us found and purchased some goodies. I found a wall hanging pattern and fabric to make my granddaughter a Christmas present and Sharon bought fabric to make pillow cases for her granddaughters. (there are no pictures as I decided to make it a camera free day) We also stopped for lunch at a train station for lunch before heading back to camp.



The next day we took a bus tour thru Charlottetown, by the Red Shores Race Track, Victoria Park, Historic George Street, the Charlottetown waterfront, with many things in between. Our firs stop of the day started off with Cows Ice Cream for a factory tour and a big ice cream cone. Guy decided on Blueberry, while I had mooey gooey, vanilla, chocolate chucks, walnuts and caramel. Our tour was self guided, the factory was not in operation but we watched a short video on how they make their cheese and butter. Then another on the making of their ice cream.


We stopped at the waterfront to take a few pictures and while there a big black limo stopped just behind us with a sign “just married”! The bride and groom climbed out with the whole wedding party. The photographer began posing everyone for pictures with the river in the back ground. It was a great day for it with the sun and big puffy white clouds, the green grass and blue river made for some nice pictures.


That night we headed to the marina for a lobster dinner and a musical show at the Emerald Community Center in another town about 1/2 hour from where we had dinner. The music was great and very lively, with a fiddler and guitar, singer and Celtic dancer. (still no pictures as it was a non camera day for me).


It was a pretty late night and driving back in the dark over roads we did not know was a little dicey. We started following each other but ended up loosing them at the lights. But alas we made it back to look forward to our next day… so stay around and check out the fun time we have at the Tidal Bore in Hilden Nova Scotia.

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