The Bayou

Bottle Brush

March 30 – April 1, 2015

Waiting patiently for the tow truck driver

 We arrive in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at the Frenchman’s Wilderness Rv Resort!              Nice wide open spaces, lots of trees, picnic tables, lots of grass, no one close. We start to unhook so we can head to our site! Yup, this is where we find out the truck has a problem and needs some doctoring!!

Headed to the repair shop!!

This is the first campground we have been in that has allowed real campfires!! When I was growing up what I remember most about camping were the fun times of great stories and jokes being told around the campfire. All of us kids with our long sticks roasting our marshmallows, sometimes nice and light brown and other times with charcoal after touching the hot coals. The marshmallow melted in the middle, sticky white fingers with chocolate running down your hands! Getting up in the morning with the fire going, hot chocolate being cooked on the fire with the smell of coffee in the air.  So I was bound and determined we were going to have a fire!!

Grass and trees!!
Entrance to Frenchmen’s Wilderness
Guy playing the banjo while sitting by our wonderful fire!!

Campfires going, Guy playing the banjo, Lacilou sitting next to me, having a nice glass of wine!! What a great night this is turning out to be! Until we end up with some unwanted friends, and the biting begins!! We start a swatting, then we start spraying, and finally out comes the water and down goes the fire!! Those buggers stung though the bug spray, I bet I had over 100 bites, talk about being miserable.

The next day we get the truck back and talk to the guys at the Chevy dealer to find out where there was an off the beaten track restaurant, what a great place it turned out to be. We crossed this very interesting bridge on the way that raises up only when the boat captains call ahead and can find someone to open it. We barely fit on it with the truck we couldn’t imagine going over this with The Rover.

SPA_3399 SPA_3395


SPA_3393 SPA_3390

We head to Pat’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar, that started in 1948. Pat started by selling hamburgers and crawfish by the brown sack from a roadside stand. In 1952 Pat bought the stand and dance hall and made it into a cajun seafood restaurant. Pat was the 1st mayor for the town of Henderson and held that position for 17 years. Pat himself still runs the restaurant and says he has never hired a manager. He still is the chef, owner, cook, everything!!. He owns the market where he gets his fish, crawfish, crabs, turtle, alligator, frog and shrimp.

We had the sample plate of all the different types of what they offer


SPA_3428 SPA_3427 SPA_3405



The buildings around the restaurant that housed the old ice house, crawfish plant, grocery.

SPA_3419 SPA_3409


Pats Restaurant and Oyster House on the bayou! We kept watching the water waiting for a gator to come floating by but were disappointed. As we were talking to our waitress we found out that she was Pats granddaughter. She and one other cousin are the only two family members that work with their grandfather.

This boat is right inside the front door, the cash register is inside

After lunch we decide to see if we could take an airboat ride thru the bayou, followed the signs and found some really cool areas where people still live on house boats on the bayou. We didn’t get to take a boat ride as they were done for the day!

In the picture below the yellow air boat is the one they use to take out in the bayou. We were disappointed as it sure looked like fun. The next time they went out was not until 3:00 the next day.












The building below is where we went to see about the air boat ride.




While  we were driving thru a community of homes we noticed that the home owners had signs hanging in the yards with the names of their homes. They were so creative that I just had to take some pictures. There were two small houses with signs, one said “hers” the other was “mine”!!

SPA_3469Then the next house was priceless!!


Here is a collection of some of the ones we could get before to much traffic got behind us. The houses were on both sides of the street with the bayou running behind.

We had a great time exploring the bayou of Louisiana and are looking forward to a return trip some day.

Have a Blessed day, we are so glad y’all stopped by to check out The Rovin Journey, stay tuned to our adventures in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your truck troubles but glad it was an easy fix!
    Love your pics of the area – can’t wait to see it for myself some day!
    Bill & I and Jo & Craig leave for OBX this Wednesday – we decided to take the ferry!

    See you SOON!

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