Caraquet, New Brunswick

July 17, 2017, 258.5 miles
Camping and Motel Colibri, Caraquet, New Brunswick

(Due to slow or nonexistent internet while we were in Canada I am behind on the blog I will be catching up now that we are back in the states. I hope you enjoy your trip with us thru the Canada and the Maritimes.)


Today was a long travel day, 258.5 miles, our route was still following along route 132 along the Gaspe coast line. There were still 4 coaches following along together. We all check our travel logs we received at the beginning of our trip, each of us deciding where we want to stop for the day, (gas, grocery, or potty breaks for us and dogs)! This trip we would find a Walmart at our 216.2 mile where we all decided it would be a great place to replenish our pantries. There are social get togethers every afternoon, decided by your coach number, either odd or even, we are number 3…so we turn out to be odd…LOL!


They called this a Walmart Superstore and maybe for the area it is, it doesn’t even come close to the super stores in the states. Guy has been looking everywhere for a mexican restaurant but they don’t exist. So I thought I would make him some enchiladas…there was no corn tortillas, or enchilada sauce, or chilies. I guess he will need to wait until we get back to the states.


Our group had a free day the next day to tour the Village of the Acadians, this is a village with a display of houses, farms, church, blacksmith shop, carpenter shop as well as a school that portray the way of life for the Acadians from the 1700’s to 1949. There are more than 40 buildings which are each staffed with interpreters in period costumes. One building is the Hotel Chateau Albert, a replica that once existed in Caraquet but was destroyed in 1955 and recreated at the Village.


The Village was so large and took Guy and I over 3 hours to walk thru, it was very interesting listening to the interpreters, who spoke French and English. They told us about the owner and how many lived in the homes, what their occupation was, and some were even cooking on the old iron stoves.


If you wanted something they were cooking, they wanted you to barter with them for the food. Some people would bring in the firewood for the stove, or sweep the floors. There were outdoor stoves where women were baking bread that they sold in the gift store.


There were barns with horses, cows, pens with pigs, goats, sheep.


That night there was a pot luck, which we were not looking forward to as it was hot, and sitting in the sun trying to eat didn’t sound to good. After walking around Cyndy and Holly saw that luckily one of the rigs had great shade from some trees, so everyone set up their chairs in the shade behind the coach. The food that everyone brought was so varied, if anyone went away hungry it was their fault. I had made white chili and was so happy that I brought none home with me. We don’t seem to be eating many meals at home, lunches seem to be eaten on the run while we are touring the areas, dinners, we seem to not eat after having a social hour at 5:30 or 6:00, we aren’t hungry.



Well, its been a great time here in Caraquet but its time now to head out to Cavendish, PEI, so tag along with us on this amazing adventure.

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  1. This is dave miller , we met you in decatur ,we have the blue n white revolution pulling the grey jeep with bikes , we commented on how much we liked your little dog , we got home on July 24th to find a little dog just like urs needing a new home , his owner passed away , it was funny cause we never even considered travling with a hog til we met yours ,hope everything is well and we will meet again , Dave and Diane miller.

    1. Hi Dave and Diane, we sure do remember you both…we so enjoyed meeting you. Things change fast in life don’t they…a new dog…I hope you love her as much as we love LacyLou…such easy traveling companions. We sure hope to meet up with you again somewhere down the road.

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