Spent the Inheritance!

March 17-21, 2015

The entrance to the Santa Fe KOA!

Love, Love, Love Santa Fe!!!  SPA_2903

Neat looking cactus with flowers


We stayed at the KOA outside of Santa Fe! It was fine as we were so busy we weren’t there often, but it was tight spaces and hard to get into. It rained and snowed while we were there. Santa Fe is at the 7,000′ level, so there was still snow on the mountains surrounding the town. The temps were down in the 20’s again. We were about 5 miles out of the town but didn’t take long to get there. We had wonderful neighbors, Debi and Don from Colorado. They had a propane campfire that we kept warm with, there were no real campfires due to the high winds.

Going into Santa Fe was so much fun, every building is the brown adobe with flat roofs, water spouts that drain the water from rain out the sides into rain barrels. Massive rounded walls and corners,  wood surrounding the windows and doors, massive timber beams protruding out the walls from inside that support the roof. Everywhere you looked these Pueblo style homes dotted the hillsides but due to their one story architecture they blended in with the low growing trees and the color of the ground or vegetation. Sometimes you would find a home that has painted the wood a wonderful bright color, teal, blue, yellow. Pueblo style homes were once made with sun dried adobe mud and grass or hay, but today cement blocks are used and covered in the adobe mud.SPA_2760 SPA_2759 SPA_2758 SPA_2758

SPA_2926 SPA_2913 SPA_2940 SPA_2922

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico, and joined the U.S. in 1912. Santa Fe means “Holy Faith” in Spanish. Santa Fe is the second oldest town in the U.S., founded in 1607 by the Spanish.  It is located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Some of the peaks around Santa Fe are as high as 12,000 feet. There is an average of 300 days each year of sunshine, there is an average of 14″ of rain a year. It can snow as early as October and as late as May with 30-34″ of snow!! There are 60,000 people live and work.  There are 57,000 hotel rooms, 200 restaurants, 250 art galleries, 50 Indian jewelry shops, 13 major museums and one world famous opera!!

Now you know where we spent the kids in hesitance!! We went shopping, we didn’t look for things for a house or for grandkids! We found things we wanted, like new boots at the Lucchese boot store, and a new belt for Guy  with an amazing silver buckle, a new Denim Lapis Necklace for me!!

Then we were walking by the Hat Store an walked in just for fun….lol….new hat for Guy and for me!!


measuring his head, need to make a special hat for him!!
Scarey, adding up the bill!!
The belt store
Putting on the new silver buckle, end piece


Wahoo New boots!!

Random pictures around Santa Fe. The city center is a hub of activity with stores around a park in the center. Everyone seems to gravitate there with ice cream, coffee or snacks.

SPA_2920 SPA_2919 SPA_2943 SPA_2939 SPA_2945 SPA_2940

Thanks for following us thru Santa Fe!! Stay tuned for “The Rovers” trip to Bandelier National Monument! Hugs to all!! The Rovers

13 thoughts on “Spent the Inheritance!

  1. Sue, just love reading about your trip. Love the pictures too. Thanks for taking me on your trip. I got new cowboy boots when we went to a wedding in Texas last October. Did’t get a hat, darn. Much love, Sue

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  2. Keep those facts coming, many I never knew about our wonderful country. I too would love to see you both in your new accessories.

    1. I will have to take a picture of Mr. Guy all decked out!! It is amazing how much you learn as you travel along! One day next year we will be heading your way Miss Dawn. You and Uncle Bob need to head to North Carolina and Paulas while we are there!!

  3. Love the new boots. Santa Fe looks amazing. We can’t wait to go there some day.
    Glad you are having fun. Hope to see you in a couple weekends.

    1. Hi there, Kim! Santa Fe is an amazing place! It sure was an active place, lots of people heading in every direction! We found a great cheese shop and got the most wonderful cheeses and salami, with great homemade bread! Great dinner! Wish it had been warmer so we could have been outside more!

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