Everything revolves around Repairs!!

Oct 11 – November 9, 2015

Some of the terrain going through NM

We left the wonderful balloon fiesta with Oregon on our minds! We had an appointment to have the slide topper fixed. The parts were already there waiting for us! Yea! Should be a small stop and then down the coast of Oregon!!

More awesome terrian

We decided that the 1st stop along the way would be Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. I was so excited to go to the top of the mountain and check out the cliff dwellings that I heard so much about. We stayed in the Mesa Verde Campground which was a nice stop. We only had one extra day to check out the area, we had heard about the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and thought it sounded like a great trip. As we were driving we made reservations to take the train, not checking how long it was or what time we needed to be there!!

looking at the map we think this is Beautiful Mountain, elevation 9388

When talking to the campground office we found out that it would be an hour drive to Durango and that there was construction which could make the trip to the train up to 2 hours!! Our train leaves at 8:00am, and we needed to be there about 1hour early! Yup we left at 5:30am, and just made it to the train. We did not get back until 7:00pm that night, poor LaciLou was home all that time alone!!!

SPA_0106 SPA_0242 SPA_0243

The railroad arrived in Durango on August 5, 1881 and construction on the line to Silverton began in the fall of 1881 and 9 months later the tracks to Silverton were completed. The train began hauling both freight and passengers. The line hauled silver and gold ore from The San Juan mountains. The train has been in continuous operation for 133 years.

SPA_0112 SPA_0113

SPA_0123  SPA_0176

There are two coal fired steam engines that pull historic railcars almost 3,000 ft in elevation gain, through the base of the 14,000′ Sunlight Peak mountain and Coal Bank Pass, 10,222′, while the train follows the Animas River up to Silverton there are numerous types of wildlife that can be seen, as well as  waterfalls along the way.

SPA_0160 SPA_0161

Taking pictures thru a window was not the best way but you can see in the left picture the smoke from the train.

Not sure how far down the canyon the river was but it looked a little scary, you can see my shirt on the right side!!




Silverton, Colorado was based in the valley surrounded by 10,000′ mountains. We were stopped for 1 1/2 hrs, so Guy and I decided to have lunch and walk around but there weren’t many stores open as it was a holiday.


We liked the name so in we went for a burger and fries!! Walked across the street and had fudge for dessert! Not bad!

Well, thats it for pictures, we left Mesa Verde the next day and did not get to the cliff dwellings. But that is one of the wonderful things about this lifestyle we have a home on wheels and can go there when ever we get back this way!! It’s on the bucket list for future!!

We made our way up thru that small section of Colorado, up thru Utah, and on into Idaho. We made it to the Allied Recreational Group parking lot, Coburg, Oregon, where we can stay while they work on the coach. The 1st day there we went out and of course, shared stories with the other coach owners about why we were all there.

Cale Moon

One of the young men having his coach worked on is a country singer, Cale Moon. He travels with his mom and dad around the country in their rv playing where ever he can get a gig. The parents sold everything they had, bought the rv, refitted it so they could all travel together. This young man is 21 and will be getting married next April, and yes, he and his wife will live in the rv with his folks.


It was starting to run into adult beverage time as we were all talking so Cale asked if we would like to have him play while we all partook of the beverage of our choice. He was a great singer with a very deep voice, he has written over 600 songs but also sings other songs as well. We all would choose a song and he knew all the songs.

Later in the week he was singing in another town at the Cowboy Church, Guy and I decided with a couple of other folks to go hear him again. He was selling his cds there so we now are the proud owners of 2.

Our coach was worked on during the week, but of course, our parts that came in were the wrong ones and we needed to wait for the new ones and no one knew how long this would take. We also are having some cabinets being made in Junction City, the coach came with a desk top with open space under that was wasted space, we had 2 drawers and cupboard made. It was to be installed later in the week as well.

So we opted to go to the Champoeg (pronounced Shampoee) Heritage State Park, with a couple, Jackie and Chuck, that we had met at a  campground in Sisters, Oregon on our way to Eugene. This campground was a great place to hang for the couple of weeks of waiting.

SPA_0285 SPA_0286 SPA_0287 SPA_0288

The view out of our window was wonderful every morning. There were many miles of bike riding, walking, dog parks, museums, a river for fishing. I even almost stepped on my 5th snake since we started this journey. He was sure pretty, black with what looked like beige checks on the bottom and on top a bright green!! He was about 2′ long and 2 pencils thick. I watched him for a long time as he had his head up watching me!!

Guy had a project while we were there, he has purchased a Polaris Razor! It is on order and will be here sometime the week of Nov 9th.

The new steel top! It took a week to figure it out and the company from Canada sent wrong parts!
Guy and Chuck reading the directions!

It will ride on the top of our truck bed, and as you know one thing leads into another, the truck top we had on would not hold the weight of the razor, also the razor is longer than the truck bed, so off to find a steel top in Eugene, which he installed at the campground in the rain while we were there. Also the weight of the razor meant we needed new leaf springs, and of course because the razor is longer than the truck bed  now the bike rack does not work, off to find extensions for it the bike rack!!


This young man, Shaun, was camping for the weekend with his folks and walked over to talk about his truck to Guy, yup, he got roped into working all weekend with Guy and in the rain.  He loved it as Guy gave him the top we took off the truck so he could install on his truck.

Almost finished

I will post the final picture on my next blog when everything is done. The repair facility called told us to come on back as parts were in and ready to be installed, little did they know that we had another new list of things to be done!!! It was all done in two days but the painting and hopefully that will be done the beginning of this week Nov 9.



We are not sure which way we will head from here, it all goes according to the weather, but we would like to be in Bullhead City, AZ so we can stay at my sister, Penny’s river shack for Thanksgiving. Also would like to go to the Dunes on the coast of Oregon and ride on the sand with the new razor!! So many things to do and not enough time!!

Thanks for riding along with us, stay tuned for the pictures of Guy’s new toy!!

Y’all have a Blessed Day, and remember; This is the day the Lord has made be happy and rejoice!

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