Amicalola Falls and 600 steps

July  27, 2015

We have been in Blue Ridge, Ga now for 2 months and starting to get itchy feet, we were feeling the need to start traveling. But..the two new rv sites were not done and we felt we needed to stay and watch the digging and moving of dirt.  One day we headed to the Chattahoochee National Forest to do some hiking and check out the Amicalola Falls State Park and waterfall. The hike started at a small pond and up beside the stream, it was straight  up hill to the waterfall. Once you get closer there are over 600 steps to climb to the top. There were people sitting at the bottom of the stairs deciding whether to go or not!! We didn’t have any doubts we were heading up.

The start of the first 175 steps to first half.


The bridge is the top of the 1st 175 steps there were many more to go.


View from the top!
We made it to the top
It wasn’t a very clear day, still could see for miles


We decided not to go back down the steps but to hike down the trail, we met lots of kids and parents that would ask how much further, not wanting them to get discouraged we would answer just around the next bend or two!! It was a hot day and you could tell they were tired!



At the bottom of the falls was a little pond where kids were fishing and some were trying to catch tadpoles. Loved all the flowers around the pond, also lots of benches to sit and look to the top of the waterfall. It was a very peaceful place ever tho there were lots of people walking around.


Once we hiked back down food was what was in order, we found out that back at the top was a lodge that had a great restaurant overlooking the valley! We were not hiking back up and decided driving was in order. It was a buffet which we thought was pretty expensive at !9.95 each! The view was wonderful!

We checked out the nature center before we drove to the top and here is what some of the exhibits looked like…




There were red lights in the cages, (I wrote down the names of each snake but lost it) none of them were poisonous, the Rangers have an information talk outside for anyone who wants to listen, they use the snakes and other animals to explain why each are all important to the environment and the parts they all play.

Right out the restaurant window were these vultures..what were they waiting for?

Our time at Blue Ridge is coming to a close and we will be moving on, so stay tuned to “The Nomads” to see what where our travels take us!!

Hope you all have a “Blessed Day”!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your adventure from about two months back. Your photos are great and you’re a good writer. My husband and I are in the waiting game of selling our house. As you said, it’s in God’s timing, but for a person whose idol is “Control” that’s a hard truth to deal with. As soon as we sell, we’ll buy our coach and hit the road. Hopefully our paths will cross. Till then…

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