Love and Laughter with Family and Friends

March 6 – May 5, 2017
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Chattanooga, TN
Blue Ridge, Ga
Goshen, Indiana

Guy and Roger in front, Cori, John (in the dark), Sherry, Penny, Sue and Greg on the top

We have been so busy since my last blog…when I last wrote we were heading to Cabo San Lucas with Cori and Greg, who full time in their motorcoach, Penny and Roger, my sister and brother in law, his brother and wife John and Sherry. An awesome time was had by all. I don’t even at this point remember everything we did while we were in Cabo, it went by so fast. But suffice it to say we all ate, drank, tanned, and laughed till our sides hurt.

the girls in the smallest bar in Cabo
smallest bar in Cabo

Our first week in Cabo, we had rooms on the beach, it was awesome sitting on our deck watching the fishing boats and cruise ships as well as the whales jumping and playing! We pretty much kicked back that week, hanging in a different pool everyday, getting kicked out of the adults only pool for making to much noise, decided that the kiddy pool was best for us. The hardest thing we did all week was try to figure out which or what kind of food we wanted, as there were 6 different restaurants at this resort!

the sky party pool


The second week we moved into town where we could walk the marina; check out the shopping (all the stores sell the same trinkets and coffee mugs and tee shirts and they all have special just for us); have adult beverages at the smallest bar in Cabo; eat street tacos; dance and sing at Cabo Wabo;

Cabo Wabo

– Cabo marina, and our hotel, night view from our room

enjoyed a romantic dinner at Mona Lisa watching the sunset over the ocean while fireworks were set off on the beach; lobster and steaks outside under the lighted oak trees at La Golondrina Restaurant;  someone ??? dancing  on the stripper pole (there are pictures I can prove it) at Squid Roe while the rest were having beers and wearing balloon hats;

Squid Roe

listening to 90 mins of time share talks so we could get $300.00 credit towards our bill and a free boat cruise around the tip of baja…what happens in Cabo almost stays in Cabo!!


the arch at the tip of baja at sunset on a boat cruise
cruising on our free boat trip to see the sunset at the tip of Baja

Since Mexico, we have traveled across the country from Arizona and landed back at Camp Alexander in Ga. We had planned to stop and see our good friends, Connie and Bill, in El Paso, then stop in Dallas to see George and Cheryl, but Guy and I came home from Cabo with colds and sinus infections, not wanting to get anyone else sick we just kept driving. Hopefully we can visit on our way back to west next year.

Otg775hw7l70lrbSku3QCVR-xtWhgm_aiU2Uhbk9N3U=.F5 (1).jpg
beers, pineapple daiquiris and tacos

Our grandkids, Mallori and Craig were out of school for spring break the week we got to Alabama, their parents were taking them to Chattanooga, TN for the week. We decided to surprise the grandkids, who thought we were still out west, called our daughter who met us in Birmingham with them. The look on their faces was “priceless” when they saw the coach and us standing beside it.  We loaded them up in the coach and drove  to Chattanooga. Since we have removed the couch in the coach they slept on the hard marble floor in sleeping bags.  They were so excited that they were going to camp with us. We were still sick and not really feeling that good but we needed a grandkid fix!!

Mallori Rose 13 yrs

Our granddaughter, Mallori, decided she wanted to be the one to take pictures, so the following  pictures are what our few days looked like thru the eye of a 13 yr old.

The “Rover” at Raccoon Mountain Caverns and Campground

We were lucky to get 3 days at Raccoon Mountain Caverns and Campground, there are not many campgrounds close to all the places we wanted to see. We started  the day with the kids going thru the caverns and just hung out at the park, they loved just exploring and having a campfire.

Craig Alexander, 8 yrs

Their parents arrived later that night, the grandkids left with them after dinner so they could swim at the hotel pool, that sure beat out camping. It was fun the next day spending time as a family doing the touring stuff that Chattanooga is known for, Ruby Falls, Look Out Mountain, Rock City, Incline Railway.


water buckets and bubbles by Mallori

Raccoon Mountain Caverns has over 5.5 miles of underground passageways. The caverns have countless natural formations and is considered to be the most geologically active. The cave has stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flow stone and natural bridges. There are bats and salamanders that are always visible on the cave floors or walls. The cave stays at 58 degrees and is dark most of the time, salamanders like the cool damp caves.



IMG_0042 (1).jpg
Raccoon Mountain Caverns by Mallori

Lookout Mountain is a mountain ridge located at the northwest corner of Georgia, the northeast corner of Alabama, and along the Tennessee state line in Chattanooga. The elevation is 2,388’ from the top you can see “7” states.


-The view of the 7 states on Lookout Mountain  by Mallori

Ruby Falls, is a 145 ft underground waterfall that is the main draw of this guided tour, the falls are 1,120 feet below the surface of Lookout Mountain. Ruby falls was discovered in 1928 and opened to the public in 1930.

Ruby Falls by Mallori



-Lookout Mountain Gardens by Mallori

Incline Railway goes up to the top of Lookout Mountain at a 72.7% grade, you ride in trolley style cars and climb the hill backwards looking down into the city. Once at the top there is the observation tower with a panoramic view of the city. You then take the trolley back down.

