May 17 – 22, 2015

When it was time to leave Greensboro I had a decision to make, drive the coach and truck or not!!!!

Confidence!! Confidence!!

Kelly and Tracy had sent a text the day before that they had driven their 5th wheels to their next campsite and did a great job!! So I knew the writing was on the wall I had to step up to the plate and drive as well.

Do I look intense!!
Do I look intense!!

Guy wanted me pull the coach out of our site, but the area around us was so tight with lots of cars in front and a big ditch behind us so I opted to let him back it out and I would take over after we reconnected the truck. At first I was a little nervous but after I realized that having the truck behind was not that bad and I didn’t really know it was there.  I kept watching Guys body movement and feet as I put on the brake or gas peddle, I don’t think he thought I was fast enough. He doesn’t like me driving our car when we are together so this is a new experience for him.

I drove on the highway, past lots of construction, up some hills, thru the mountains, down a very windy narrow road, even changed lanes, the road to Bandits Roost was so narrow I drove up the center of the road and took up both lanes. I could not park it at our site as it was not ready so we just parked in a parking lot and disconnected the truck and waited.

The W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir, Yadkin River Valley is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The reservoir was first approved in 1946 for water supply and flood control.  The dam was built on the Yadkin River due to the floods of 1899, 1916 and 1940, however construction did not begin until September 1960 and was finally completed in August 1962. The reservoir was named after former Governor and US Senator from NC, William Kerr Scott, who was instrumental in obtaining the final approval for the project.

The 1,475-acre reservoir offers excellent boating, canoeing, kayaking and swimming opportunities. Anglers will find channel catfish, large and smallmouth bass, bluegill, threadfin shad, spotted bass, striped bass and tiger muskellunge (what the heck is that?)

Miles of hiking trails surround the lake, including the 6 mile Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, which has a trailhead at the Bandits Roost campground. An additional 40 miles of mountain biking trails can be found at the Warrior Creek Campground, Dark Mountain Park and Visitor Assistance Center areas. There are 5 Wildlife Managed areas around the lake area, as well as shoreline managed areas.

IMG_0212 IMG_0211



This is our kind of camping, trees, lots of space between each campsite, Campfires every night.

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

Our coach was up on a small hill with our table and bbq below, required some thinking before you went down about what you needed before you left. I had a great time cooking our breakfast outside, bacon, eggs, hash browns, we had saved our camp stove from 1970, yes, it still works great!!


IMG_0208 IMG_0209

SPA_5109 SPA_5111

We bought firewood from the camp host, it was too green and wet to burn well, at our site there was a nice size log we could use to help keep it going, so out came the chain saw (I had wanted to get rid of it as I didn’t see when we would ever use it, LOL). Lacilou is not good with any loud noise, she wanted to hide, put her in the chair and she calmed down but would not sit.

Every time we would walk thru the campground new campers were coming in dropping off their stuff and not returning!! Seemed rather strange, but after talking to our neighbors we understood. It is basically people who live around the area that use this campground, they rent their site, put their stuff on it, go home, work then head back for the weekend. Our neighbors, Dorothy and William come up once a month for a week, during the week they go home mow, water plants and check on their house, then come back!!

We drove around the lake just to see what the surrounding area looked like, and to check out the other campgrounds, after, deciding we had picked the best one!!



SPA_5171 SPA_5172



Some of these picture were taken at Mountain View Overlook

The W. Kerr Scott Reservoir
Taken from the top of the dam, the water leaving the dam



 The Yadkin River below the dam.


Of course what do you do at night, a campfire, wine and marshmallows!! Guy does not eat nor like marshmallows, but I love them, bought a package and brought them out at the campfire one night, yummy!!!

SPA_5199 SPA_5205

The perfect marshmallows

Just my luck we end up with another snake coming thru the camp site. Guy spotted this one first and called out to me so I could get his picture!! But I wouldn’t get close enough to get too good of a picture, but Guy did get this one. We weren’t sure what type he was until we looked on line, and are still not sure, but we think its an Eastern King snake. Have you looked at snakes on line….creepy!!



If you look close you can just barely see his eye under a brown leaf watching me!!

The day finally came to take the kayak out for a little spin, and ended going out 2 days. It was a nice easy paddle the first day, sun was out, no wind, quiet, we were about the only ones on the lake. I did not take a camera the first day and wouldn’t you know it there were birds everywhere taunting me!! The second day of paddling about 1hr, it had rained that morning and there were still the after affects, wind was blowing, clouds were moving fast, the water was choppy, you could feel the waves under the boat.

DSC03583 DSC03584

Our site was not to far from the boat launch area, rather than blow it up at the launch area we pumped it up at the site and then stuck it on the truck. Was not a bad way to go, wouldn’t go far that way.

DSC03567 DSC03568


DSC03569 DSC03570


This lake is not built up with seawalls and fancy boat docks, also all the homes are atleast 200- 300′ away from the water. The lake is also 1030′ above sea level, the water level is maintained to the top of the pool level during normal times. We noticed that if any trees fell they were not removed.

W.Kerr Scott Reservoir

We both would love to come back here to spend more time, NC has so much to offer everyone and is one of the most beautiful states.

Thank you for reading our blog and following “The Nomads” around the country!

Stay tuned as we return to hang with the group from Cape Hatteras……and what we get into again…..y’all have a Blessed day.

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