A Dream of a First Time Reunion!!

May 22 – 31, 2015

We arrived on May 22, from Wilksboro, we like this type of day as the travel time turned out to be only 3 hours! We were not only going to meet with other RV Dream attendees but also the friends we had left in the OBX, we were all looking forward to another week together. Howard and Linda had so much planned we were not sure how we were going to do it all!! The reunion did not start officially until Saturday but Guy and I arrived early as we wanted to get our coach and truck weighed, we needed to know how much more weight we could add to the coach or if it was already up to capacity and if all 8 tires had equal weight on each one. Yea, we are under weight and can add lots more stuff!!

IMG_0214 IMG_0215

There were 5 rigs from our group that arrived on Friday, Saturday 3 more arrived. One couple, David and Sharon, we hadn’t seen since March of 2014 and were very excited to see them. They had sold their bed and breakfast, Butterfly Hollow, in Tennessee and were new on the road like the rest of us. They had traded in their pull behind trailer for a 5th wheel, of course we were all wanting a tour. It was beautiful!!

David and Sharon

Howard and Linda had an agenda for the week with everything timed and planned to the tee. All you had to do was show up at the right time. Some of the activities were, yard games, paddling, hiking, sight-seeing, golf, white water rafting trips, The Biltmore House in Asheville, zip lining as well. There were winery tours, foodie tours and a Pub Crawl. There were dinners and some breakfasts all catered by Countryside.

SPA_5252 SPA_5253

Every night there was a campfire, there were 60 different types of rigs, with 120 people attending the rally so the circle around the fire was quite large but it was fun talking and getting to know others who had attended other rallies with RV Dreams. Our group would break away from the large campfire group and have our own fire. The sharing around our fire was priceless, the questions were about what we liked best about our new lifestyle and then what did we not like. It at times got out of hand, the laughter was addicting.


SPA_5290 SPA_5291


Lake James

One day Guy and I decided to take a drive to check out the lake that was near by, Lake James. It was a pretty little lake, it was hard to see as the road does not get to close, but we found a little housing community that we decided to drive thru, which was wonderful, some of the above pictures were taken there.  The pictures also show the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There were a few nights that the large group did not get together for dinner, so our group would plan a spurr of the moment dinner. LOL! Most nights was grilling out which took 4 grills to get everything done. One evening, Bill, our bartender, made strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas, they were marvelous. By the end of the evening we had our DJ, Tracy, playing music while the rest of us danced the night away. Then Bill got a message on his phone that a storm was headed our way..sure ended the night fast, and did it rain, thunder and lightening.

Storm heading our way, button up the hatches

As Guy and I were on my quilt block picture taking adventure we went thru Marion, and then to the town of Old Fort, we found more blocks on the walls, as well the Mountain Gateway Museum, it was a beautiful setting with a stream running behind (all Guy could think about was fishing). We took a tour of the museum and watched a movie about the area, and the building of the train and hotel. The hotel was located around a geyser that had been built in 1912 by George Fisher Baker for his friend and his friends service in helping build NC. The geyser is still there today but the hotel was burned to the ground and never rebuilt.

Andrews Geyser

SPA_5420 SPA_5421


Catawba River


Guy and I did not sign up for one of the lunch and winery tours but decided to check out South Creek Winery as they were having a wine tasting and music. The music was not going to start for another hour, she was setting up, and we talked her into starting early. That meant back in the winery and buy bottles of wine, cheese and crackers and sit on their deck overlooking the vineyard and enjoying the afternoon. Some of our friends that had gone to the other winery for lunch decided to come over with us which made for a great day.

SPA_5337 SPA_5338

South Creek Winery

SPA_5374 SPA_5386


Guy and I also went for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was a beautiful day for it. There were lots of clouds as well as blue skies and sunshine. What we did forget to look at was the gas gauge!! It was not a long trip only 35 miles or so, but with all the windy and curvy roads, it took longer and we did not find any gas stations. We were sweating it but finally made it to the town of Pisgah. Cute little town, not a lot there, but a gas station and bbq restaurant, christmas tree farm and a Methodist church. But so glad we found the gas station, we did not want to call our friends to come get us!!

