Cousins and Sinking Sand

April 27 – 30, 2015

As much as we loved staying at Myrtle Beach State Park we had another great place we were heading, to visit my cousin Paula and her husband George’s home at St. James Plantation, Southport NC. We got there just in time for lunch so off we went to eat at Tommy’s Cafe at the marina that is in their community,

George and Nonna
My Cousin Paula

They moved to North Carolina and built a beautiful new house on the 15th hole of the golf course (I cannot believe I did not take a picture of their home). It was so nice to see them and their home, sit outside with a glass of wine, while watching their friends go by as they were playing golf and just plain catching up. We had not seen one another in about 3 years,  they had come to the lake to stay with us as they were traveling thru the country trying to decided where they wanted to move to from Dallas. That night Paula made a great dinner of marinated steak on the bbq, and green beans with bacon. Delish!

SPA_4132 SPA_4134

We did not stay with our rig at their home but at Oak Island Park, not a place I would go back to, it was all travel trailers that were haphazardly placed on someones yard. The reason we chose it was the proximity to Paula and Georges’s home. I had checked every campground site on the internet hoping to find a campground near their home but this was all I could find. It amazed me as they are in a prime spot for campers to visit.  We had made reservations at the Carolina State Park but it turned out to be over an hour drive, that would not be as much fun getting back and forth.

The intracoastal waterway that their community is on


We drove  into the little town of Southport checking out the town and to the local maritime museum. I didn’t get any pictures of the town but it sure was cute, and had lots of fun little stores and antique shops to poke around in. We went to lunch on the intracoastal at Fishy Fishy Cafe and had all had a great lunch. We wanted to sit outside so we could watch the water and the boats, but it was so cold and the wind was blowing we hardly made it.


the views from the fishy fishy cafe

IMG_0120 IMG_0122

George drove us around their neighborhood to check out all the houses, which are beautiful, the golf courses and their beach pavilion, which also has its own alligator that resides in the pond beside the facility. After leaving the beach we spotted this great little ice cream store and of course we all decided we needed to stop!!

SPA_4144 SPA_4145

Dark Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chunks, walnuts, fabulous

All to soon it was time to head out for the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we were meeting up with 4 couples that we met last year at a rally in Sevierville, Tenn.

So on Thursday morning we pack up the rig early, as we wanted to get an early start due to the 5 hour drive to the Outer Banks, we usually try to only drive 4 hours.

The spot we were parked on was grass over sand which normally wouldn’t be to bad but it had rained during the week so it was pretty soft. Well try as we might we could not get the Rover to move much more than a few feet as it kept digging down deeper and deeper with the tires just spinning away.

SPA_4152 SPA_4153

As you can see we were going down, but we tried going forward again to see if we gave it more gas that would get it out.  But it didn’t help, we just got deeper. We ended up getting out the shovel and the orange  jack pads that we use under our jacks, and put them under the tires to hopefully give the tires something to grab onto.

IMG_0441 IMG_0443


We sure made a mess of their grass!! Guy tried to smooth it out and maybe not so noticeable, but you can’t regrow grass that fast! We were glad that the office was closed when we left, I didn’t want to see their faces when they looked at the mess!! The coach weighs 51,000 lbs empty so with everything in it who knows how much it weighs, so we were very lucky that we didn’t need a tow truck.

We were only off our schedule about an hour which was not to bad. We finally arrived in the Outer Banks about 3:30. It was great arriving to the site and seeing all our friends waiting for us. We will be staying for the next 15 days enjoying all our friends and this wonderful area.

Thanks to y’all for reading along with “The Rovers” and may you all have a Blessed day. Stay tuned to find out about the mischief the Class of 2014 can get into!!


3 thoughts on “Cousins and Sinking Sand

  1. Mischief? Us? Say it isn’t so! Haha! Although now that the Alexander’s are here – who knows what might happen!

    Bill wants me to ask: Are you SURE your rig weighs 51,000 lbs empty? That’s a lot!

  2. Wow – you were def lucky you didn’t need a tow truck! Sounds like you are having fun – hope you don’t get caught in the tropical weather heading up the coast of the Carolina’s! I was tent camping at the outer banks back in the late 80s when David came through – totally flooded in our campground! Take care and have fun – see you in June!

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