May 15 – 17, 2015

Thursday was such a busy day for everyone, after such  a long period of time in one place, things get taken out of the coaches and get scattered! Which makes for a lot of repacking and changing around the basement, and cleaning before putting away. We all had a good 5 hour drive to our new destinations the next day, Guy and I were splitting from the group and heading to Greensboro, NC. Eileen and Gene were heading to Virginia, the other 4 couples were heading to Ebenezer Campground in SC.

When Guy and I were making our plans on where we wanted to head next, Guy stated he wanted to see a friend in Greenville, NC. Sounded great to me, so I found the only campground in “Greensboro” I could find. (I think you can see the problem already!!!) When we were going over our itnerary  a few weeks later so we could let Guys friend, John know when we would be there it dawned on us we were heading in the wrong direction!! But plans had been made and reservations were done, so we decided to stay the course. It actually worked out as John was heading out of town that week.

I did not take any pictures of the campground, it was right beside Hwy 40 and no big deal. But the best part was we could have a campfire!! The rest of the group stayed about 15 mins from us at a Cracker Barrel. They ate out, I cooked hamburgers. We just sat the first day we arrived and enjoyed the fire and watching new arrivals set up their camp.

The next day we headed into the town to find a store that sold mattress toppers. I had been talking to Kelly about her topper, she was telling me how comfortable it was on top of her sleep number bed, which is what we also have. We tried the Sleep Number store, the one they sell is only 2″ and just did not seem to be thick enough. We ended up at Bed, Bath and Beyond, where we found a 3″ temperpedic, gel topper. It is slightly larger than the bed as RV beds are made a little smaller than your normal bed at home, and decided that we could deal with it. I stayed and washed the sheets while Guy went back to purchase it!! I should have gone with him as he came back with, pillows, a hand vacuum and some new thing that sands your feet.

We have been sleeping on this new topper for a week now and love it, both of us sleep a lot better and our shoulders don’t hurt when we wake in the morning.

The rest of the day we went down the street to the Blue Grass Festival.  We had not  pre bought  our tickets so they turned out to be a little pricey, $30.00 each. But we had a great time, thank goodness we took our chairs. We ate ribs and wings with french fries, while listening to the music. The first bands were not what I was expecting but as the night went on the bands and music were so much better and more bluesey!!



We stayed for for 6 hours, I enjoyed it more than Guy did, he was really wanting banjos!! Oh Well!

We later enjoyed a great fire, with some wine and cheese! Our time here was over and we were now ready to head to Bandits Roost!!

Stay tuned to find out how the drive went as I drove the 3 hours to the next spot!! Thanks for keeping up with the “Nomads” Y’all have a Blessed day.