-Incline Railway by Mallori



-different garden and rock views of Lookout Mountain by Mallori

We left the grandkids and their parents in Tenn and headed back to Camp Alexander, GA to hang there for the month of April. We were really looking forward to enjoying the mountain. Guy just wanted to check on his tools, work on the coach and truck. I was looking forward to cutting out and sewing a new quilt. We both did and finished what we wanted.


trail and rock in garden of Lookout Mtn and a Blue tailed Skink by Mallori

While we were at Camp Alexander, our friends David and Sharon, also full time RVers, came and camped with us. They had never been there so it was wonderful sharing our piece of heaven with them.

David and Sharon at Merciers Orchards, GA

There is so much to do in Blue Ridge it was hard deciding what to do first…drove into town and walked thru some of the shops, had a great lunch at Danielle’s Deli, drove to Merciers Orchards,  Ocoee River where the 1996 Olympics canoe slalom course was held. Had pizza and beer at Cucina Rustica, the boys had the large with everything but the kitchen sink, Sharon and I had the best, with 3 different types of cheeses, spinach, basil and basalmic vinegar. Can you say yum…..

We also decided that kayaking down the Tacoa River was a great idea, the water was cold but the sun was nice and warm, hiked up the Amicalola Falls trail, the falls are 729 feet and is the tallest waterfall in the southeast, there are over 600 steps to the top, then a great hike down thru the trees.

standing at the bottom of Amacolola Falls

Guy and I were sad as we needed to leave the day before Dave and Sharon, it was Easter that Sunday and were heading to Birmingham, Al, spending it with our children and grandkids. We were also celebrating birthdays, for our son, daughter and son-in-law.

On getting back to our mountain get away, we looked at the camp site where David and Sharon  had stayed and finding them gone was disappointing….but that’s this life we lead.. and we know we will meet them again down the road or in November when they pass thru Ga once again.

Sitting by the campfire, having a little baileys, being seranaded by David his guitar and drums with the sweet sounds of Sharon singing in the background was a great ending to a wonderful week together.


Before we knew it our month was over at Camp Alexander,  it was time to head out. Last year we had signed up for a motorhome maintenance seminar, put on by Holiday Rambler in Goshen, Indiana. This seminar is for all Holiday Ramblers and other coaches that were made by the same REV manufacturing company. There are over 100 classes on everything pertaining to how to take care of your coach, tires, aqua hot water heater, taking care of fresh, black and grey tanks, fire safety and numerous other paraphernalia. Guy has been very busy learning new things, I have taken classes on micro/convection cooking. While poor LaciLou waits patiently in the coach for our return. There are new coaches, mechanics to service your engines or tow systems, companies with big water tanks  wanting to wash your rigs, vendors, food, and over 500 people. The president and his staff of the REV manufacturing group will be here to give a talk and a session of question and answers.

half way up the Amacalola Falls

We stopped in Shipshewana, IN, to see friends Craig and Jo, also full time RVers, spent 2 short days with them before heading to Goshen. Jo made us an awesome dinner of King Ranch Chicken, salad and homemade chips. We walked the Shipshewanna flea market, met some friends of theirs and then just chatted. It was so good to catch up as we hadn’t seen them in over a year when they hung with us in Birmingham while Guy went thru his cancer treatments.


As I am writing this we are in Goshen, In for the next week, then off to Decatur, In to the repair facility to finally finish up with some of the last repairs we did not finish in October in Oregon. We should only be there about 2 days as we will spend a week in Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania.

heading down the Taccoa River

Things to see along the Taccoa river

We meet up with our friends, Caroyln and Gary from St. Augustine, FL in Freehold, New Jersey and will be touring with them until July 5th, heading up the east coast. We leave Gary and Carolyn, then meet up with a tour group, Adventure Caravans, in Maine and touring the Canadian Maritimes and Quebec until the middle of Sept.

taken at Raccoon Mountain Caverns by Mallori

Come on back and check out all the awesome east coast adventures “The Rover” will be taking these Nomads on!! Ya’ll have a Blessed time until we meet again.

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    1. Hey girl, it was a fantastic trip and so glad y’all were traveling with us!! It was a short time with the grands but they were excited to see us!! Hope The Hobester is doing better today!!

  1. Looks like you guys are having a blast! So happy for you, hoping we can catch up in person soon!!!

    1. We are loving this way of
      Life and the freedom we have!! Meeting new people and catching up with old friends has been great. We may bee in Fl for Jan 18 hope we can get together then!! Hugs

  2. As always you do an outstanding job sharing where you’ve been. It’s fun seeing how the kids have changed yet you haven’t. (Us either) 🙂
    Really looking forward to OUR turn with you.
    Stay well!

  3. Really? You got kicked out of the Adult pool! Now, that is funny. Mallori has a great eye and is quite the photographer. Great shot of the eagle! We so enjoyed being with you in real time in your little piece of heaven in the North Georgia Mountains. Thank you for being such gracious hosts. And, as always, I loved tagging along in my mind on your other amazing adventures. Counting down the days until we are together again. I love, love, love my RV family! We are in Sevierville, TN now at the RV-Dreams rally, where the whole dream of becoming full-timers became a plan for us in 2014. Missing all of our 2014 Dreamers!

  4. Great post. Would like to be at every place with ya’ll. Hopefully after Wednesday my knees will improve and we can start traveling again. They have gotten so bad I am using a cane and in constant pain. Both are going to have to be replaced AGAIN. Going to Emory in Atlanta on Wed for surgery. At Andrews in B’ham they are telling me the glue came loose. Hell of a way to spend the last 4 years!! Keep traveling and enjoy ever day. Miss you !!

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