Half Way!!

May 1, 2016

Today we got awesome news, Guy is over half way thru treatment and found out that we will have the last treatment on May 23, 2016!! Whoopee! It’s amazing how well he has done, the side effects have not kept this man down at all. At the beginning he was tired with no energy but as time has gone by he seems to have beaten the odds and gotten stronger. He is so ready to get on the road and start moving again. I had planned a week or so of rest up at Camp Alexander but that has not been his plan, he and Craig seem to have been planning what they want to do!!


When we were thinking about staying in this parking lot for a couple of months not having a clue how we would get through it and not let it get us down or figure out what we would do while sitting, along came Jo and Craig from Texas to give us moral support and just hang with us. What a wonderful, loving, caring couple they truly are. We have all had such a wonderful time, lots of laughter, long walks around the parking lot, and killer domino games, shared dinners, and just great sharing of great stories. They have had their own share of coach problems, so many that they lived in a hotel in Shipshewana, In, for 217 days waiting for a new coach to be built. They headed back to Texas to see family and doctors then headed to be with us.


The four of us met in May 2014 at an RV Dreams Rally in Sevierville, Tennessee. This rally is held by a couple who have been living in their 5th wheel and traveling this country for 11 years now. They hold rallies for newbies to the full time lifestyle, holding seminars during the day about anything pertaining to buying an RV, insurance, care and maintenance of any RV. There is, of course, lots of food, laughter, games and campfires.

There is not much action going on here at Hoover Rv Park except coaches going in and out and our boys were getting a little antsy, they can only sit so long!! Well they decided that the basements needed cleaning and getting rid of stuff they didn’t need!

Craig trying to decide what to get rid of and what to keep
Guy checking out Craigs stuff to see what he might want!!

Guy had ordered a new buffer to clean and wax the coach, yup, you guessed it, they started on both trucks, washing, polishing, and then waxing! The coaches have not been done yet, but I think there are gearing up for it!


We had gone to the storage unit and picked up my car so that Jo and I could drive around in a fun car as Jo and I had decided to head to Lake Martin to have dinner and play dominos with The Domino Divas, my girlfriends from church. The guys decided we needed a nice shinny car to go in and shined it up pretty awesome.

Every year our home church, First Methodist, has a benefit to help raise money for our Methodist Christians Men and Women in Action groups. The Men and Women’s groups use this money to help those in need in the surrounding community, the mens group builds wheel chair ramps, puts on new roofs, home maintenance for anyone in need. The Women’s group makes casseroles for the sick, fills school back packs for needy children, purchases Christmas gifts and food for need families. These are just a small sample of the help they provide the community.


The benefit is held at our friends Loring and Debi’s farm in Camp Hill, Al. The farm is over 100 acres, where they raise goats, ostrich, chickens, peacocks and donkeys. Loring also runs his business from the farm, there are numerous buildings and more being built. Two of the buildings that have built are the barn chapel and a barn reception building to hold weddings receptions or functions.

Reception Barn with quilt block

Over the door of the reception barn you notice a quilt block square, while we were in Marion, NC we noticed these throughout the area we were in, (I wrote a post about them last year). When we came home we made two of the quilt blocks, they are 4’x4′, Guy gave one to Loring and the other one is on a barn a few miles away.

Jo and Craig

When we arrived at the farm Guy took us on one of the 4 seater Kabota tractors so we could take Jo and Craig around. Craig is a retired firefighter so when he saw this fire truck we needed to stop and check it out. The city of Camp Hill gave the fire truck to Loring as a gift because of the money he had donated so that they could buy a new truck. We wanted to take it for a spin!!

Goat Barn




As everyone arrived a saxophone player was playing mood music, he has played at this function on other years. The mens group did the cooking on the bbq, chicken and steaks, while the womens group made the rest of the meal as well as the desserts. The main attraction was a group called “Three on a String”

Three on a String
Recepection Barn
Some of the Men and Women’s Christian in Action group

After the party was nearing the end there was a big fire with another guitar player singing to the last of us partiers that weren’t really ready to leave.


Thanks for coming along with “The Rover” and us Nomads!!

Come back again to see what the rest of the month brings us as we hang in this big parking lot!!


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  1. Hi, We all have you in our thought and prayers! Sandy

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  2. Love reading your blog. You are such a good writer. What a many talented lady you are. Miss and love you. Sue

  3. Sue – it makes my heart smile to hear how well Guy is doing and that he is now in the home stretch of his treatments! Also it’s wonderful to hear how you have such a great support system in Jo & Craig! They are a great couple – we had a great time traveling with them last year!
    Hope all continues to go well! Don’t be a stranger! We miss ALL of you! Huge hugs to all of you – especially the patient!

  4. Sue and Guy, Really have enjoyed reading through your blog. Great information for other full-timers. My wife and I also cruise in a 45′ and blog about it on our site. We also keep a map with pointers back to other blog entries so it makes it easier to find while we are on the road. It is of course available on our site. We have added all of your blog entries to the map with pointers back to your site. (Should generate some extra traffic for you) – if you have any issues please let me know. Great info really enjoy reading your blog

  5. So glad that Guy is doing so good, but disappointed that he is not playing his banjo with the trio!! 🙂

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