Waiting, Waiting and Waiting

Crater Lake

Oct 1 – ???, 2016

We are still here waiting, waiting and waiting in Coburg, Oregon while we are having some issues fixed on our home on wheels at the REV service center (Camp Service). We also have an appointment with the Cummings dealer on Oct 25, to work on our engine,  as it has been using 2 1/2 quarts of antifreeze and oil in less than 2,000 miles. (Something is seriously wrong).

The road to Crater Lake


We don’t mind hanging here at Camp Service since we don’t have any plans until Thanksgiving, where we have reservations at Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles, CA. This resort is close to Guys sister Robin, we are hoping to spend some time with her and her husband Ruben and their family. This will be our first time spending a holiday with his sister since we moved from California about 25 or so years ago. Of course, we will be missing our own kids and grandkids for the holiday and the traditions that we had started as a family. We have plans next year to be at Camp Alexander in Ga. from Oct – December and will be able to celebrate with the kids.

Crater Lake

We have not let the grass grow under our feet or should I say snow melt, while we are here and have kept on going checking out this part of Oregon. When we were here last year we tried to drive to Crater Lake, we got half way there but were turned away due to the snow levels and road closures. This year we were lucky as the snow had fallen but most of the roads were drivable. There is the rim road that goes around the lake,  there are seven parking overlooks along the way, it is a 2 lane road and about 29 miles around, part of the road was closed due to snow.

Crater Peak

Crater Lake is in the Casade Mountains of Southern Oregon. The Lake was formed by the eruption of the volcano, Mount Mazama, about 7,000 years ago. It is the deepest lake in the USA, 1,949’ and is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. It is 5 by 6 miles across, the elevation around the rim ranges from 7,000 to 8,000 feet. The average snowfall in a year is 505” and rainfall at 62.47”


Wizard Island is near the western edge of the lake, it is a cinder cone that arose after the volcano and the island Phantom Ship, which has seven trees growing on it. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake, rain and snowfall keep the lake at its height. With the rain and snowfall the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years. A full sized tree has been bobbing vertically in the lake for over a century, the low temperate of the water helps with the slow decomposition.


It was so cold, 34 degrees,  we did not really take warm enough jackets,  we decided that we were going to walk up the hill from the parking area anyway so we could atleast see the lake. I had on cowboy boots, Guy tennis shoes, our feet were soaking wet and freezing. I’m glad we had decided to leave LaciLou in the truck, the snow was deep enough that  I don’t think we would have found her buried down in the 6-8″ of snow.


On the way back to the car I decided that I needed to make some snow angels, the snow was so frozen I could hardly move the snow. Guy thought I was a crazy lady.


When we left Crater Lake it was time for some lunch, we found a really nice lodge and restaurant on Diamond Lake. It was really a little cafeteria that overlooked the lake and  mountain with all the snow, where we had some nice hot chocolate, soup and sandwiches.

Diamond Lake taken from the lodge




Another one of the trips we took was to head from Eugene over to Florence, on the coast and then head up to Tillamook Cheese Factory. The coast of Oregon is so beautiful, it was disappointed that it was a cold rainy day, with fog and low clouds out over the ocean.

IMG_1603 6.JPG
Yachats, Oregon

We didn’t get to see much but it was still beautiful, we stopped in Yachats, for lunch at the Blue Whale. Kathy had been there with her husband, John many years before so we decided lets do it again. We weren’t disappointed, we all had the fish and chips, yummy. We wanted a picture of the big blue whale and decided to take the picture after lunch, we did not remember to take it until 3 hours later when we arrived in Tillamook.

Kathy and Sue

Kathy and I had met about 45 years ago when her husband, John and Guy were in the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department together. Guy and I lived about 45 mins from them up in Mt Baldy, Ca. Guy and John as well as 2 other sheriff buddies all drove into LA together, for Guy this was a 2 hour drive. Some of those days could be as long as 14-18 hours. Many times our son and  I would go with Guy  down to John and Kathy’s house,  where Guy would meet the guys to go to work, while I stayed with Kathy, her son, Kevin and our son, Stephen (who were born 1 day apart). Kathy and her husband owned an RV and camped with us out at the Colorado river, but Kathy’s husband John passed away 8 years ago, and the motorhome was sold. Kathy still wanted to keep up the tradition of camping and seeing the US, so she purchased a 25′ Leisure Van about 3 years ago (but had not used it). When she heard that we would be in Oregon, Kathy decided it was a good time to take out her motorhome for her first trip and meet up with us. We had all planned to head down the Oregon coast and into California together, since our repairs are not done Kathy needed to head out with out us.

