Sunsets and Water!!

March 26-30, 2015

Looking toward Galveston from Dickinson, Texas
Sunset, Dickenson Texas


The view from The Rover

We took the pictures of the sunset the first night we arrived in Dickinson, Texas at a newly redone RV Resort, Galveston Bay RV and Marina. We were assigned a spot in the new section right on the bay, the view was beautiful, lots of grass, cement parking pad and patio. After spending the last month in the desert and lots of dirt we were happy for cement!!

Very intent of getting that duck!


One very fast lucky duck!!


Lacilou was happy as there were many ducks for her to stalk and chase. We put out our bird feeder out but there were more ducks than birds, Lacilou was so patient and bidding her time!! She was persistent but they are quicker!!

SPA_3184 SPA_3183 SPA_3182 SPA_3187 SPA_3191 SPA_3176

Different views around the campground on the bay!

We decided to brave it one day and head into Galveston, even tho we knew it was spring break!! That was the one reason we did not pick a camp spot there, we were told it gets crazy. Well, we could not leave the area without atleast checking the beach out!! Yes, it was busy but we had a great time, even took the duck tour!! And yes it even took us out in the water!

SPA_3236 SPA_3234

We have never been ones for taking tours but with all the traffic we decided it was the best way to go! After our tour we then decided to head to the old part of Galveston and glad we did it was a lot more fun exploring.

We were looking for a seafood lunch in old town and found a great place good food but no, not a lot of seafood but the ambiance was fun. We had parmesan cheese fried zucchini for our starter, we both choose salmon salads, mine with avocados and mangos,  Guy was spinach salad with Salmon and Strawberries, both were excellent!!

SPA_3285 SPA_3284

SPA_3286 SPA_3283

We walked through the town looking in the windows but both of us decided that after Santa Fe we weren’t going in any more stores!!

SPA_3275 SPA_3291


SPA_3270 SPA_3276 We also went down to the beach and walked around, checked out the restaurants that were around there but they all had atleast a 2 hour wait!! No way for us. We tried Bubba Gumps so we could sit on the water and watch the boats and people, but the wait was just as long.

SPA_3219 SPA_3221 SPA_3227 SPA_3240


Before we left on this trip we bought a blow up kayak, we were hoping that we would find a lake or stream to try it out. Finally this was the perfect place, we had practiced putting it together before we left home hoping it would be easier when we wanted to use it!!!               Ha, Ha!! It took just as long and we still needed to get out the directions! Of course a few gin and tonics helped. The next day was to be our maiden voyage, we wake up early, its rainy and the wind is blowing, the water has waves,  rats! We look at each other and decide to bad lets go!! No pictures as I didn’t want to get the camera wet. It really handled well and was not to bad rowing for the hour we were out there.

Guy working hard pumping it up!


What was hard to get pictures of were all of the oil refiners that are have taken over the land in that area! The skyline is amazing! Of course the only time I would try to get pictures was from the car, so you can just imagine how that worked out!! These are a few of the good ones!

SPA_3324 SPA_3301SPA_3205 SPA_3202

I wish we had more time to spend in Galveston as there was so much we missed. Right now we are on a schedule and needed to be in Gulf Shores by April 1, but there will be a day soon when we won’t have to worry about that!!

Thanks for checking out the travels of “The Rovers” y’all have a blessed day, stay tuned and check out the Bayou with us!

5 thoughts on “Sunsets and Water!!

  1. Are you keeping a list of your favorite campgrounds? You know you guys are doing the exact thing my husband and I plan to do when we retire? I love reading above your adventures. We have a blow up kayak too! They work awesome and save room, especially when we also have two single regular ones for the girls! We couldn’t carry enough kayaks without using a blowup one! Keep on posting!!!!! 🙂

    1. One of these days I will start a campground page!! Guy has been asking me as well. hurry up and move those girls into college and come out an play with us!! It’s great fun!!

  2. Those ducks are bigger than your baby girl. Glad the kayak worked out.
    Can’t wait to see you all.

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