Not Always Roses!!

We wanted to post a little bit about the realities of driving our house around the country! If  you think “it’s all Roses” then think again!  Yes, we have a wonderful time and do and see a lot of interesting things but problems always arise!!

Our home on wheels

When we were all set to leave Santa Fe, we are all buckled in and start the engine, and low and behold the engine light comes on!! Darn, now what could this be. Guy reads what it says, check engine coolant! So he shuts down the engine to figure out whats next! We had taken the coach and the truck to the shop and had the service done before we left on this trip making sure they were both working the way they should!!  Well, we got out the water hose and filled the radiator with water. (we have an aqua hot water system in the coach that keeps water warm with the radiator as we travel which has a leak in it, that drains the radiator fluid)  Ok, Good to go!!

We travel about 2 hours and stop at the Love Truck stop for diesel. It’s not a fun place to be as the truckers don’t want you in their way as time is money for them. We have about 3 semi’s behind us. We get the diesel and all seat belted in ready to head out! Wrong!! The coach will not go forward. We are thinking the truck had popped out of neutral,  so we go back to the truck to check it out, nothing wrong, back in the coach and no it doesn’t take off again. We do this 2 more times trying to redo the transmission and redo the steps that we need to do when towing.  No go!

Of course, remember that the truckers are having a fit, some are trying to move to other lanes but all of a sudden one guy comes up and wants to know how much longer we will be as he needs our lane. We try to explain but he does not want to listen! He needs air and that’s the only lane he can use. It wasn’t as he moved to the lane next to us and used the air from there. He just wanted to be difficult and cause more stress.

We end up disconnecting the truck, I get in it and it backs up! So its not the truck, but our stomachs sink, oh no, that means its the coach!! Guy gets in the coach and tries to go forward, nope not going, and then backwards and it moves!! Yea! But what was the problem, who knows, we reconnect the truck and off we go! I think the truckers were glad to see us go!


I didn’t take any pictures, I didn’t think the truckers would be to happy watching me and taking time to do that!!

Our sweet Rover 2 that we tow

It’s been a week or more since we left Santa Fe, and are now leaving the Houston area for Breaux Bridges, Louisiana. I have not posted the stops in between yet but will next time. Not a bad drive, 4 hours and one gas stop. We are excited as it’s early afternoon and we have time to explore and find some real cajun food! Yummy! Wrong!

We disconnect the truck but nope it won’t go out of neutral!! We try numerous times and it’s not going to work! We move the coach and truck to the spot the camp host says to leave the truck to wait for the tow truck and take the coach to its camp spot and set up. Now we start calling insurance and Chevy dealers. The tow truck driver takes 2 hours to arrive and by this time the chevy dealer has closed. We unload as much stuff as we can from the truck and load up our bike baskets and lug it back to the coach.

Off  goes Rover 2 to the Chevy dealer.

The one thing we made sure to bring back to the coach was fire wood…this is the first campground that allows campfires. I was bound and determined to have a fire last night with a gin and tonic!! Yahoo!! How nice it was to sit outside last night no one was out, it was quiet, the stars were out, Guy was playing the banjo, just the light of the fire and I was swatting at the bugs! Who ever invented bug spray was a genius!!

The chevy place called just now at 11:30 am to tell us that the truck is fixed!! That was the fastest service we have had!! Nothing seriously wrong, something about the fuses! They are coming to get Guy right now and explain what now needs to happen when connecting to the coach.

It’s always something!! Just like I said in the beginning “It’s Not Always Roses”  This post is way ahead of where we were last but wanted to share not only the good but some of the everyday things that go on as well.

So Guy and I are going out now to look for some “Roses”!! Until next time y’all be safe and have a blessed day.

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17 thoughts on “Not Always Roses!!

  1. Darn those thorns, right? At least it was a little one! Go to Poche’s in Breaux Bridge to lots of frozen goodies to bring along for later. Best eats in Abbeville! Folks from all over go there. Richards and Shucks!!

    1. Darn, Debbie I wish I had read your reply before we left Breaux Bridge! But we found a couple of fun places once we got the truck back! Went off the beaten track that the Chevy dealer told us to go to!

  2. It’s always something isn’t it? Glad it wasn’t any serious and your on the road again. We spent three weeks in CO with camping world trying to get things sorted with jacks and hitches. Not fun.

  3. While sorry for your troubles – glad it wasn’t more serious! You are 100% right – it’s always something – and we’ve had our share!

    Hope your travels are now trouble free!

  4. All I kept thinking is OMG and I’d read more and again OMG. All of this is man stuff to me and I’d just hope that Guy is somewhat good at figuring things out or knows when to leave it to the “pros”.. When I went with Jill and Tyler to Yellowstone and other National Parks we traveled with three other families, there were a few serious troubles but four heads were better than one. I’m happy to know you’re on your happy way, all is well.

  5. OMG! Greetings from Paris! This is so much fun to read…really enjoy the updates Sue…keep them coming….

  6. I am sorry for the troubles but VERY excited Guy plays the banjo. I love the banjo and hardly anyone plays it. Please tell him I am super excited about hearing him play

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