Moving Fast!!

June 12 – June 26, 2015

Wow, so much has happened in the last 2 weeks since I last wrote about the Rovers. We left Blue Ridge on Friday, June 12,  and headed to our sons’ house in Pell City, Alabama for my birthday celebration on Saturday. Our son, Stephen and his wife Dani, our daughter, Kristi and her husband Jason were having  a birthday party for me.

Stephen and Dani have lots of room in their yard to park the coach as well as their own, our daughter and her family were going to stay the night in our sons 5th wheel while Guy and I camped in ours.

The Rover sitting in our sons field, blueberry bushes with ripe blueberries everytime we went outside!!
The 5th wheel and gardens

IMG_0560 SPA_6092



SPA_6093 SPA_6061





Pictures from Dani and Stephens property!

We also needed to head home as we had someone interested in buying our home at the lake in Stillwaters, Alabama they wanted to meet with us about buying some of our furniture with the house. Sounded great to us but of course we were a little apprehensive about what was going to happen. We did not want to get our hopes up as anything can and will happen.

The party was a great success, balloons, and streamers with twinkle lights in the tree! There was even a big balloon fight that lasted most of the day!!






Poppie and our Son Stephen
Jason, Dani, Kristi, Ryan and Poppie
The birthday dinner

The grandsons had a great time with the four wheelers out in the back field.

Our oldest grandson, Stephen
Our son Stephen and Craig



Ryan and Craig

All the oldest grandkids have hammocks, called Enos that hang from trees for them to sleep in, so they hung from the trees down the driveway and spent the night under the stars!!

Emma has the blue one, Ryan is red, and Stephen in the grey.

Saturday, Guy and I started packing for home, leaving the coach at our sons while we made decisions on what to do back at the house. Just as we were ready to leave we noticed the truck tire was flat!! Frustration set in as we knew we needed to be home to meet the potential buyers and put blue painters tape on the furniture we want to keep. It took a few hours to get the tire fixed and then a 2 hour ride home all the while realizing that the potential buyers were still looking at other homes until we got there.







Even tho we knew we really wanted to sell this big house and start our new life of traveling the US and Canada in a 400 sq ft motorcoach, it was with a heavy heart that I sat on our dock looking at the lake and thinking about all the wonderful times we had spent there with our family and many friends over the 20 years. We hope we made a positive impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren with out short time we all spent here.

We had been worried for so long on how all this moving would take place, we were in such a quandary about what to do, store the furniture or not! What about all Guys wood working tools, do we keep Guys little Triumph Spitfire or sell, do we keep the 2 acres we had and thought we would possibly build on someday or sell!! So many decisions but few answers. We knew 5,000 sq ft house full of furniture, a 5 car garage and Guys work shop would be a lot of stuff to store!!

Well, God is good and has a handle on everything!! It is all in his timing and we just have to be patient, very hard to do with 2 impatient people. We knew he had the perfect couple for our home and we just needed to wait for them to get there. It all fell into place when it was supposed to! Everything got sold, given away, or is in storage!! All this took place in a 2 week time frame!! We are now free to move about this country as we wish.

The potential buyers loved our home so much they just wanted to walk in the door and see the house the same way as when they walked in and decided to buy it. all, from The day they sign papers they wanted to sit on the back deck and just admire the view.

The potential buyers looked at everything, took off some of our blue tape on furniture that they wanted and made an offer that we could not refuse. They bought it all sheets, blankets, towels, dishes and pots and pans and all the furniture!! We went for it and signed the papers, but as the night wore on we looked at the furniture we were keeping and decided there was no need to store it and that maybe if the new buyers wanted it and were willing to give us more money for it then it was theirs. Well, they decided they needed to come look again, that thru us off and we kept thinking all day that they would not accept! Wrong, they actually were so happy that they wanted to change the date of closing from July 6 to June 26!! That was one week away!!!!

We didn’t know if we could pull it off but with the help of some of our wonderful friends, Bill and Donna, that spent the week moving stuff to storage and packing, we couldn’t have done it without them!! Our daughter, Kristi also came down and spent the day ordering around the 5 young college guys that also came to move stuff and lo and behold we got it all packed and moved buy Thursday!!

Thursday night our last night at the house, we decided to head to dinner in Auburn, there was a large storm with lots of wind, rain, thunder and lightening! As we were on our way we got a call from our neighbor, Buck who informed us that one of our trees had toppled over in the storm! He could not get out of his driveway! We called the local tree service, Floyds Tree Service, who came out the next morning and got it off the driveway, but could not remove the whole tree until the next day!! We just wanted it to be gone before the new owners got there on Friday. We still don’t really know if any of it was left when they arrived or not.

