Bandelier National Park

March 17-21, 2015

Mountains leaving Santa Fe on a day trip to Bandelier
Love the snow on the way out of Santa Fe
A plateau formed by a volcano that erupted 1.6 million of years ago on the way to Bandolier

We decided that after our few days of shopping in Santa Fe we needed to find something else to do!! So off we headed to the Bandelier National Monument, in the Frioles Canyon, where there is over 33,000 acreas of canyons, petroglyphs and ancient dwellings carved into the rock cliffs and masonry walls still left standing. The Ancestral Pueblo people lived here from 1150 to 1550. The average Ancestral Pueblo man was 5’5″ tall and the average women was 5′, their average life span was 35 years. The Ancestral people hand wove their  blankets from wet turkey feathers twisted into yucca twine as well as their baskets. Turkeys and dogs were the two domesticated animals that lived with the Ancestral People.

About 12 miles from the main section of the park is the Tsankawi section, as you are walking along you can see the Ancestral Pueblo village of the Tsankawi. There is also a 3 round trip hike to the Falls Trail and the Upper Falls.

SPA_3003 SPA_3006

SPA_3005 SPA_3039

Love the beams protruding out of the building
LaciLou in her back pack, no dogs allowed on the trails! Darn!

The Visitor Center and surrounding buildings before you take a 1.5 mile hike to the Cliff dwellings and caves.

Guy sitting with LacyLou who was not allowed to go so we took turns
Caves in the side of the moutain where the Pueblo people lived
The view up the canyon, snow and rain on its way
looking down the Frijoles Canyon

SPA_3021 SPA_3024 SPA_3030 SPA_3026

The cliff dwellings, you can climb up and into the caves.

SPA_3012 SPA_3009

SPA_3027 SPA_3031

They built some of their homes along the base of the cliffs which some were multi story, and were constructed of volcanic tuff, it is very soft and easy to break into blocks which was held together with a motor mud mixture.

After such a big walk!! LOL, we headed to the snack bar, where we  had a great panni, turkey, cheddar, with grilled jalapeños on it! It was better that we thought it would be. We wondered wether it would be worth as it was a gift shop as well.

We left Bandeliar in the rain, deciding to take a side road just to see where it went, yup, we headed straight into where it was snowing, again! We saw  signs for a museum (we can’t remember the name of the museum) so decided to head that way and check it out. The road headed to Los Alamos National Laboratory, it is a gated, guarded area, we stopped and produced Guy’s license as I did not have mine. I decide to take a picture of the snow right there beside the truck when all of a sudden the guard yells, “Miss, Miss, you can not take pictures or we shall take your phone or camera. I don’t think you will like that.” Yikes, did I jump!

Here is the picture I took! Yikes

After jumping in the air off the truck seat, calmed down a little, we asked how to get to the museum, well we drove and drove but never did find it (I think I was to scared to remember the correct directions). As we were driving we looked behind us and following us through the whole area was a police car who proceeded to stay with us until we were well out of the guard gated facility! I guess they didn’t trust me!!

Our Wonderful U.S. flag!
Our Wonderful U.S. flag!

Y’all stayed tuned and we will show you the Texas version of the Grand Canyon!!

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  1. What a fun place to see the caves. Ya, ya don’t want to mess with guards on a base! They mean business. Pretty snow picture. Beautiful area.

  2. Questions….. Was you turkey sandwich you had for lunch made from the “domesticated” turkeys they had around? LOL. Do you carry a collapsible dog bowl for Lucy’s water (wait….she’s not thirsty since she was carried right?). Did you climb the ladders and go into the little cliff dwellings? I’ve always wanted to do that!!!! Lastly…..where are you now? Did I miss the posting of location?

    1. Jill I wish you had seen them try to catch that rangy skinny turkey!! Laci does have a water bowl that we take and it’s a very cute pink!! The blog is behind about a week.we are now in Louisiana!

  3. Another great story, you do have a special flair for writing. Is there anything you cannot do?

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