Men in Trees!!

May 16, 2016

One Man in a Tree

The days were counting down for our escape from Birmingham and the heat!! We were all very ready to head to the mountains of Georgia!! Guy and I still had friends we hadn’t seen yet and really wanted to fit them all in, but there were some we could not get with before we left. We shall return and hopefully it all works out to meet up with those wonderful folks!!

We had made plans to spend the day on Lake Martin with our good friends Marty and Debra, motor boating, eating and laughing. Lake Martin is a man made lake that has 760miles of shoreline, 44,000 acre lake. Lake Martin is located in 3 counties, there is an hydroelectric power dam, Martin Dam, that was built in 1923 and completed in 1926 creating at that time was the largest man made body of water in the world.

Marty and Debra have been our friends for the last 28 years, Debra was my bible teacher at church and Marty and Guy met while on jury duty! They both had their profession of being sheriff and undercover police to talk about while on jury.We finally got together at a friends birthday party!!  When we left Ca. they would come every year for their vacation to Camp Alexander and every year Marty would say “I want to live here when I retire”!! And that is just what they did and have now lived there for 10 years.

Marty, Guy and Craig

It was great being on the lake again with good friends, sharing old stories and just kicking back. The weather was on our side that day, not hot, some sun and clouds. We later went to Marty and Debra’s beautiful new home for a wonderful Taco salad and fruit. It was fun showing the area to Craig and JoLinda so they could see the other side of us!!


We motored over to our old house on the lake, it looks just like we left it!! Guy and I talked about whether we wanted it back and live back on the lake….we both looked at each other and said the same thing….NO!! It was a beautiful home that we loved and enjoyed but we were moving on.

Camp Alexander #1

We are glad that we both feel the same way, it was our old life, we made many memories there with our kids, grandkids  and all our friends that would come stay and share this lake with us, for the 20 some years we lived there.  We are now on a new adventure and are looking forward to continuing with our travels where ever the road leads us!! Wahoo!!

Camp Alexander #1

We have been busy since landing back here at Camp Alexander #2!!  Poor JoLinda and Craig,  I don’t think they knew what to expect when they arrived here!!


They were used to seeing Guy sitting in his chair at the Hoover Met with his banjo and practicing long hours in the day, not this Tasmanian Devil that took off once we arrived in Blue Ridge.


Now at Camp the work began!! We had not finished the painting on the garage and Guy knew that was his first project!! He also wanted to add skirting around the bottom with air vents. We were afraid that critters would get under there and LaciLou would try to get under after them.

Cutting up the boards for the skirting

JoLinda and Craig and jumped right in with us and started painting and helping finish up that project which took most of the week.

JoLinda painting away

We brought with us a really neat teak swing that was on our dock at the lake, which Guy wanted to hang in the trees while we were here. That was a project just hanging the big piece of wood to hang the swing from. After it was hung I put teak oil on it and shined it right up!  love it!!


Craig and Guy


Sue with LaciLou and JoLinda

We took one night off from cooking and working and went to the “Pickn in the Park” in McCaysville about 30 mins away. There are two different bluegrass groups that play at different ends of the park, one of the groups is more old school bluegrass while the other is more acoustic and modern. We decided on the old school.

Old School Bluegrass

Our neighbors, Jo and Bob, decided to come along with us with their dog Lucky. We took cheese and crackers, and Jo brought brownies!! Yum  Jo and Bob spend winters in Florida living in their motorcoach, they had just returned home to their cabin in the woods.

Craig, JoLinda, Bob (behind) Jo (behind Guy) Guy

We decided to take Friday off so we could take JoLinda and Craig on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway which runs along the Toccoa River from Blue Ridge to McCaysville, Ga

SPA_6540 (1).jpg

We left Blue Ridge, GA  rode on the train for an hour, ended in McCaysville and walked over to Tennessee for a lunch of Mexican food!! We had an hour and half to hang out in town and then the train headed back to Blue Ridge. The ride thru the trees and along the river was so peaceful and cool. We were all amazed at some of the houses that were built on the steep side of the river, some were 4 stories tall.


Last year when we made the to extra two rv sites, there was a lot of wood that had not gotten cut and was just laying around, it would be great fire wood! Guy had gone to the storage unit and picked up our Polaris Razor, which he and Craig could use to help them move the wood. They loved tying the firewood to the razor and towing it up the hills and over the rocks!! Boys and their toys!!

Getting ready to haul wood up the hill

This was hot sweaty back breaking work, they also used the chain saw and cut it up for the fire pit. Now to check them for ticks!!


Blue Ridge had an art festival on Memorial Weekend which was down the middle of the street in town with numerous vendors and of course food!  Guy found a vendor with some cool art work for trees, he bought 1 piece on Saturday, came home and up it went!! He really liked it so on Sunday morning he went back and bought 4 more!! They are now hidden on different trees around the different sites!!

Men in the Trees!!!

Our time is coming to a close here at Camp Alexander, we are headed to Knoxville, Tennessee for a week with JoLinda and Craig. They will stay there for a month or more while they figure out what to do with their 5th wheel. It is over weight and they are afraid to drive it to far. JoLinda leaves on Tuesday, May 31, to go home and see her Mom and be back 1 day before we head out.


Thanks for hanging with us Nomads, come on back and see what we find up there in Knoxville!!

Men in the Tree #2

Y’all have a Blessed day! Come on Back you hear!!!

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