Fur, Fur and more Fur!!

May 18, 2016

The one thing that Jo Linda asked to do when we were planning our list of things to do while we were in Birmingham was:


So Ladies and Gentlemen that is exactly what we did!! I don’t think any of us have been to a zoo in a very long time! I know the last time I went was with our grandson for a kindergarten trip! He is in college now!


Guy and I have been so very lucky to have gone to Africa on 5 different trips on photo jeep safaris, we were able to go to South Africa, Botswanna, Zimbabwe and Zambia. In Zimbabwe we stayed at the Victoria Hotel with is close to the Victoria Falls,  on the Zambezi River.


Seeing animals in cages is nothing like seeing them in their own environment. Riding  in a jeep at night quietly following a pack of lions as they stalk their prey is totally an amazing adventure.


As you quietly follow the pride of lions (for hours) thru the dark of night, as they patiently follow their prey. We do not realize where the male is, sitting in the dark in an open jeep, watching as the lions attack their prey, looking down beside you and there sits the male, not 5′ from you also watching,  you and the prey!! Yikes!

Yes, it’s the same in a lion pack, the women do all the food preparation work, stalk and kill the prey, the male follows behind and waits, he is the first to eat and they get the left overs.


Laying in a cot at night in Botswana listening as the lions roar as they are coming closer to camp,  the roar is now right up next to your head, jumping into your sweeties bed, all the while trying not to scream so we don’t have lions come crashing into the tent and our bed with us.


Having an elephant come up to the jeep, trying not to move or breath while he puts his trunk up to your face and sniffs making sure that you are not a danger to him. Breathing a sigh of relief as he finally shuffles away.


Paddling the Okavango Delta in a makoro, a type of traditional dugout canoe used in Botswana, the guide stands in the back and paddles with a thin long pole, coming upon a small lake, the roar and smell of the hippos breath as he comes at you with his mouth wide open, roaring, giving you fair warning that you are not welcome here!!


The Rhino is a very hard animal to find in the wild as there are not many left. We were lucky and did see a white rhino and her baby sauntering along.


There is nothing like it when you gaze across the desert and see a tower of graceful Giraffes galloping across, dust flying, but to far away to hear the sound of their hooves hitting the soft desert ground.


Laying on your cot in the afternoon while the baboons slide down the top of the tent,  looking upside down into the screen window and screech and screech at you.


The hoot of the owl as you sit on the deck while having dinner, the river below watching the elephants bathe, babies with moms rolling around in the water.


Monkeys swinging from the trees over your head, as you are eating breakfast waiting for you to turn away, so they can swoop down and steel the banana off the table, or any other thing they can get those little hands on.


Birds flying over head as you are about to head out in the jeep to see where and what the animals are up to from the night before.

Snakes hanging in the trees as you are driving underneath, hoping they stay there and not land on your head.

Colorful birds singing in the trees as you sat enjoying the sun, desert and just a relaxing day as the animals came by on the desert below the camp or swim in the stream.


There is nothing that can compare with animals in the wild, but we are loosing our animals due to the urban growth that we see today. There is lots of poaching of elephant and rhino tusks going on in Africa which is robbing the animals of life. Zoos are a necessity to save the animals that we do have left today.

Thanks for following along with the Nomads come on back and found out where The Rover takes us next!!



4 thoughts on “Fur, Fur and more Fur!!

  1. I am envious. To go on safari in Africa is #1 on my bucket list, has been for a very long time. I was imagining everything you described. How thrilling! After having seen them in their natural habitat, how could one ever be satisfied with seeing them in a zoo ever again?

    1. Zoos are not ideal places and sure wish we didn’t need them but they are a necessary place if we want to save the animals for all to see. I highly recommend taking a trip to Africa. I would so love to go again but we are on new adventures of the many wonderful places this country has to offer!! Not sure traveling oversees is something we want to do for awhile with all that is going on in the world.

    1. It was a wonderful experience seeing the animals in their natural environment. We were there for almost 2 months one time and got to see so much of the area. I am sad as we lost all our pictures in a flooded basement!!

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