Driveway Mooching

April 12 – 19, 2012

After driving for 5 hours we finally made it to Old Town, Fl. We decided to wing it and not make reservations for the night which turned out to be a good thing. The campground that I was thinking we would head to turned out to be funky and so we were very glad not to stay there. The next place we chose was awesome and just perfect for a one night.



It was our kind of campground, lots of trees, rustic, with trails for hiking. The campground had a great pool and club house. It was sad that there were only three campers there. There was a long boardwalk, about 1500′ long out to the intracoastal water thru the bayou, love the trees that grow in the swampy water. The smell is a different story!! We were expecting to see some gators or snakes but there was only one lone white lilly growning next to the boardwalk.

SPA_3776 SPA_3785

They had a sweet little pond with lots of frogs, and could they make some music!!
Nice pond

We left the next morning as we were heading to Lazy Days in Tampa, Florida, we had made an appointment last December to have some work done on the coach, we had a 9:00am appointment for April 13, 2015. Our travel plans for the last few months were made around this appointment. I will say that I don’t recommend them to anyone if you don’t but your coach from them.  They have a Crown Club for those that buy from them, which is fine, they told us we would be dry camping, that was great with us, when we got there they parked us in front of the service bays and thats where we would spend the night!! Every time a coach needed to be moved we would need to move our coach. Unacceptable!! After about 2 hours we called the service rep we were dealing with, she told us that there was a Lazy Days campground down the street, (why didn’t they tell us that in the beginning) we went there no problem. Next morning we waited 2 hours for our service rep, we finally had to go find him and waited 20 more mins. He stated that they would not do all the things we needed done, and could not even say when we would even be started!!. This was also unacceptable, since we had been waiting for this appointment since Dec. We then decided that we were out of there, we did not have any work done and called our rep and canceled. We have since made an appointment in Indiana at the factory and will head there in August.

One of the nights we were in Tampa we met up with my step sister, Monica and her husband, Van. It was their anniversary, so we met at Charley’s Steak House. We all had more food than we could eat and took home doggie bags!! I decided on the bison steak, it was good but I’m not sure I would get it again, it does have a different taste that I think you have to get used to. It did make good steak sandwiches the next day!!

We left Tampa and headed to St. Augustine, Fl, to driveway mooch with Carolyn and Gary. They have a coach as well so their driveway is perfect to park in!! What a great week we had and were so busy there was no time to even get on the computer. We had met Carolyn and Gary about 2 years ago while Guy and I were camping in Nashville, Tenn. They were walking down the street, we started talking and the next thing we know we are off touring the city together. We have kept in touch ever since. It is so much fun meeting so many new people while we travel this country and keeping up with everyone and meeting again.

While we were driveway mooching we also used Garys knowledge to work on the projects that needed to be done on the coach. So the boys worked while Carolyn and I talked and watched. LOL

SPA_3827 SPA_3830

Adding our new awning over our dinning room window and our driveway camp.

Gary sings and plays the guitar, so one night we went to a little wine shop not far from their house, he played and sang while the rest of us drank wine and had cheese and crackers. It was such a fun time. He plays at different venues almost every Friday. The first time we met them he brought his guitar over to our coach and played for a few hours while the we all ate popcorn and of course drank wine. You see how this goes don’t you?              Poor Gary!

Gary singing
Gary singing
Carolyn cutting in on Gary!!!
Carolyn cutting in on Gary!!!

Guy and I are now his new groupies and are graduating into his road crew!!

The owners of the wine shop had all three of their dogs there that night, I wish I could remember their names but here is their picture!!


They are so well mannered and really mind when told to do something. Such sweet dogs.

Gary and Carolyn’s grand daughter, Chelsea, was going to her boyfriends formal dance while we were there, so we, of course had to go see her all dressed up and take pictures of them. Don’t we all want to remember when we were in their shoes.

Both of them go to private schools in Jacksonville, Fl. Chelsea is a dancer and was just accepted into AMDA in NYC. She has worked very hard on her career so we are all very excited for her.


Guy and I had been to St. Augustine, to visit Carolyn and Gary,  last year so we didn’t need to do the tourist stuff while we were there but we did go have dinner one night and walked the old town.

Both Carolyn and Gary retired from the Air Force, CSM/E9 Command Sargent Major, which is the highest enlisted rank. Guy and I thank them so much for the service they did for us and our country.

Saturday night we went to the VFW for an oyster bbq, there was a hugh grill that they put all the oysters on, you just stood there took them off, shucked them and ate right, it was lots of fun. Guy had some stew that had a certain kind of pepper in it (can’t remember the name) it was so hot that he had sweat coming from every pore!! He was bright red even his eyes. So glad I passed on that stuff!!


SPA_3846 SPA_3847

Gary helping Guy with lessons on the banjo!!

We are all hoping to head to Alaska, Vancouver and  Brittish Columbia next year, so Guy will hopefully (hint, hint Gary) get lots of lessons and we will get lots of singing with Gary next year.  Wahoo!!

Of course while we were in the downtown area we of course had to do some more wine tasting!! This time we did not buy any.

SPA_3901 SPA_3900

We thank Gary and Carolyn so much for their hospitality and spending the week with us. We enjoyed every minute, especially the campfire night. They are headed on a 2-3 month trip soon, one of their stops is Montgomery, Alabama, Guy and I are going to head home for that week so we can spend more time with them.

Well, I thank you for visiting with us and following along with “The Rovers” Stay tuned as we head into Savannah, Ga.

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  1. Sorry it didn’t work out getting your rig fixed! I’ve heard mixed reviews on Lazy Days, I think more negative than good.
    We are also talking about going to AK next summer! We will have to compare notes/thoughts on it!

  2. Thanks for the updates – have missed your messages lately. Guy looks relaxed and ‘hairy’…keep up the banjo lessons, and the pictures! Sorry about the hassles on the coach. Not fair when you’re supposed to be enjoying retirement. 😦

  3. Love all your pics & updates. Lacy Loo is upset she didn’t get represented this segment. Lol
    Safe journey. We miss you.

  4. If you ever need good dealership, Indepenpendence RV in Wintergarden is great….also, would love to hear more Bout your Alaska plans…. we were thinking of taking the trip too!

    1. Hi Ellen, We bought our first Newmar from Independence RV. They really are a great facility. We need to have warranty work done and Independence is not on the list of approved repair facilities. I will let you know when we have made the plans for Alaska and maybe there will be someplace we could meet up along the way.

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