Cactus, Cactus and more

Feb 15 – 28, 2017 Tucson, Az

Crested Sagauro

While we were in Oregon last year at Camp Service, our good friend Greg, who owns Solar Solutions,  arrived for a few solar meetings but saved some time to spend with us for dinner. Greg let us know that he and Cori would be spending the month of Feb in Tucson at the J Diamond Rv Park and if we had no where planned come on down. We called while Greg was sitting there and got a site. Cori needed to stay in Texas with her mom and would not arrive until Feb. 24.

Different types of cactus

Our most entertaining moment of the week came in the form of “Retro Game Show” night at the Hotel Congress. Cori and Greg have been to see this show twice before. Greg invited us along with Jim and Barb (who we met in Quartzsite) and Greg’s friend George. With Cori in Texas, this would now be Gregs third time.

Guy and George in a serious conversation, Barb and Jim with happy smiles, The Greg looking the other way

The show was hosted by Tempest a giant transvestite and three “celebrities”; Dame Judith Stank, The Masked Menace and Ms. Eva Singleton.


Names were then pulled from a pink fuzzy box drawing contestant from the audience to play a 3 round game of Match Game or as they called it Mismatch Game. During the game Tempest absolutely ridiculed the contestants based on their gender, nationality, home state, you name it. It was probably the most politically incorrect show we have ever been to and laughed throughout the entire show.

Celebrities (LOL) Dame Judith Stank, The Masked Menance, Ms. Eva Singleton
playing the Miss Match game

At one point, Tempest looked out in the audience and keyed two “gorgeous” men in the 4th row. It soon became evident that she was talking to Greg and Jim who were sitting next to each other, and then decided to put their arms around each other! She asked if they were together and was thoroughly disappointed when she found that they were not but were indeed married to women! I think Tempest was looking for a score!!

Teddy Bear Cholla

It’s been a nice lazy cold two weeks here in Tucson for us, Guy worked on some little issues on the coach and added a cell phone booster while I worked on blogs and pictures. My computer was not letting me add any more pictures, it kept saying I was out of disk space…darn!! I made an appointment with Apple so they could help me figure out a few things and clean up the computer, yea. Ended up having to call Apple Care when we got home as there was still a problem…Works great now…


Guy read his first book since high school, “The Whistler” by John Grisham.  He said he really liked it, so I downloaded a few more John Grisham books for him on his iPad. Hopefully he reads them. When he was working he would read tech magazines (boring), he was on the computer all day and that reading a book was the last thing he wanted to do.

one of my new glasses

While we were in Alabama for Christmas I went and had my eyes checked…darn…I will now be wearing glasses….I had already been wearing them to read but the doctor suggested I needed more…so we found Eye Glass World here in Tucson and got a great deal…2 for one. He stated that at my age I was lucky that I had not needed them until now. My friend Kelly had gone to Mexico to have her glasses made, so that was our original plan. Since we were in Tucson the drive to Los Algodones, Mexico, would have been 4 hrs one way, it takes about 4-5 days to get glasses made, then back to pick them up. We decided the 2 for 1 deal was easier, maybe not cheaper.

Ocotillo Cactus

We spent one day at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which was about 5 miles from where we were camped. There is a 2 mile walking trail with more than 230 native species of plants and cactus, saguaros, ocotillo and teddy bear cactus. There were also Mexican gray wolves, a mountain lion, road runners, javelinas, coyotes. There are walk  ways thru animal exhibits, hummingbird exhibit, snake exhibit, as well as an aquarium.

Momma hummingbird sitting on a nest with 2 eggs
took awhile but he finally settled down so I could get a picture

The Saguaro Cactus is native to the Sonoran Desert in Az. It can grow up to 70 feet tall and  they can live up to 150 – 200 years. The Saguaro only grow 1″ – 1  1/2″ per year. They may grow a side arm or branch at about 75 years old. The Saguaro is able to absorb and store considerable amounts of water. Birds and big horn sheep will burrow into the Saguaro for the water. Birds will use the burrowed hole for their nest.

Saguaro Cactus
The inside of a dead Saguaro

the animals we saw at the desert museum

these are only a few of the snakes, I have forgotten what type they are

as this snake moved off the big rocks he started changing colors

The Biosphere 2, Oracle Arizona

a picture of a picture of the Biosphere 2

On Sept. 26, 1991, eight people-Biospherians- were sealed off inside the Biosphere 2. The mission was designed to test survivability of a small group of people to see if they could live in a self-sustaining colony inside a bubble. They produced their own food and recycled waste and water. They would also conduct ecological research. By the 17th month into the mission oxygen levels were very low, the crew were loosing weight, food was very low, the farm animals were gone, everyone was having breathing problems. The mission was deemed a failure. A second mission was tried in 1994 but was terminated 6 months later because of management disputes.

The round dome was the library
where the food was grown, now a new research center on water flow

The Biosphere 2 is a 3.14 acrea glass enclosure, with 6,500 windows, the highest point is 91’ tall, the Biosphere 2 ( the Earth is considered Biosphere 1), is sealed from the earth below by a 500 ton with a stainless steel liner.

the west lung, (there are 2) which are air volume control rooms 

Tropical rainforest, very humid inside

The Biosphere 2 is now a scientific research institute with classrooms and research facilities, it also offers educational programs to the public. The University of Az currently manage it.

Simulating the desert, very hot and dry

area where the different climates are created
Energy center provides power and temperature regulation

Saturday, we had a get together with Cori and Greg, Jim and Barb with hors devours and adult beverages.

Jim (back of his head) Guy, Cori and Greg

Thank you for following along on the “Rovers” travels, we hope you are enjoying our trip and that our travels lead to you to check out this marvelous country as well.

Cori, Greg, Jim and Barb

While in Oregon we had our Aqua Hot water system worked on, a pump had gone out!!  While we were in Tucson Guy noticed a leak, he and Greg worked on it and thought it was fixed. Well, while we were heading to Bullhead City our coolant light came on, yup, we had another problem. It took 2-3 gallons to get to Bullhead City, there was a massive leak. Guy called Monaco and who got in touch with Ft Mohave Rv Repair, so now the coach is sitting in their parking lot for the next few weeks waiting for parts. It took 2 more gals just to get to the parking lot.

Stay tuned as we are heading to Cabo San Lucas for a few weeks with my sister Penny and her date, Roger (husband), Rogers brother, John and Sherry and our special RVing friends, Cori and Greg. A good time will, I am sure, be had by all!!

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  1. Wow, you sure have a lot going on. Is it just me or does one of the cacti seem, ahem, endowed? lol The biosphere sounds very interesting. I wonder if it was ever determined what caused the oxygen to decrease. Sorry to learn you’re still having issues with the MH. Being full time RVers makes it even more distressing. Hopefully you can put it to rest soon. Enjoy your visit to Cabo!

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all in Tucson! Love that you all went to the Game Night – Bill & I had a great time when we went last year! What fun! Sorry to hear about your continued issues with your coach – hope it’s fixed once and for all this time! Safe travels and have a great time in Mexico!

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