Blue Ridge, Georgia

June 1 – June 12, 2015

It was an exciting and sad day leaving all our friends in Marion, NC and not knowing when we would all meet up again. But Guy and I were headed to Blue Ridge, Ga where another Rv friend, Ellen and Mario own an Rv lot that they rent out. We did not want to go far from the house in Alabama just on the off chance that it would sell and we would need to go home to pack up the things we wanted to save and store and donate the rest.

Ridgebrook of Blue Ridge

Ellen had been posting on Facebook that her property was for rent or for sale, so we jumped at the chance to rent for the summer and check out the area. The property is in a gated community with 30 cabins and 11  RV lots. It is about 10 miles from town, you even have to take your trash to the local trash company where they weigh it, the last bag was 28cents.  So far it has been great! We were hoping we would see some wildlife but so far just flies and bees!!

Circular driveway, down the left side will be two more RV sites.
The main Rv lot
The driveway is on the left, there are only 2 lots above.

Needless to say we fell in love with the whole area…as well as Ellen’s lot and the two that surround it!  …we talked with Ellen and presented an offer, they accepted so we bought her lot….we had a meeting with the developer and builder to see what our options were…and to talk about buying one of the lots next door…we decided that for our Plan B…exit off the road… that we would love to live here. We had another meeting with Glen, the developer, the builder, cement men and the grader men to see if what we wanted to do could be done…and yes it could…so we bought the 2nd lot as well. We are waiting to hear about the 3rd lot from the owners.

We decided to have 2 more Rv pads put in  on the 2nd piece of property with full hook ups, so that our kids, or friends that are traveling through the area and want to see Blue Ridge can have a place to stay.  We are having a rock wall, rock fireplace and covered octagon patio built. There is also plenty of room left to build us a nice little 2 bedroom cabin when we decide to settle down.

The view the opposite way
The Blue Ridge Mountains

The little town of Blue Ridge has wonderful shops along the main street, with lots of cute restaurants. The area has lots to offer, the Nantahala River is close for white water rafting, the river, Taccoa, that is below the Blue Ridge Lake is great for kayaking and taking a nice inner tube trip.When they are not letting out water the river is filled with fisher men. I did put my toe in the water and decided it needed to warm up a little for me!

SPA_5840 SPA_5841

SPA_5843 SPA_5844

The Blue Ridge Lake is pretty rural and can only be accessed by one marina, there are some houses, but it is surrounded by the Chatahoochee National Forest and is pretty protected.

While we were riding around we noticed some military tractors and tanks in a bit muddy field and wondered what was happening. Of course we are so noisy that we had to stop and see what was up. There was a family there taking pictures of a tank crushing a car in the muddy field!

SPA_5849 SPA_5850 SPA_5860 SPA_5861

We checked on the price thinking it would be fun for our grand boys to drive the tank and smash a car or truck. Well I don’t think that will happen anytime soon….$450.00 to smash a car or truck and $75 just for 20 mins to sit on the tank while someone else drives.

When Cori and Greg left Marion they stayed at a COE campground on Lake Lanier, Ga which was only 2 hrs from us. We all decided to meet in Dahlonega, Ga for their first Friday concert in the park. Guy and I decided to take the road over the mountain thru the Chatahoochee National Forest, it was a beautiful drive, very windy, and hilly.

Top of the mountain looking down towards Atlanta, Ga
LacyLou feeling very cozy in her carry bag


We all thought we would walk the streets and check out the stores before the concert but we ended up having some snacks and drinks at the Irish Pub and just enjoyed each others company. The Womens club of Dahlonega was selling bbq so we all sat at the park eating bbq and listening to the worst music every!! We waited until the second band came on hoping things would change as this band had played on America’s got Talent. But the sound system was so bad that we decided to go walk the town. We didn’t get far as the first store we found had just what we needed!!

SPA_5978   SPA_5981

Later in the week Cori and Greg came up to Blue Ridge and hung out with us in town where we had a great lunch or burgers and fries. Later we went back to the property so they could see, we just sat and talked and relaxed. I did not take any pictures, I don’t know what I was thinking!!

SPA_5906 SPA_5936

To find what there is to do in all the towns we go to we get on the computer and ask for the top ten..well there happened to be two bluegrass groups playing Thursday night at the same park. They have been playing at this park since 2002, some of the people in the group that we watched were in their middle 80’s. Any one is welcome to sing or play an instrument, they all take turns up at the microphone. It was so much fun listening that we went back again and took our neighbors, Bob and Jo with us.




Of course Guy liked the banjo the most and I will say that the banjo did sound great and really gave the music a different sound. I think someday we will find Mr. Guy up there as well.

Guy has doctors appointments in Alabama the week of June 15th so we needed to head back towards that way. It was going to be my birthday weekend and our kids wanted to all get together and camp at our sons and celebrate. Next time I will give you the run down of all the fun we had.

Thanks for keeping up with “The Rovers” stay tuned and find out about our next really, really, BIG news!!

Y’all come back ya hear, and to all of you have a “Blessed” day.

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    1. Hi Robin, WE most definetly are!! This new life is wonderful. We came home for some docs apps took one look at the house and wanted to turn around and leave. All we could see was work!! You would be amazed if you could see how your brother has changed, calmer, less stressed, laughs so much more!! Its a joy to watch him interacting with people and having normal conversations!!

    1. Debbie we love being in the mountains of North Ga. The property is so very secluded but we have neighbors not to far away. The air is much fresher and a little cooler.

  1. So glad that You guys fell in love with Blue Ridge….its kinda like it was meant to be (staying in the family💝) Cant wait to see you guys on the road!

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