Snakes and Dolphins at the Gulf!

April 1-12, 2015

We leave the bayou with regret in that we have so much more to see but duty awaits in Gulf Shores, Alabama.



Guy and I belong to FMCA, (The Family Motor Coach Association), it’s an organization of families who own and use recreational motorhomes. They are a source of information about all facets of ownership and travel. FMCA has many benefits for its members, travel assistance and medical evacuation program, roadside assistance, Michelin Advantage program, just to name a few. They have chapters, chapter rallies  and international events.  As well as  a magazine  that has information on all things motor coaching. Guy and I belong the C.A.T.S area group. The group gets together every three months, there are hosts and co-hosts that put a 4 day event. We signed up for the month of April with another couple, Bob and Betty.

We decide to arrive a few days early as our good friends and neighbors, Donna and Bill were going to come and stay in Gulf Shores and hang with us a few days. Before they arrived Guy and I went to LuLu’s for lunch! This is Jimmy Buffets sisters resturant on the intercoastal waterway.


What a fun place for the family to hang out, there is a play area for the kids with sand, shoves, hola hoops, water and this awesome structure kids can climb on, they connect to the bar above them and walk across ropes or poles, up stairs. There were helpers on all the levels helping if they got stuck or were scared.

SPA_3497 SPA_3485

SPA_3507 SPA_3506

SPA_3490 SPA_3499

While walking around the marina and restaurant we came upon some beautiful boats that we were trying to figure out how we could tow behind the rovers!!

What do you think, could we tow it?

We are staying in Sugar Sands RV Resort, which is a brand new resort, that has a nice club house with a fully stocked kitchen that our club could use while we were there. There were 26 that attended the rally, it is the hosts decision to plan the 4 days. We decided on cooking 2 dinners and provide muffins and fruit for our 3 breakfasts. One lunch we all went back to LULU’s. Our first night everyone brought something to share and byob. The next night for dinner Bob made fish for tacos, most everyone had never eaten a fish taco. Everyone who ate one gave a very favorable report. The next dinner was Shrimp gumbo with rice and salad, we knew it was good as it was gone!! The best part of each meal was dessert!! We had vanilla ice cream cones the first night but the second night we decided we needed chocolate toping as well, out went the cones and in came the bowls!! We went thru gallons of ice cream that night.



Sugar Sands Club house


Little pond in the resort
The Rover

When Bill and Donna arrived on Monday, we were all hungry and ready to eat. They knew of a great lunch place in Perdido Key right on the water, we all hopped in the car and were on a mission to find lunch. It turned out to be a wonderful place, the ambiance couldn’t get any better, food was great and of course the company was even better. The whole restaurant is built with shipping containers. You stand in line to order, they bring it to you when its done, you eat outside and overlook the ocean and the boats coming and going.

IMG_0385 IMG_0386





IMG_0387 IMG_0383


IMG_0397 IMG_0400

The view from our lunch table. When boats go under the bridge they are heading to the intercostal water way from the ocean.

IMG_0368 SPA_3576

IMG_0374 IMG_0369

On Tuesday we all decided to go for a bike ride thru Gulf State Park, Bill and Donna rented bikes and we all rode the some 20 miles. Each trail is a dead end so if you go in you must come out the same way, we tried to keep up with out total miles, added it up two or three times and each time came up with a different total.

Donna and Bill
The Rovers

This park has about 300 camp spots,  miles of bike trails, and is home to six different ecosystems. The Backcountry trail is part of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail and the Coastal Connection National Scenic Byway. There are many native plants and several rare species. They also say they have alligators, gophers, tortoise and bobcat, raccoons, otters, coyotes, fox, as well as the numerous reptile. And yes we did  see a wild animal!! First Bill hit it with his bike and of course I was talking and not paying attention so, yep, I also hit it with my bike!! Screamed and raised my feet high in the air, can’t believe I didn’t fall off the bike!

I did turn around and ran back so I could get his picture! I think he was just as scared as I was!! What a pretty color he was. This is now my second time hitting a snake while riding a bike, I’m thinking that maybe I should give up bike riding!!


The bike trails were very well maintained with regular roads and road signs to follow! the names of the trails were, Catman Road, Rosemary Dunes, Twin Bridges, Rattlesnake Ridge, Cotton Bayou, Coyote Crossing. Every trail  was very diverse as you can tell by the pictures.

SPA_3527 SPA_3529 SPA_3590 SPA_3549 SPA_3556

SPA_3550Love some of the flowers that were just starting to bloom along the bike trails.

SPA_3558 SPA_3606



As we were riding down Rosemary Dunes trail we saw a sign that made me a little nervous!!


Our first wild life sighting!!

A momma and her babies. She had four but we only found three.

Momma eyeing us!!
Momma never moved a muscle!


The gator babies
Gator babies


Having Donna and Bill spend a couple of days with us was a special time for Guy and I. It was hard saying Good Bye. But all good things always come to and end until next time!!

SPA_3616 SPA_3617

One of the events that we planned for our club was a dolphin cruise on the intercostal waterway. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not to warm.

SPA_3637 SPA_3649


SPA_3645 SPA_3639


SPA_3659 SPA_3657

The dolphins that we finally found were chasing a shrimp boat that had its nets out, the dolphin are pretty smart as they know they will be fed if they follow the boat.

SPA_3669 SPA_3716


SPA_3746 SPA_3684

SPA_3744 SPA_3699


When your at the beach of course there are lots of fun shops with fabulous finds, so I will leave you with our new yard art!! A must have!

My yard art, peacock!!


Thanks for hanging with us, hope you enjoy reading about our travels, until next time, when  “The Rovers”  travel to Old Town, Fl.

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  1. Seems your new life is agreeing with you both! When did Guy adopt the Santa look?
    Safe travels!
    We are all patiently awaiting your arrival!

  2. I went camping at Old Town in 1998 with my sister Vicki, BIL, & my Mom…it’s such a pretty camping area with such cute & colorful cabins as well…and close to my favorite…Celebration!

  3. At first I didn’t know that was Guy sporting that beard! We stayed at Gulf Shores SP and loved it! The bike trails are amazing. It was cold and windy most of the week we were there unfortunately so we didn’t get our kayak out or much bike riding in. Nice area though and looks like you had fun! We didn’t get to see the resident gator either. How lucky to see babies too! PS Love your new yard art!

  4. Sue your writing style is terrific made me feel like I was there and I jumped a little when I read about the snake. I would have dreamed too btw. Love your pics as usual and love love love your peacock!!!! I just bought a little hummingbird one but now I have lawn art envy lol. Can’t wait to see you and experience the joy you bring to everything your doing. I just adore the positive energy!!! Have I mentioned I want to be you when I grow up so I never have to really grow up 😊

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