November 1 – 12, 2016, Coburg, Oregon

If ya’ ll are wondering, yes, it’s still raining here in Oregon!! You ask, are we tired of it, that would be a – yes!! We are looking forward to drying out in California  and Californians are wanting rain. We are still hoping to leave here and head to Paso Robles, Ca., so we can spend Thanksgiving with Guy’s sister, Robin and her honey Rueben.

Oregon farm land

Just because we sit here at Camp Service doesn’t mean we haven’t had a good time. We have met so many wonderful people who are also having work done on their traveling home. Many of the repairs are being done for the Canadian Snowbirds who are traveling thru on their way to warmer climates for the winter. It’s been interesting listening to their take on our election. Here is just a little sample of all our new friends we have met here:

Oregon Coast

Behind us lives, Denny and Linda, we met them here last year. We gone to dinner and breakfast with them and listen to music at the Eagles Club. Linda is a sewer and had just gotten a new embroidery/sewing machine which she and I were checking out yesterday. They are both from Oregon but will be traveling to AZ when their coach is finished. They travel with 3 dogs, a boston terrier, Pork Chop, Sassie a yorkie, and Coco, a chihuahua. Denny is the cook in their home and is always bringing over treats, cranberry/ pomegranate bread, banana bread, chocolate/peanut butter cookies. I know I have gained 5lbs.

Oregon Coast

There is Renee, who is a nuclear engineer. She also lives in her coach full time and travels alone. Renee worked in the South Pole for 3 years, but 5 years ago she suffered a stroke while there.  It took our government 2 months to bring her home for treatment. While everyone was sitting in the waiting room here at Camp Service she took a few hours to answer questions and tell her story about life down below.  It was such an interesting story and different way of life.

along the coast of Oregon

Across from us is Joyce and Ron, from Rupert, Idaho. Joyce owns The Gathering Place Quilt Shop, so if you are in the area stop in and say “Hi”.  They have the same coach design as ours except for the colors. Joyce and I have been looking at patterns and tons of fabric that she brings with her, trust me there is really no room for Ron. Joyce was nice enough to share some fabric with me, wahoo (I think it will be a quilt for my grandson, Ryan). We are going to cut out a quilt for her grandson today.

Newport, Oregon

Another couple, ( I don’t  remember their names) that immigrated from Hungry in 1972. They started a flower shop out of their apartment in New Jersey, until the manager got tired of the traffic. They opened a flower shop and ran it for 27 years. They now travel full time in their coach throughout this country.

Seaside Beach, Oregon

We met Heidi and her husband Chan, they live in Los Angeles, as her husband still works. They own an RV lot in Temecula, Ca where they stay part time and for summers they have an RV lot in Thayne, Wyoming. They have a daughter and granddaughter who live in Portland and were on their way to play with their granddaughter, after repairs on the coach. While talking with them, we found out they also have a Polaris Razor 4×4. Their  group of friends from Temecula all travel to Wyoming, where they have all bought an RV lot at Star Valley Rv resort. They stay for the summer months playing golf and riding thru the mountains with their razors.  Heidi has talked us into heading there in 2018 so we can check it out and ride with them over the hundreds of miles of roads up and over the mountains. They also travel with 3 dogs:2 yorkies and 1 maltese.


Since our coach was still sitting at the Cummins repair facility thru our weekend in Portland and would not be ready until Wednesday, off to the coast of Oregon we went, deciding to also head up into Washington.  Of course, it was raining but with all the trees and the back roads we were traveling on, it just made the drive more romantic. The trees are covered with moss, the branches were hanging low and dripping water, the fog was hovering thru the trees and the valleys.


There were numerous family farms, with many animals, cows, goats, sheep and chickens out in the fields. They all looked a little bedraggled and lonely. Some of the farms were pretty large with big fancy barns, big green fields, then there were those that you could tell were struggling to make it, with everything they had ever bought laying around the yard.


My favorite are the barns that are old, missing wood, the roofs are sagging, with faded red paint. I have always envisioned redoing one to make a home out of it.

the main street of Seaside Beach

One of the coastal towns we drove thru was Seaside Beach, it was such a cute town.  Driving thru we were hoping to drive along the ocean but the road ended with a turn around and  then became a walking path along the beach. We stopped, did not get out as it was pouring, we just took a few pictures. The ocean was pretty rough with lots of white frothing water.  We sat and watched the waves break one after another.

Seaside Beach, Oregon

Driving up the coast we came to a sweet little restaurant on the bay side, the Barge Restaurant, with a great view of the bay area. The bay was surrounded with lots of trees and a sweet church steeple peeking thru.  We were the only ones there, our lunch was ok, I think we both decided we would not stop there again.


We headed up to Astoria, Oregon thinking we would stay in the area but, it was early and still raining so we continued over the Youngs River along the Oregon Coast Highway. Wondering if we would be taking the Astoria Megler Bridge, which crosses the Columbia River, the bridge is 4.1 miles long, over to Point Ellice near Megler, Washington. The bridge is a steel cantilever truss bridge and is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.

