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August ,2016, Bryce Canyon, Utah

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When ever we meet up with either old friends or new friends the question is always, “where is your favorite place you have visited?” We want to answer with something profound and awesome but, so far everywhere we have visited has been our favorite!! We truly can’t say we have found it, so our answer is “We are still looking!”


With that being said, Bryce Canyon is sure a wondrous area to visit, and could be up there for first place, but as I said, we are still looking and have many, many places to visit. There is so much to see and do in Utah, Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks, The Arches and Canyonland, it could take months to really do it justice. But, we only had 3 days to see Bryce Canyon, then we needed to high tail it to Bullhead City, AZ.



We stayed at Ruby’s Campground in town, they have added new big rig sites, they are the biggest sites we have ever stayed in. They are full hook ups, fire pit, picknic table, and grass. There was so much room we had our truck and the razor pulled in next to us. Our view was great as we were last row where we could look out into the forest and watch the deer and pronghorns walk by.

There are miles of off road trails where we could take the buggy, you can get maps at the office, which were very helpful. The trails looked like they were used as fire breaks by the forestry, some we rough, but mostly just little easy roads. The views from the tops of the mountains were breathtaking, I didn’t get any pictures because the roads were dusty or some days muddy and didn’t want the camera in the middle of all that. We had some pretty rainy days, with hail, thunder and lightening. We even had a beautiful rainbow that we could see both ends.

There is a shuttle that will pick you up right at the entrance of the campground and takes you to the top of the canyon, Bryce Point, but they have it closed for an indefinite time while under repair. The bus dropped us off at Inspiration Point, it is just down from Bryce Point. There are three viewing areas, two are a bit of a hike up, but the view is awesome. You can also walk along the rim of the canyon, back down to the lodge which is about 1/2 mile, or you may continue to another view point and walk another 1/2 mile, which is what Guy and I did. There are also some much longer harder hikes down into the canyon, which I bet i beautiful looking up at all the sprees.


The day Guy and I started out, it was cold in the morning, we had on jeans, sweatshirts and were carrying jackets. As the day wore on the temps went up into the high 80’s, we did not have on the right clothes to hike down and back up. That’s our excuse, and we are sticking to it.


We signed up for the 3 hour tour (yup, the Gilligans tour), called the Rainbow tour. It goes up to Rainbow lookout, guess what, it’s also closed for repairs, just our luck. The tour guide was great, the driver knew his knew so much about the geologic happenings of the area. We stopped at numerous turn outs, where he would explain about the area and point out things that you would not notice if you were alone. It turned out to be well worth the 3 hours, and its free.


It sure was a fun and fast 3 days, we met our neighbors, Wes and Katrinia, who live not to far in St. George, Ut, we sat at their site the first day, having a little wine and some cheese. We made plans to go out on a buggy ride together the next day, off we went for about an hour trying to head away from the very dark black and threatening clouds, we could hear the roar of the thunder, but that didn’t stop us, we were determined. After about 2 hours, everyone was getting wet and it was so cold, we gave up and headed back faster than we started.


Now, we are sitting in AZ, at my sisters house, the coach is having some service done and our aqua hot (hot water) is acting up, so a repair, as well. The truck will also be serviced and the buggy has a recall that will be fixed while we are here. My sister and her husband should get here on Thursday afternoon, shopping on Friday, then Grand Canyon on Sat.

Thanks Penny and Roger!!

The road we traveled from Utah thru a small part of Arizona and into Nevada before going back into Arizona again. I kept thinking about how small we are compared to these massive rock formations.

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This roadrunner came right up to me this morning and was not scared of me.

If y’all want to know how much mischief the 4 of us get into in Colorado come on back and find out with my next blog! See what Colorado looks like thru our eyes.










12 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon

  1. It appears that Bryce Canyon was very popular with the bloggers I follow this year. I’ve heard so much about it, yet I never tire of seeing the photos. The rock formations, the colors, the trees, the views, it’s all breathtaking. Your post was the first I’d heard about the free tours though. I think doing them first prior to venturing out on our own would offer us great information beforehand.

    1. It was extremely busy at the park. Our campground was wonderful, Ruby’s, if you go remember it for future. There is camping in the park but to busy and small sites so cramped. (We are also to big).
      One thing I wish we had done was hike down into the canyon, looking from below would be awesome. I have seen some of the hikes and they look hard, straight down and back up but the views, awesome!!
      Plan on visiting Zion as well while in the area! There is so much we missed out on but its all in the timing.

      1. I appreciate the input Sue. I think looking back up would be awesome too but it would depend a lot on how strenuous the trail is. Don’s had one knee replacement already & probably will need one on the other knee in the future. I too have knee issues & hope to have them looked at this winter. Hopefully nothing rehab can’t fix.

    1. Hi Cori!! If you can spend more time there than we did! There are many more places to visit that are not to far from there! Also we loved Rubys campground, the sites are very large, with a great view of the forest area so at night we would sit and watch the mule deer!!

    1. Lol! That pool is awesome!! At night sitting in the hot tub you can see the lights on the on the casinos over in Laughlin, Nevada!! We sure appreciate my sister letting us use her house for awhile!!

  2. I had to smile when you mentioned about people asking you about your favorite place. I feel the same when I’m asked…..wish I could say something profound, but, it’s just all so beautiful!
    You got some great pictures of Bryce!

    1. Hi there, I sure hope your back is better!
      Thank you for the compliments! We did love Bryce and really wish we could have stayed longer! We are now in Colorado and guess what it’s beautiful, another wonderful place!! There is no picking as we live in a wonderful country that God has given us to enjoy!!

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