The Hunt Goes On!

June 23- 28, 2017
Moose River Campground, Jackman, ME

The hunt goes on and on,  for the proverbial “Moose”, as we follow the “Moose” signs along the way, we have cameras ready on our drive from NH on into Jackman, Maine. But those elusive “Moose” were still not to be found. We followed along Highway 2 into ME then on up 201 to Jackman, which is 15 miles from the Canadian border. There is one road that leads to Jackman, the town is very remote and small, one grocery, one gas station, a couple of small restaurants. There are numerous ATV trail signs along the road, and a Polaris dealer selling and renting side by sides.

the dam below the Moose River campground

The owner of Moose River Campground told us that there was an old mill and lake  with a dam where the campground is now. Not sure what kind of mill, it burned to the ground in 1935. All that is left now is the cement pillers from the dam. It makes for a pretty waterfall with the Heald Stream River flowing through and along the campground.

Heald Stream River falls

Moose River Campground is the last one before the border, there are only 46 sites, 7 with full hook ups (30 amps) and 10 are seasonal sites. There were only 4 of us for the week, but on the weekends it fills up. I think the rain and the mosquitoes are following us as it has rained every day and we are getting eaten alive! If you kill one there are thousands more at the ready to attack.

a field by the campground

With cameras in hand off we went to find “Moose”. If you are looking for a really great place to fish, this area is for you. There is water everywhere, lots of lakes and rivers. Other than that there is not much to see or do. It was a nice relaxing week for us, lots of campfires, cleaning and doing laundry.

Moosehead Lake

We drove the only other road out of Jackman, (6/15) towards Moosehead Lake,  along the way we stopped for lunch in Rockford where the restaurant had a wonderful view of Moosehead Lake. I had already fixed Guy pancakes and sausage for breakfast so neither of us were hungry, but the seafood chowder sounded and tasted so good.


Since we have been on the hunt for “Moose”, every where we go we have seen all kinds of knick knacks with “Moose”. At one of the restaurants we were at,  Guy spotted a  moose door knocker, he really liked it and now he is on the hunt for a “Moose”  door knocker!!! We spied an antique store in Monson, and decided to stop and look, but to no avail!! We will keep trying as now we are on a mission.

moose door knocker

When arriving in Abbot Village, Guy spied another store, “Moosehead Lake Furniture & Cabinetry, gift store”, this looked promising…yes there were lots of “Moose” pepper shakers, towel holders and plenty more “Moose” related items…but no knockers!

Pine table top

We were very impressed by the furniture, made right on the premises. While we were admiring a beautiful table, in came the builder, Dominic. If we ever decide to build another house, we have decided to have him build us a dinning table and chairs.


Continuing our quest for “Moose” we head towards Moscow, back to HWY 201 and home. It was late afternoon and what do we see but an ice cream stand…Yummy! The place is for sale, it’s a gas station, store, restaurant, and ice cream shop, $475,000!! We pass on the offer but do get ice cream blizzards, oreo and heath bar, and a root beer float for Guy.

The upper part of the river leading to Moxie Falls

As we are heading on the last leg of our road trip we spotted a sign “Moxie Falls”, yelling at Guy to turn right…he was fast on the turn…our first mistake was no mosquito spray… Once got out of the car to start the 1 mile walk to the falls we were in trouble. We were attacked by mosquitoes like we were the only meal they had ever had…there was no turning back, we were on a mission to see water, we practically ran to the waterfall…hoping to out run those mosquitoes.  We were so glad we didn’t let them chase us away as this was a wonderful sight to see.

Moxie Falls
pool at bottom of Moxie Falls

The trail meanders through a beautiful area of pine trees and wild flowers, there are stairways and boardwalks with platforms above the falls. Moxie Falls is Maine’s highest waterfall with a 92 foot vertical drop that falls into a pool, leading to smaller falls, then continues downstream to meet the Kennebec River. We could not stay long to enjoy the view as the buzzing and biting were driving us crazy. Taking pictures was a challenge!!

This is what a “Moose” looks like!

SUCCESS!! A “Moose” sighting!!!

Carolyn and I decide to drive along the last 15 miles of the 201 up to Canada to see a couple of waterfalls, the guys want to clean the coaches and trucks so opt to stay home. We found 2 waterfalls, and one “Moose” along the road. I was driving, and luckily no one was behind me as I slammed on the brakes, while Carolyn was yelling “Moose” stop, stop….back up…back up…I decided to turn around…Carolyn was snapping pictures…yelling… hurry…hurry.. speed up…speed up…I grab my camera…trying to take pictures while trying to drive the truck…she’s yelling turn off the wipers….speed up….you guessed it ….we scared him to death… two wild women..laughing and yelling… he took off at lightening speed.


This week has been extremely wet as it has rained every day, we are living in mud, pine needles and mosquitoes. Since we have been stuck inside so much we decided that we needed a dinner out…Carolyn found Hawk’s Nest Lodge & Restaurant, in West Forks, about 20 mins south of Jackman.


The restaurant was in a 3 story log building, the first floor was a wood work room, the restaurant/bar was on the second, the top floor had 4 large lodge rooms. What a great restaurant, atmosphere was just perfect, couches by a large rock fireplace, the table and chairs, and bar were all pine and made by the owner, the food was amazing. Guy and I both had caesar salads and mussels with garlic linguine. We also ordered Maine Blueberry Cheesecake. Yummy!

stopped long enough on the trail to snap this cool tree

We are heading this week to Trenton, Maine just outside Bar Harbor. This will be our last week with Carolyn and Gary.  Then off we head to Herman, Maine and then on to the Canadian Maritimes.

Guy and I hope you all had a Blessed and wonderful and safe July 4th, where ever you were!


Thank you for following along with us, come on back and join our tour of Trenton and then our trip into the Canadian Maritimes.

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  1. Hysterical about the moose sighting! When we camped in up state NH we’d go “moosing” around 5 pm. Always a hoot. Loved your pics!!!

    1. Hi Sophie! Thanks for reading about our Journey!! It was such a hoot when we finally found that dang Moose…we still laugh about it!! We went out looking at all hrs of the day…we were fanatical!!

  2. Yea! Success at last! Glad you found your moose. I had to laugh at your sighting. I could just picture it, you trying to drive & take photos at the same time. The scenery is lovely. As for the rain & the mosquitos, it’s not just a Maine thing, both have been bad in northern Michigan too.

  3. I am enjoying reading our blog and seeing pics. 🙂 Have you tried Thermacell for the mosquitoes? We’ve only used it once and they weren’t that bad, but it did work well. And I have heard others who swear by it!! Even in hot and humid mosquito heaven in Hunting Island SC.

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