Horses, Burros and Robbers!!

Nov 14 – Dec 8, 2015

Frustration has become our word of the year!!! We thought when we made our appointment for a simple repair on the slide topper that should take 30 mins turned into almost a month!! Three times the wrong parts were sent..then our slide decided to stop working..we ended up with a roof leak..our shower head decided to leak more water out of the arm then the shower head!!! I am happy to say all was fixed except what we went there for..the wrong parts were sent wrong again..we were now on a time limit as we needed be in Bullhead City for Thanksgiving so the parts were sent to Bullhead of this day, Dec 4th, we still do not have the new slide topper!!

SPA_0309     SPA_0310

The Polaris Razor came in on time..the new top was added to the truck..with a few repairs and added overload springs..air bags..extension on the bike rack..and now waiting for a sway bar.

We were in a hurry to leave Oregon as the snow was chasing us along the way and we knew we did not want to deal with it. We debated which way to go and decided the straight highway 5 was the easiest not wanting to chance going over the mountains which is the way we wanted to go.

Our first night stop was at Blue Heron Rv Park, Hornbook, Ca which was 7 miles off the hwy the road was very narrow and lots of curves. When we finally got there we were amazed that we were the only ones camping there. We choose a pull thru since we were staying one night..but with the rain and freezing weather we decided to stay another and get the laundry done wishing we had taken a pull in so we could  face the Klamath River.

There were 2 horses that had free reign to walk around the campground as they wanted. They would not get close to us at first but eventually they let us pet them. You really needed to watch where you walked as you can guess what was on the ground!! There were also wild horses that would come into the area but we were warned that they were mean.



The RV park also had a little restaurant a short walk at the end of the park, it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We heard there was prime rib so off we went, sounded better than leftovers! Due to the weather we were the only ones there eating, it was a great dinner. The chef came out and chatted with us and a couple of guys having a beer. Love those small towns where everyone knows each other.

We were amazed how much snow there was when we left the campground it snowed all down thru Mt Shasta. We were so glad the Hwy was open, there was some ice and snow but not bad. We were driving thru the mountains with some 6% grades, not good going down with ice on the roads and 70′ long.

We went from snow into the dry desert, it was still cold and windy but at least the sun was shinning! We landed at the Colorado River which divides Bullhead City, Az and Laughlin, NV. There are numerous casinos on the NV side which really light up the night sky and is a very busy place. The parking lots are filled with tour buses bringing in the people to gamble. We have had dinner on that side of the river but so far have only put my sisters $2.00 in the slots!! I feel rich!!

Laughlin, Nv with Bullhead City

We are here at my sister Penny and her husband Rogers “River Shack” and all set up beside their garage for the next 2 months. They live and work in California but they came  here for the week of Thanksgiving to hang and play with us. Their daughter, Heidi and her 2 children came with a friend of Heidi’s came from Los Vegas. It was a nice time spending the weekend with the grandkids, Heidi’s  daughter is 7 and son, 3. We did not have the traditional meal as we didn’t want to work that hard in the kitchen, beef tenderloin, smashed taters, fresh green beans, rolls. Perfect dinner.

The beautiful view from my sisters house  and our coach.

Roger and Penny also have a razor with 4 seats, while our is a 2 seater. We can drive the razors up to the end of the street and head into the desert. I will say we started out nice and clean and pretty…well it only took 10 mins and we were completely dusty!

Taking off and putting the razor on the truck is pretty easy as Guy had an electric wench installed on the new cover at the front of the top. We knew we did not want to drive it up or off the truck!!

We left one day from the house with lunches made and water in the cooler knowing it was going to be a long ride. Thank goodness Penny has a saying ” Safety first“, we all laugh at her but it sure was a good thing we had put together a bag with things that might be needed (flashlight, first aide kit, tire plugs, air compressor, gloves, shovel, etc..)  just in case!!  As we stopped for lunch what did we see but Roger had a flat tire!! Good thing we had our “safety first bag“, a tire plug kit and a small air compressor came out and the tire was fixed. Yea, Penny!


We were headed to a very old mining town, Oatman, where the wild burros roam the streets, you can buy a bag of hay bricks to feed them, they see you with the brown bag and know you have something for them. They come up behind you and try to grab the bags, or try to eat the bag, they bump into you and chase you everywhere trying to get the bags. There is also an old time bank robbery and a shoot out in the street.

We stopped for a couple of beers and wings in a bar where everyone adds 1.00 to the walls!! It is estimated that there is over $86,000 covering the walls!!

Of course, on the way to Oatman we weren’t sure how to get there and ended up going thru a golf course and a gated community!! Not to many happy golfers!! We knew we couldn’t go that way again, but as we were trying to find our way home we found the most amazing formations in the river bed, the walls were about 150 – 200 ft tall. It was a very small entrance that we squeezed into, we went as far as we could but were turned around when we got to a very tall dry waterfall.

It was an amazing day.

We came upon these wild burros up on the hills as we were going by, they were not even scared. Wild burros roam all around the hills, you see them on the tops of the hills watching you, they even will come down and enter yards and eat the plants.

We have had a great time checking out all different trails in the desert and finding amazing areas, even checking out the numerous mining caves with left over equipment that has been left in the desert. Guy and Roger even hiked into a couple of the caves and found them amazing.

The weather here has been cold, 50’s daytime, 40’s nights, with wind everyday, 10-23 mph!! The sun has been shinning, at night it is so clear and the stars are so bright, it really is awesome sitting out at night. There is a jacuzzi/pool in the yard which has sure been used by us, you can see the all the casinos lit with the town of Laughlin behind. It’s beautiful.

Our playmates, Penny and Roger have gone back to Ca and back to work and we really do miss them. We are leaving here on Monday, Dec. 7 (leaving the coach here) and heading back to Alabama to do the yearly Doc/Dentist stuff and spend Christmas with our kids and grandkids. We will also get together with friends that we left behind and attend our church on Sunday. We are looking forward to spending time with everyone.

We will spend the New Years back here with our playmates and other family members. Leaving here and heading to Quartzite, Az for the super RV swap meet!! We are also meeting up with all our RV friends that we were with in the Outter Banks.

Thanks for keeping up with “The Nomads”, stay tuned to find out what happens next…

Remember this is the day the Lord has made be glad and rejoice in it!! Love to you all!!

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  1. Glad you made it through those adventures safely. You’ve had your share of nice and not-so-nice surprises lately!

  2. Ya’ll are having a ball.  Wish you the best and I know you deserve every days blessings.Think of you often and miss you.  I just say live each day to the fullest!!!MR and Bob From: Our Rovin Journey To: Sent: Friday, December 4, 2015 11:13 PM Subject: [New post] Horses, Burros and Robbers!! #yiv1937832234 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1937832234 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1937832234 a.yiv1937832234primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1937832234 a.yiv1937832234primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1937832234 a.yiv1937832234primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1937832234 a.yiv1937832234primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1937832234 | OUR ROVIN JOURNEY posted: “Nov 14 – Dec 8, 2015Frustration has become our word of the year!!! We thought when we made our appointment for a simple repair on the slide topper that should take 30 mins turned into almost a month!! Three times the wrong parts were sent..then our slid” | |

  3. I’m loving following Guy and Sue’s amazing adventure! I am so sorry for all of the RV issues but it’s great that you aren’t letting it get you down. Sure wish we were going to see you in Quartzite. Big love and Merry Christmas to you both. Sharon and David

  4. Great to receive your update. We have been thinking about you both and were wondering how your trip south was going.

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