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May 15, 2016

We are so excited as we have only 6 more treatments for Guy!! Things have gone very well, he seems to have minor side effects from the treatments. We are so very ready to hit the road from this minor blip in our travel life.

Hoover Metropoliton (The Met)

The Hoover RV Park is kicking us out!!!

The view from our walking path behind the score board

They are closing the RV park down as the SEC Championship is being held here at the Hoover Met, May 20 – 29. The Met is right here by the RV park and is fully reserved for this event. We tried to stay for the weekend as Guy has one more treatment on Monday but they said we would need to be on the waiting list. Instead we have decided to leave here on Friday May 20 and head up to Camp Alexander for the weekend and Guy will drive back and stay on Sunday night in a hotel and head back to Camp Alexander after his last treatment Monday May 23.


The rv park has been such a convince for us, we are so glad it was available for us to use. The park was started basically for the Hoover Met and the convince of the people who come to games and functions. The city has opened it for public use and it is always busy. Most people that we have talked with come here and use the RV Park, while visiting children in the area or doctor visits or just an over night stop.

The view from our coach


We have had a great experience staying here, the surrounding area is not populated which makes it pretty quiet, the Rv lot is surrounded by trees. With Jo and Craig here with us we have plenty of room between us to have our awnings out with our tables for dinning in middle or just to sit and chat.

SPA_1066 (1).jpg
Watching TV while cooking

The Hoover Met is a great venue to a host a wide variety of events, weddings, proms, birthday parties. “The Met” is a baseball stadium that has been transformed for sporting events such as football, soccer, and beach volleyball. The field can also be set-up for concerts, clinics, and more.


Our view from our front window.

Hoover Met is home to the SEC Baseball Tournament that features the top 12 teams from the Southeastern Conference and draws more than 100,000 fans each year. The Met is also the home field for the Hoover High School Buccaneer football team. The Met can seat 10,500+, and has 12 private skyboxes, with 4,000 parking spaces. The Met has hosted the SEC Championship for 17 years. For the year 2015 the attendance was 132,178.


The path we walk behind the ball field score board

The RV park will be closing for one year starting June 1 until May 1, 2017 as the Hoover City Council approved plans to build a $70 million sports complex in the RV Park and close to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. The complex will include six soccer or football fields, eight baseball and softball fields, 15 tennis courts, a walking track, playground, splash pad.

 A beautiful sunset view from the campground

The 141,000-square-foot indoor facility can be used for other events and will also be able to accommodate a football or soccer field, nine basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts or six tennis courts. The indoor facility will also seat 2,400 for banquets and 5,000 for events with general seating. The project is will be built on 120 acres near the Hoover Met. This will impact the campground as they will be removing some sites and relocating the RV park further away from the sportsplex.

Since I had complained about staying in a parking lot for a few months, I wanted to give everyone a little bit of information and some pictures on the RV Camp we were staying at. It really was a great place to stay and hang out. We did come to appreciate the parking lot when the rains came and did not have to deal with any mud. As well as the convenience of having our family close as well as stores.SPA_1060.jpg

Thanks to you all for keeping up with “The Nomads” come on back and read about some of the other adventures we experienced while hanging out here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Y’all have a very Blessed week!


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  1. Wonderful news! We hope all continues to go well with Guy. Hoover RV Park does look pretty nice for being a “parking lot.” It looks clean & well cared for, also being surrounded by trees is nice. That’s a sweet set up you have with the rigs facing each other.

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