June 2016



As most of you know my passion is quilting!! I love to look at the wonderful designs, feel the buttery soft cottons, cut a perfectly good piece of fabric into little pieces and creatively making those little pieces into a beautiful new creation.


When we arrived in Shipshewana I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was going to be a quilt show, my sweet husband said he would go with me…(I think to make sure I didn’t buy anything). I have attended many quilt shows, some traveling to Texas and California, I sure miss attending them.

A quilt show consists of multiple components, there are teachers that come from all over the world to teach what they specialize in, there are numerous classes that go on all week, you register in advance, as there are supplies you must purchase the for the project of the class you decide to take. There are also numerous vendors displaying all the new products, supplies, and fabrics. If you are a quilter you know there is always something you need!!


Grand Prize winner (art quilt)

Many quilts are sent in by women and men from all over the world to be judged, there are numerous categories of judging, small pieced quilts, large pieced quilts, appliquéd quilts, art quilts, modern quilts, miniature quilts, this is just a sample of the many categories.  After judging they are then hung in a special area that is monitored by volunteers, they make sure the quilts are not touched, no flash photography is taken, they must wear white gloves, if someone would like to see the back of the quilt, volunteers are the only ones who may touch a quilt.


The quilt above won the grand prize, the card gives the information about the quilt.


SPA_1883SPA_1880 (1)

The show can last anywhere from 5-7 days, the first few days are open for classes, it opens to the public mid-week usually Thursday – Sunday, they then may purchase a ticket and shop at vendor booths, and see the quilts on display.


These pictures are really hard to see the stitching that was done on them. They truly were a work of art.

There was an added bonus to the quilt show which I think Guy was looking forward to which was included in the price of a quilt show ticket, the Hudson Auto Museum which was right next door. What started with a single vehicle more than 25 years ago has grown to include the largest collection of Hudson automobiles in the world. The collection includes the Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, Railton, and Dover brands.

The cars they had were so beautiful that it was fun just looking at them and the different pattern quilt on each car.

SPA_1871 SPA_1859 SPA_1875

SPA_1856 SPA_1827 SPA_1826 SPA_1834

These were only a few of the wonderful cars!! I just love the wooden wheel.


If you aren’t interested in quilts this was probably boring but it was something I just needed to share. I miss my quilt room and the fabric I so lovingly stashed in my closet, or laying so pretty around my room.   Through my travels around our country I have been to many antique stores and have purchased many antique quilts, those have been sealed with the quilts I have made and are stored in our storage unit, someday they will be back out to be on display again.


This is a Tee Shirt quilt, I took this picture for Tracy P as she is collecting tee shirts from her travels and would like to make one.


My 1950 Singer feather weight machine is stashed in the coach with enough fabric to make 2 quilts. I have made two in the coach while traveling in the last 2 years, and have started a Log Cabin, and a Grandmothers Flower Garden that is being done all by hand.


We don’t sit in one area long enough for me to sew very often but on those rainy days I love to bring it out work and get as much done as I can.

But come on back and see what else the Nomads did while they were in Shipshewana!