Astoria Megler Bridge

We drove along the 101 up the Washington coast, went over the Chinook River, passing many miles of planted trees. This is a very heavily forested area, with trees so big that the branches hung out over the roadway. Then we would find areas where the timber had been harvested. It was sad to follow the many miles of harvested areas with just brown dirt and tree debris. The tree species that grow in the western region of Washington are mainly coniferous and require sunlight to regrow during reforestation, by removing all the trees in an area, the competition for sunlight is reduced.


crossing the Astoria Megler Bridge

We drove along the 101 thru Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, it was windy by this time and still raining. We were disappointed as there was not animal or bird to be found. We arrived in Ocean Grove about 7:00pm as we were getting tired and hungry and cranky, we drove around the little town looking for some type of hotel.



Our view while having breakfast

After driving thru and around town we decided on a little inn that sat on a cliff with a view of the ocean. It was an old building that had been redone, the furnishings were new as was the bathroom.  The next morning we drove about 4 miles up the coast looking for breakfast, we found Ocean Crest Resort, the breakfast was outstanding, the resort was on the cliff overlooking the ocean and much cheaper than where we had just stayed. We wished we had driven a little further.

the coast along Newport, Oregon

After breakfast we headed back the way we came, stopping in the little town of Manzanita. As we were driving thru we noticed homes and businesses damaged with roofs gone or completely damaged, trees twisted or broken in half, branches hanging on roofs. There had been a Tornado that ripped thru on Oct 14, 2016, at about 11:30 am. There were no injuries nor deaths. (I did not take any pictures) It sure brought back many memories of the tornado we experienced in Alabama, April 27, 2011, which was an EF-4, there were 230 deaths in Alabama alone. That day there were 55 tornadoes that hit the state, hitting 42 Alabama counties. One of the tornadoes went across the lake we lived on, it passed our house within 1 mile, countless homes and business were lost.

see the carved man on top of the building

Along the way, Guy found a couple of woodworking shops, that he decided to stop so he could check out their wood working.  We are looking for some wood carved bears for Camp Alexander to sit at the top of our driveway.  We did not find what we were looking for, but sure thought some of the work they were doing was different. We were disappointed that the bears are mass produced, all carved and burned in a line. We were hoping for something more unique.


can you see the lighthouse shadow

We drove down to Newport, Oregon, where we stayed at the Hallmark Resort Newport ( we thought it was a little on the expensive side).  It is situated on the cliffs, with a dynamic view of the ocean, mountains and lighthouse. There was a very good restaurant, Georgie’s Beachside Grill, right next door. We went over for dinner, the food was so good that we went back for breakfast the next morning.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

While in Newport we drove to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon at 93 feet tall. The lighthouse has been guiding ships along the West coast since August 20, 1873. The surrounding area around the lighthouse is a refuge for harbor seals and thousand of nesting birds. Gray whales can be spotted during their migration to Mexico in the late fall-early winter. During the summer months the whales will feed in the shallow waters around the lighthouse. There are usually tours inside but it was Tuesday, no tours on Tuesday!! The wind was really blowing, it was cold but no rain.

looking back at the neighbor hotel

After we had dinner, Guy went to the room but LaciLou and I decided we needed a walk on the beach, rain or not. I took her off leash and just let her run, she ran circles around me, she smelled every rock or tree on the beach. I don’t think I have ever seen her have so much fun and so excited. She was not so excited when we got back to the room and she found out she was going to have a bath. There was no way she was sleeping with us all wet and sandy.


the view from our hotel room, Newport, Oregon

As we turned inland in the town Florence, we were very surprised at how many fishing boats were out on the Siuslaw River, the river runs along the Florence-Eugene Highway. We started counting the boats but soon lost count and gave up. It is a beautiful drive thru the Siuslaw National Forest and into Eugene.

                                              following the river heading back to Eugene

We have been back in our home for a week and still waiting for the bathroom window, thermostat for heat exhaust fans and master control for our electronic toilets. If they don’t get here in time we will leave without and have them sent to us in Arizona.


Guy and I want to WISH all our family, friends, and all of our new friends who follow along with us on our journey thru this blog, a truly wonderful

                                                                 Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I have spent the last 25 years living in an arid climate. I don’t think I can handle the days and days of rain anymore. Hope your repairs are completed soon so you can head south. That RV park in WY sounds intriguing. I may have to Google.

    1. We have now been here 50 days with almost everyday rain!! It is getting hard living without sun!! I wanted to see the super moon sure couldn’t with all these clouds.
      We won’t get to the Wy park until April 2018 to see what it is like.

  2. Wow! I cannot believe you are still waiting on items & repairs. I truly don’t think Don & I could be as patient as you & Guy have been. One thing’s for sure though, you know how to make use of your time while there, even in the rain. Sounds like you’ve met many interesting people. It never ceases to amaze me how this lifestyle is a great equalizer & brings folks from different walks together. BTW, I love the pic of the Art Deco style diner. I find the architecture & furnishings of that period appealing.

    1. The whole town was pretty art deco, there were lots of murals on the buildings as well. It was a cool town.
      Life is short and we do feel as if we are wasting time here, but we would rather get everything done while here and hopefully not need any more repairs for awhile.
      They took our coach in today for the final repair today…so wheels up tomorrow!! Sat 11/19!

    1. Thanks Tracy, i was amazed at how well the pictures came out with a cell phone!! But I would rather have my camera.
      We think we should be leaving this Camp Service tomorrow Sat., 11/19, Yea!! It will be Lacilous 6 birthday.

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