August 4, 2015

We finally arrive on Sunday afternoon August 2nd at the Allied Recreational Group repair facility. It had been a whirlwind three days and looking forward to the two weeks ahead. The service guys came and took the coach at 6:00am Monday morning to start the work on our list. It turned out to be a long day. We decided then that we would leave the coach with them and just go do something fun while they worked on it….good move on our part.




We had met a great couple, Neil, Nancy and Tatum (their sweet dog) at the RV Dreams Friends Rally in Marion, NC back a few months ago. We had been keeping in touch along the way thru Facebook and some emails. They were taking their 5th wheel in for some work as well and would be about 2 hours away from us, we decided that we would both drive 1 hr and meet to have lunch.



After checking the internet on what there was to do and eat in Auburn, Indiana we decided to meet at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum, the cost was $12.50 per person. The museum was established July 6, 1974.


There are over 120 automobiles and artifacts housed here. The museum has seven galleries, with 6 different collections, Auburns, Cords, Duesenbergs (1925-1937), other Auburn Automobile Companies, Full Classics.




The Auburn Cord Duesenberg factory hand-assembled their cars rather than mass-produce them, they were produced from the 1900’s until 1936. The company was started in 1874 by Charles Elkhart, after his death it was taken over by his sons, Frank and Morris. It was moderately successful but due to shortages in World War 1  the plant was forced to close. A group of investors from Chicago bought the company but eventually sold it to Errett Lobban Cord in 1925. Cords vehicles were too expensive for the depression era market so he was forced to give up control of his car company. In 1937 production of Auburns, Cord and Duesenbergs ended.

my favorite car

We could have spent a lot more time in this museum it was such an interesting place and we loved all the cars. But they had a rule and it was no dogs were allowed. Nancy had her dog Tatum who is not small enough to put in a purse to carry so she decided to take Tatum outside and sit in the truck. I had taken LaciLou but her 4lbs fits in a purse so she was with me inside. But we all felt bad knowing we were supposed to be hanging together.

We decided not to eat at a restaurant but go to Kroger and get some cheese, crackers, fruit and cookies. The dogs could then stay with us and play in the park. We all decided that we liked that better as we could all talk an enjoy each others company. The sad part is none of us thought to take any pictures!! Darn! Atleast a picture of the dogs would have been good!!IMG_0754 IMG_0755 SPA_7225



I love looking at all the farms and fields as we travel thru Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.  It truly amazes me the difference in the farms and crops and how fields are planted everywhere there is a spare spot. And every once in a while there are some cows thrown in.

Well I Thank y’all for following “The Rovers” keep checking in as to see what else we find out there in this wonderful country of ours. Y’all have a “Blessed Day”