June, 2017, Barn Quilt Tour, LeRoy, NY


LeRoy Bicentennial Quilt Block

While staying at Southwoods Rv Park in Byron, I started checking out all the information on what there was to do in the area. I spotted a brochure about a self-guided tour of over 100 Barn Quilts in the town of LeRoy.  The brochure had pictures of about 60 quilt blocks with addresses of where they are located, and the name of each block. Wahoo, this was right up my alley, as most of you know I love quilting and even while on the road I have continued to make them as time permits.


Emperor Tulip


Hens and Chickens

Barn Quilt Blocks are quilt patterns painted on wood and hung either on barns, sheds or residential homes, sometimes even businesses. There are also quilt block patterns inside local restaurants, schools, and the local nursing home. Guy and I had also had made 2 barn quilt blocks while still in our house in Al for a barn of our friend, Loring.


Jell-O Jigglers

The Barn Quilts of LeRoy began as a Bicentennial project for the town of LeRoy.  The first quilt, “Jell-O Jigglers” was painted in July 2011 at the annual Oatka Festival, it is featured on the front of the Jell-0 museum.  The goal was to have 24 quilt blocks painted and erected for the Bicentennial event of June 8, 2012. In less than 10 months over 70 barns quilt blocks were completed. The quilt blocks have come to represent the pride shared for the people of LeRoy, a town rich in heritage and a vision for the future.




Dash Churn

The barn quilt block project has continued after the Bicentennial as more blocks appear around town and the surrounding areas every day. Each person that makes a quilt block and displays it has a story as to why they choose that particular block, it can be of their own design or a pattern from years ago.


Lady of the Lake


Dutch Dream


No Place Like Home, Grandma’s Puzzle, Gather Round the Campfire

When we were in Marion, N. Carolina about 2 years ago, I wrote a blog (McDowell Quilt Trail, May 22-31, 2015) about the Barn Quilts in that area. So I was super excited to spend the afternoon hunting these down. Guy had gone to his sisters in California so this gave LaciLou and I the perfect time to head out.


Carpenter’s Square


This block was not painted but carved out of wood

This was just a small sampling of the wonderful quilt blocks I found, using gps and making many wrong turns, stopping on the sides of the road and walking thru many fields. Some of the blocks I could not find as easy as they were placed in the opposite direction and then had to make many u-turns. I loved the hunt, not so sure LaciLou was as excited as me.




Railroad Crossing


Diana’s Star

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed this tour with me, until next time have a Blessed Day.


Stained Glass