IMG_1599 2.JPG
Yachats, the clouds receding

The Tillamook  Cheese Factory is the 44th largest dairy processor in North America. They produce cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt and chocolate fudge. Their most famous is Tillamook Chedder. In 2010 Tillamook’s Medium Chedder won the gold medal.

IMG_1609 2.JPG

The Tillamook factory serves as a visitor center with over 1 million visitors each year. Tours inside the actual cheese processing plant were discontinued in 1967 due to health and safety regulations. There is an area on the 2nd flood for with big windows for viewing the production floor as well as video presentations and kiosks describing all about cheese making.

Bessie and Sue

In 1949 there were 15 small creameries and 24 licensed cheesemakers worked at Tillamook they made up about half of all cheesemakers in the state of Oregon, in 1968 all the remaining cheesemakers merged their cheesemaking operations in the Tillamook factory.

On the main floor is cheese tasting, refrigerators with cheese for purchase, restaurant, ice cream, and fudge sales. We taste tested, and of course bought cheese, and had to check out how the ice cream tasted. Guy chose 1 scoop blueberry, Kathy and I had 2 scoops each, we had Tillamook Mudslide and Rasberry. Yum

IMG_1621 4.jpg
packaging 40lb cubes of cheese

Guy and I were ready for an upgrade on our iPhone 6’s, so Guy went on the internet and ordered new iPhone 7’s, they came a few days later. Off to a Mac store we went to have help changing out the phones,  we backed up our current phones on iCloud, and changed over to the new iPhone 7’s. I haven’t figured out what is so different yet but will keep looking. In the process of backing up all the pictures, some did not move into the new phone, panic set in as I was missing all of the Tillamook pictures and the ones of Kathy and I. The lady that helped us at Mac had stated don’t reset your old phones for a few weeks until you are sure you have everything!!! Great advise, after I got mad, said some not so nice words, I started to remember what she had said, yup, I found all my pictures on the old phone.


Last year when we were here in Coburg, we had met a couple at Camp Service, Denny and Linda, they are back and having their coached serviced as well.  They belong to a club called “Eagles” and invited us to go with them on Sunday night. First things first, was dinner at Outback, for some yummy steaks and shrimp. Then off to the “Eagles”, for drinks and dancing to a country western band.  What a great time we had, Guy and I had not danced in a very long time, so we loved it. I will say the medium age of everyone there was around 75-80, and were they some serious and good dancers. Just don’t get in their way or they will mow you down, don’t ask how I know.

IMG_1637 3.JPG

I will leave you with this cute picture of this bus and small trailer, it is parked at the campground across the highway. The orange and green are the colors of the Oregon Ducks.  Who ever owns it takes it tailgating to the Ducks home games, last weekend was a game, yes, they did win.

This last weekend was one of the worst predicted storms to hit the Oregon area in a long while, the predicted winds were to be 75-90 miles per hour, with thunder and lightening. It was a weekend to hunker down, I am not sure how much rain we did get as we needed to pull in the slides and lower our satellite dish, the winds were brutal. Our slides have canvas toppers which will tear apart in the wind,  they are what help keep the rain out of the coach.  We did hear that there was a tornado, trees down and some flooding and               6-8″ of rain or more in some of the northern areas.


Guy and I stayed in our jammies all day Sat and Sunday, watching movies. The days here at Camp Service are early, this weekend was so nice not getting up as early and just relaxing.

Come on back and check on what else we can find to do here while at Camp Service. In the mean time have a BLESSED week or so.







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  1. Glad to hear you are ok through the storm! It seems you are making the best of having to wait – good for you! We loved Crater Lake when we were there in April – there was more snow there than you found! Couldn’t drive around the lake at all! Hope our paths cross again soon!

    1. Hi Kelly, glad to hear you made it back to the lower 48!! What an amazing trip you experienced!! I think for the beginning of Oct it was the first snowfall at Crater Lake. After the storm we just had there is quite a lot more up there now and the roads are closed. I just hope we can get out of Oregon before the weather gets any nastier!!

    1. Hi Pam, thanks for the compliments on the pictures, it was sure a beautiful area to see, the snow made it even more special. You will need to visit this area. Oregon has so many things to see and do, the coast is amazing as well. Hope to see you in Jan.

  2. I just finished reading your blog from the beginning and so enjoyed reading about your travels! We have a 6.5 pound Yorkie!

    1. Hi Denise in Georgia, Thank you for taking the time to read our whole blog and replying!!
      Don’t you just love the Yorkie breed? We have had different breeds along the way but my husband and I have decided that our Yorkie is by far the smartest and most loving one. She loves to travel and be with us all the time.

    1. Hi Tracy, It was great ice cream!! Nice and creamy. We had been to the factory last year, we really wanted to watch the factory working but they don’t on the weekends. Make sure you go during the week.

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