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August 25, 2015

Every year we take a vacation with my sister, Penny and her husband, Roger somewhere fun, Cabo San Lucas, Dominican Republic, Alaska. This year we are headed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, we then head off to Chetumal, Mexico to a lodge in the jungle, and then we will end up in Cancun, Mexico!! We will be climbing the pyramids, kayaking with the gators, biking thru the forest, snorkeling in the caves.

It has been a challenge trying to figure out the logistics getting to this lodge, there are no planes, private taxis are $700.00, not sure about the bus. We weren’t sure if we wanted to drive since it is a 5 hour trip, and of course there is the safety issue. We finally decided on a rental car, the lodge would not pick us up at the correct time that the would bus drop us off (at the private airport) we all decided we didn’t want to wait the 2-4 hours.

This will be our last blog for a few weeks, I have been trying to catch up before we left but the time has slipped away pretty fast. We are leaving a few days early from Blue Ridge, Georgia and head to our daughters in Alabama so we can take care of our 6 year old grandson who is having some ear, nose and throat surgery. Our daughter and her husband will be moving into their new house at the same time. Talk about timing.

August 5-7, 2015

Good friends of ours, Donna and Bill live 3 houses up from our house at Lake Martin, Alabama, they share their home with Donna’s brother, Calvin and her mom, Ruby (Granny). The day they moved in was the start of a great friendship between all of us and just because we are now mobile does not change that. They have been so instrumental in helping us achieve where we are today. Bill and Donna were always ready to be there for Guy or I  helping with anything we needed, working on Guy’s Triumph, checking the house for broken pipes, receiving mail and packages while we were gone, Granny would drive Calvin down so he could feed the catfish, listening to us talk non- stop about our plans. That is just the short list, and we are forever grateful.


I love it that they will pick up and drive where we are so we can still hang together. Last year we all went to Hawaii together, laughing the whole time. They came down to Gulf Shores, Alabama while we were there, where we rode bikes, found wonderful restaurants and just had a great time being together.  When they heard we would be in Indiana about 4 hours from Ohio, they made plans to head to Ohio, where they lived previsiousy and where their daughter, Ali, her husband Paul and 2 granddaughters, Mia and Mikaela live.

Kelleys Island, Lake Erie

They have wanted to show us places in Ohio that were memorable to them and share where they spent their time. We all only had 3 1/2 days so the pressure was on to see as much as possible, they decided that Put-In-Bay, on South Bass Island and Kellys Island, Lake Erie were where they thought would be a great place to start. So, of course, plans were made so the 4 of us could check it out.



SPA_7360 SPA_7361

The only way to get to either island was ferry, and once there golf carts are the order of the day!!

SPA_7266 SPA_7267Random Island pictures



SPA_7221 SPA_7222The Village of Put in Bay is a vacation destination to over 750,000 visitors each summer it is one of Lake Erie’s most popular areas. You can explore Crystal Cave or the island’s underground river in Perry’s cave. There is also a winery, butterfly house, chocolate museum, wildlife museum, as well as water sports and golf course. The town has lots of restaurants, taverns, live music and boutiques.

Kelly’s Island is about four miles north of Marblehead or 12 miles from Sandusky on the mainland. The island measures about 4 square miles, with 17 miles of shoreline and a 600 are state park. It is the largest American island in Lake Erie, the Canadian border is only a few miles north.

SPA_7239 SPA_7240


SPA_7241 SPA_7242

Glacial Grooves

The Glacial Groove Memorial on Kelly’s Island is the largest and most spectacular example of glacial grooves left in the world. The grooves are a 400′ by 35′ wide gash of glacial grooves into native limestone bedrock and are estimated to have happened 30,000 years ago by the Wisconsinian Glacier. The groove area is fenced with a walkway along the sides, a bridge that crosses at the top with which to view both sides. When the grooves were discovered the topsoil needed to be dug out with shovels, picks and brooms to reveal the grooves.

Marblehead Lighthouse

Built in 1821, the Marblehead Lighthouse is still standing as the oldest lighthouse in continuous use on all of the Great Lakes. The lighthouse was built in 1819, for $5,000. The 50′ tower is built of native limestone. The base of the tower is 25′ in diameter, the walls are 5′ think, it narrows to 12′ at the top with 2′ thick walls. Through the years there were 15 lighthouse keepers, 2 who were women. The U.S. Coast Guard operates and maintains the lighthouse beacon.

SPA_7300 SPA_7301


The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie that took place in one of the most significant naval battles in the War of 1812. The memorial celebrates the lasting peace between Britain, Canada and the US to show the lessons of international peace by arbitration and disarmament.

The monument is 353 feet, built from 1912 to 1915. It is among one of the tallest monuments in the US.  Beneath the floor of the memorial lie the remains of three American officers and three British officers.

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument
Taken from the top of the monument
taken from the top of the monument


view from top



It is $3.00 per person to take the elevator to the top of the monument. That high up and you can see the skyline of Canada.

Love the red barns


SPA_7382 SPA_7383

I just loved this house on the lake, the garden and yard was so beautiful with so many flowers everywhere.


Of course, no day is complete without a stop for Bloody Marys, Bill said that Joe’s bar is the place for the best.  I did not take a picture of the drinks, which is to bad as they were so pretty and by the time I thought to take one they were gone, I actually gave mine to Guy as they were to strong for me.







Before we got on the ferry to go back to the mainland Bill and Donna decided we needed some Strawberry shots at the Bag the Moon!! Yummy!! I wanted a few more they were so good.




Strawberry shots!! Yummy


Donna and I found this great chair and needed a rest!!

Just thought I would show you what we saw as we were on the ferry getting ready to head out. They are black snakes, they are in the water around the island and love to lay on the rocks in the sun. We actually saw two come swimming by!! Not sure I will ever swim in that lake!!

Is he looking at me?

After we arrived back on the mainland we decided we needed to have a great dinner, Bill and Donna made reservations at MonAmi which is a winery as well as a restaurant. The wait was going to be quite long, they suggested we sit at the bar, Donna and I walked outside and noticed a wonderful wooden swing with table where we decided was better than inside. It was a wonderful place to have some wine and relax.




SPA_7313 SPA_7314



SPA_7317 SPA_7318

SPA_7319 SPA_7320

Our last night together we took a boat ride around the harbor  so we could see the mainland. We sat outside on the top where there was music, had some beers and pizza.

I only took pictures of the wonderful sunset and will end this rather long blog with those.



I hope you have enjoyed our trip to Lake Erie enough that you might want to take your own trip to this awesome area. We all had a wonderful time together and are so glad that Bill and Donna took time to show us their favorite place.

We headed down to Indianapolis, Indiana after leaving Ohio to meet up with Carolyn and Gary that have been traveling all summer throughout the midwest.

Y’all come on back and check out what the  “The Rovers”  are and what we are up to in Indianapolis !!

Have a Blessed Day. Hugs and Kisses to y’all!



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