Views from the Blue Ridge Highway

SPA_5625 SPA_5626

Even LaciLou enjoyed the views!!

SPA_5619 SPA_5620 SPA_5621


Sweet Methodist Church (I loved the setting go this church) Wish I could go take another picture at a different angle

Bill (lime green shirt) and his wife Nancy put out a sign up sheet for those who wanted to go hiking up to Linville Falls. There was a group of us that really wanted to go, it was posted be ready by 8:00am or we leave without you!! Linda had a saying “it’s like herding Cats” and yes thats how it did seem all day. It actually became the saying of the day.



The hike was an easy hike for most of us, and very enjoyable. The weather was wonderful and great for hiking, it was a pretty area with lots of trees, flowers, water and lots of cameras.

SPA_5701 SPA_5702


SPA_5707 SPA_5718


We made it to the top
All the hikers!!

One of the activities that Guy and I signed up for was the Pub Crawl. I don’t drink beer, I really didn’t care as water would have been fine. But the women hosting the event heard that there were 3 ladies that didn’t drink beer and had wine for us to taste. We went to the town of Black Mountian about 40 mins from Marion.

Jasmine/vodka tea, toasted ham and cheese

We started at the Monte Vista Hotel, where they served a homemade jasmine, vodka tea, as well as a toasted cheese and ham sandwich, the cheese was grilled on the outside of the bread, it was quite good as well. We then walked to the Merry Wine Market, where we did a wine and beer tasting.

Merry Wine Market

At all the locations we went to we tasted beer and wine, some of the restaurants would serve a small sampling from their menu of what they serve. We were served three different types of wings, pizza and brochette, small sandwiches and chips.




At the Lookout Brewing Company, they brought out 3-4 different beers, I did taste them but they were pretty hoppy!! Most of the guys liked the beer and were very happy to finish off the ones that some of us couldn’t drink.SPA_5816SPA_5819




The last stop on the tour had a big surprise for me, my birthday is coming… so Guy ordered his favorite cake for me…German Chocolate cake…his mom used to make it for his birthday every year and wanted he me to have it for mine. It was delicious!!! Of Course everyone sang Happy Birthday!!


The last night at the rally we had a Luau. The catering company brought in a whole smoked pig, as well as so many side dishes it is hard to remember them all.  Everyone came dressed in their best hawaiian jeans and teeshirts…..remember there is not a lot of room in our coaches to carry extra clothes.

The photo below is the last one of us together this year, we are all heading in different directions, but we are planning to meet up in Jan or Feb next year in Quartzite, Az.

Lee/Tracy, Pam/Red, Guy/Sue, Bridget/Pat, Sharon/David, Cori/Greg, Kelly/Bill, Jo/Craig, the Class of 2014

It was a wonderful week and not one any of us could ever forget. We met so many new people and have formed so many new lasting friendships. I still find it amazing how many people are out there on the road living this dream of traveling the U.S. to see what is over the next hill.  To all our traveling friends be careful out there and see ya soon!

Thanks for following “The Nomads” adventures and stay tuned to find out the BIG, BIG News!!!

Y’all have a Blessed day! Until next time………..see ya on down the road.

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    1. One of these days we will all be together again, hope it is in Jan/Feb in Quartzite. You all get to hang in Glacier this year which will be great adventure!! Congratulations on the house!!!

  1. I think you must have been at totally different place….you saw so much more than we did! The pictures were great. Mums the word on the news….love and hugs to you both, till we meet again.

  2. Bill and I had a great time – so glad we got to park next to you and Guy! I had forgotten about the weather report and ending the party early!
    Can’t wait to officially hear the BIG news!

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