We left the lake with a bang!!

We are now in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia with 2 of our grandkids for the week. All the rest of the kids and grandkids will be here on Thursday night for the week of July 4th.

Finding things to do with a 6 year old and 11 year old is challenging especially when its been raining everyday!! We have had campfires, roasted marshmallows, played games, gone hiking, chopped and moved wood, fishing, swimming at  Blue Ridge Lake, had ice cream, walked the 300′ bridge that swings over the Taccoa River, went kayaking down the Taccoa River for 3 hours, Poppie and Craig made a road and jumps for his rc car.  All this between the rain that doesn’t want to go away!

SPA_6351 SPA_6352


The little pond in our community in Blue Ridge, which is catch and release!

SPA_6358 SPA_6361

Fishing for something!

SPA_6346 SPA_6357

Poppy putting on the worm and helping with casting!

SPA_6424 SPA_6425

Walking the swinging bridge over the Taccoa River!

SPA_6395 SPA_6396

SPA_6397 SPA_6398

The stream that leads into the Taccoa river! Ice cold water!!



SPA_6431 SPA_6444

 Blue Ridge Lake!


Ice Cream, Yum!!!

While we were in Alabama we had about 9 or 10 dead trees cut down here at the property, which of course leaves wood that needs to be split so it can dry and be a great campfire!!

SPA_6373 SPA_6374

He loves this work!! Now to get someone to stack it!! We think the crew comes in next week to start the new rv lots and if so then there will be many more trees to split!!

Nonna and Mallori start the race against the boys!!
Taccoa River
Poppie and Craig

DSC03630 DSC03631


The kayaking started off pretty serious, the water was cold, so no one wanted to get wet! We didn’t know what to expect, they were going to let the water out of the dam at 2:00pm an hour after we left, not sure if it was going to be rough. There were a few little rapids to go over and of course Mallori and I got stuck every time! Either she or I would have to get out and move us off the rocks! While Poppie and Craig laughed and waved at us!! Well, of course this did start a war, and by the time we were done everyone was soaked and a good time was had by all.

We also closed escrow on both of the properties here in Blue Ridge, Ga last Friday. So while we sold everything in Alabama, we now were the proud owners of about 4 acres in Ga. We had gotten some plans to build a house here on the property but after returning we have decided that we will wait until we are done with the traveling and leave this just for camping.

Thanks for keeping up with “The Nomads” y’all have a Blessed Day and stay tuned to what happens next here at the new “Camp Alexander”

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  1. What a blast it looks like everyone had! Yikes on the tree, but how exciting to have the old place gone. On to new exciting things and new memories!

    1. It has been a great whirlwind of a few weeks but we wouldn’t have it another way. So glad that it is all working out and so relieved that the house is finally gone. We are looking forward to all the new adventures and memories!!

  2. Ya’ll amaze me. Never a dull day and nothing follows plans. That God for your blessing! Blue Ridge is out favorite place in the mountains. I thought you had very good taste. After picking Blue Ridge I know your taste is VERY excellent! Bob & MR

  3. Very happy that it all worked out for everyone! Love the pics, and looking dorward to seeing you guys this winter!

    1. Hi Adam! What’s so amazing is how Guy is loving the change from 24/7 Seagate to 24/7 doing what he wants!! I really was worried that down time would be hard but he finds lots to keep him going!!

  4. Wonderful blog! Enjoyed reading every word! Our son, Scott and his wife Sara and Olivia Grace ( 9 months old now ) are coming this evening for their first camp out with the baby! Raining now…but expected to stop early afternoon. Not sure where we are going to find room for a pack n’ play, high chairs etc. but I can’t wait! Neil and I would love to spend more time with you and Guy? Neil also did wood working in our garage! Enjoy your July 4th…and your family today!

    1. Nancy, how fun having the baby with you!! It all will work out! Glad to have you keeping up with us!! Hope we can meet up again one of these days!! We are heading to New Mexico in Sept. Where you heading for winter?

  5. Love all the pics. Happy belated birthday too. We are so happy everything worked out & fell into place. We can’t wait to meet up with you sometime.
    Ps the 5th wheel looks fantastic all set up.

  6. So happy that all your patience about selling the house has finally paid off and all went so smoothly for you!
    And – now you have the new property and free travel to enjoy! It’s all exciting stuff for sure!
    Hugs to you and Guy!

  7. Well, it took me a while to find you after you left the comment on our blog. We know Ellen and Mario and are familiar with the area where you bought. We love the area and I know you will too. We’re stuck in Tampa for now but still hopeful to make it up there before too much longer. We’ll have to get together.

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