June 29 – July 5, 2017
Timberland Acres RV, Trenton, ME

The countdown was on, there were only 6 days left of our whirlwind tour with Gary and Carolyn!! We had so many plans while here in the Trenton/Bar Harbor area and very little time to do it in.

2lbs, wow

On the day we arrived and were all set up, off to the store Carolyn and I went scouting out lobstas!! We found them and were they huge, 2 lbs, some were even bigger, at $11.99 a pound, 2 lbs were big enough. They weren’t just good they were excellent!! Gary, in preparation of our feast, had brought the big propane lobsta pot, which all 4 barely fit in. The weather was just perfect for eating outside, slight breeze, sunny with fluffy white clouds.

Upon checking the map we decided to head out along Rte 172 down to the tip of the peninsula, over the bridge to Deer Island and down to Stonington, while checking out all points in-between. While trying to time our trip so we could be at Blue Hills Reversing Falls when the tide came in.

Blue Hill Falls area
tides out at Blue Hill Falls

This was an amazing and strange thing to watch for sure. When the tide is out the ocean water flows in one direction, when the incoming tide starts flowing back in the ocean goes slack and a short time later the water begins to change direction and slowly starts to flow in the opposite direction.

the flow of water heading to the left
same area with the flow of water starting to head to the right

The flow of water increases each minute and the current begins to pick up speed, you then start seeing the waves form and the ocean water starts rising. We were walking along the rocks when the tide was changing, we noticed that the rocks we walked out on were now covered in water, we were then making a mad dash back so we would not have been stranded. No one wanted to land in that water it was so cold!!!

they were having a great time but the water was freezing

While we were waiting for water to change about 6 kayakers and paddle boarders entered the water to ride the tide and throw a football at each other. I think they landed in the water more than they caught the ball. It did look like fun as they rode the waves back in, heading back the other direction took muscle.

Wild Iris at Schoodic Point

Clouds and rain arrived on the day we thought we would hike Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, this meant there would be no good viewing of the coast line or the ocean. We opted to head over to Schoodic Peninsular along Hwy 1 and down 186 to Schoodic Point which is also in the Arcadia National Park. The peninsula has 2,266 acres about 5% of the Acadia National Park with two towns included, Goldsboro and Winter Harbor.

Schoodic Point
Schoodic Point


The point is 440 ft above sea level, with a very rocky granite shoreline with many volcanic dikes. It was awesome to see the wild iris growing around the rocks, I wonder how they could survive on salt water.

Volcanic dike



SPA_6458 (1).jpg
Gary and Carolyn
Us and LaciLou too!

We didn’t get far on our drive one day when Guy and I spotted Mill Stream antique store, with very old free standing fireplaces in the window. There was no place to turn around so we kept heading for our destination, thinking we could stop on the way back. Once we made the loop we decided to stop at Bartlett Maine Wine and Distillery, our mouths were watering…we were so disappointed when we found out it was closed. Darn!!


We did get to stop at the Mill Stream Antique store, checked out the refurbished fireplaces, all of them made in the later 1800’s into the early 1900’s. The man that refurbishes them is 85 yrs old and has refurbished about 80 of them which are for sale. The store was built in the 1800’s, the walls and ceilings are very old rusty tin, the floors were old oak and sloped in all different directions. The wall paper was cracked and pealing off, the stair creaked when you walked up, but what a treasure to walk thru.

Guys favorite, made 1886, refurbished

Every year for the 4th of July, Timberland Acres RV, holds a free bbq for all who are staying there. This year Gary was the chosen singer to play while the bbq was held. The bbq started at 12:30pm and by 2:00pm everyone was fed, listened to music and gone back to their rigs. I think that was the fastest bbq party I have ever been to, seems like Gary had just gotten everything set up and it was over.

Gary, singing patriotic songs


IMG_3194 (1).jpg
any one seen red hot dogs? if you don’t want red or yellow dye these aren’t for you!!

Planning is everything when traveling…we are full time travelers….we should know better….don’t plan to be at a National Park over the holidays….everyone and then some are heading to the parks!!! What were we thinking??


Stonington harbor, with fog in the background

It’s a great day…lots of sun, windy, not to hot…let’s hike Cadillac Mountain today!!! We decided to leave a little earlier than our normal time…as we found out it wasn’t early enough!!! The traffic into the Acadia National Park isn’t to bad…our spirits are still high…we get to the turn for Cadillac…what are the rangers doing…there are road blocks up ….no entry…full…what…this can’t be…we head to the next spot…road blocks…we get to Jordan Pond House Restaurant…road blocks…full!!! Okay, this was not a great idea..


We decide to leave and just drive along the island over to Mt. Desert Island and to Deer Island. The scenery is amazing along the rocky coast, the homes which are so large and stately, trees that overhang the streets, flowers along the road and in yards that are perfectly manicured, the different colored fishing boats bobbing from their moorings, the lobster traps floating over the waves. So picturesque and relaxing.

the bridge to Deer Island and Stonington



With our travel day coming up fast, Carolyn decided to have a reset day, laundry and cleaning, while Guy and I decided to head up the coast farther along Hwy 1, the State Scenic Hwy.


Guy and I were getting a little disappointed driving along Hwy 1, as there was not really anything to see, until we finally made the turn on 186, down to Jonesport, which is a quaint fishing village right on the coast. The harbor was filled with lobster boats, and lobster traps. It looked like the whole town was at the Coast Guard facility standing in the parking lot. When Guy slowed down we could read the sign, there was to be a boat race for the 4th of July. They also had a food truck selling hamburgers and hotdogs, where the line was a mile long.

looking back at the town of Jonesport


lobsta pots

We could see a bridge that lead over to an island, the map showed it was Beals. Driving over the bridge we could view the water with the lobster boats and traps patiently waiting for the lobster men to return. It seemed that every house had lobster traps in their yards, some had a few while others had hundreds.  As we drove around this small village, we kept thinking where is the closest big town (we think 2 hrs away), we didn’t see any grocery stores, walmarts, dollar stores or hospitals. Both Jonesport and Beals must be pretty self sufficient or order on line for what they need.



Our last night with Carolyn and Gary was bitter sweet, they were headed for the west coast, with plans to see friends along the way, and were excited to get started. We were headed for the Canadian Maritimes with Adventure Caravans and 20 other rigs for the next 60 days and were excited as well.



Neither Carolyn nor I took pictures of our last night, we both cooked ribs, corn and had potato salad. We sat by the campfire with double chocolate and walnut brownies, reminiscing about our wonderful time together. It was sad to see them pull out before us, but no more than 30 mins later we were texting.


Thanks, for joining us on our Journey, come on back and see the Canadian Maritimes thru our eyes. I am not sure how service will be where we are headed but will try to get a blog out as soon as I can.


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  1. Again I’m impressed, your flair for writing, the added photos which make it more interesting and knowledge. I’m learning a lot of things I should have known. Tanks!

  2. Lucky you surrounded by the rugged beauty of Arcadia & all of the quaint, picturesque fishing villages. I’d go nuts with my cameras. I was surprised though at the price of lobster. I assumed it would be cheaper along the coast.

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