Another Awesome Waterfall

July 30, 2015

The warranty on our coach will be up in September, so for the last 6 months we had been keeping a list of things we wanted done on the coach as well as things that needed to be done!! We  made an appointment to get the work done at the factory in Decatur, Indiana way back in April when we had gone to Lazy Days in Florida and they did not want to work with us on our list.  Anyone that needs work done on their rigs, I highly suggest going back to the factory, they know what they are doing. Here at Allied Recreational Group they have found things on the coach that need work and fixed them for us. The work being done is quality work, everyone is very helpful and friendly.

looking down from the top rv site, #1site to the left and #2 of right behind the tractor

The work was still happening at the rv sites in Blue Ridge but our appointment was getting close,  so we decided to take a few days extra on the way to Indiana and see a couple of places we had heard about. Of course, I always like to head somewhere there is water!.

Laurel River Lake, Winchester, Kentucky
Holly Bay Marina, stores over 600 boats.

Our first stop was the Daniel Boone National Forest, Winchester, Kentucky. The name changed from the Cumberland National Forest to The Daniel Boone National forest in 1966 due to the actions of numerous groups and the history of Daniel Boone’s influence in the area and his association with the Indians in the surrounding area. Daniel Boone was adopted into the Shawnee tribe as the son of the great war chief Blackfish, he was given the name Sheltowee (meaning Big Turtle). Daniel Boone and his wife lived in Kentucky and bought 640 acres of land in 1759. He loved hiking in the mountains between Kentucky and Tennessee.

swimming beach buy the dam, music playing, hamburger trailer at far end.
view from the dam
dam view!!
looking from parking lot down the dam side

There are 635,000 acres in the Appalachian foothills and encompasses 21 counties. There are over 600 miles of trails and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams. The Laurel River Lake and Cave Run Lake both run through the forest.

The water was so clear and warm.

The Red River Gorge area has natural stone arches, unusual rock formations and 3,400 miles of sandstone cliffs within the forest. The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail is 269 miles for the use of horseback riders, and other trail users, the trail extends the entire length of the Daniel Boone National forest.

The street we were on there were only 4 sites.

We camped at the Holly Bay Campground, the sites were very large and very well spaced, lots of trees, electric/water, no dump.  We checked out the other campground in the area but found the sites to be closer together and smaller sites.

There were hiking trails all around the lake and marinas, not strenuous, some were short, 1-2 miles up to 17 miles. We did find signs that talked about bears in the area and about keeping food locked up. As we hiked I talked pretty loud just in case!!

our little side yard
The Rover on our nice large site with great trees

We stayed two days, took hikes around the lake and thru the campground and then drove down to the Cumberland Falls State Park. Cumberland Falls is sometimes called the Little Niagara Falls of the South.

Cumberland National Park and waterfall



The falls are 68 feet high and 125 feet wide, the average flow is 3,600 feet per second.

It was amazing all the rock formations all along the river.



When there is a full moon a moonbrow or lunar rainbow is formed by the mist coming up from the falls. The arch of white light from the monobrow starts at the base of the falls and continues on downstream. I thought about coming back at night to watch it but Guy was having none of it.

It had been raining for a few days so as you can see the water was very muddy.
you can just about see the raft getting closer to the falls


Some of the pictures were taken from a wooden platform built out on the side of the mountain to help get a good look at the waterfalls. While we were admiring the view a raft with people came up and go right next to the waterfall.

There were more trails to hike down to the waters edge but it was a hot day, I was carrying LaciLou and so we both decided that ice cream sounded so much better.

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