Truth or Consequences!!

March 15-17, 2015

When we left Tucson it was turning warm with the sun shining nice and bright! It was wonderful to feel the warmth knowing that we were headed to higher elevations and colder temps.

Friends, Debbie and Steve told us about a great resturant to stop in on the way to our next stop, Sparkys. It is in the town of Hatch, NM which they say is the Chile capitol of the world. We were hungry and couldn’t get there fast enough. When we arrived this place was packed…there was a line out the door and around the corner. Of course we did not stop to eat as we were way to hungry, so we parked across the street, made lunch in the coach and watched the mad house that was going on!! This place is in the middle of nowhere but looks like everyone drives there just to eat, there was a motorcycle group of about 50 there waiting to eat.

Sparkys, Hatch, NM

Neither Guy nor I had been to New Mexico before and were so surprised at how many mountains there are and how very rocky it is. We found the area to be very interesting and beautiful after the flat lands of AZ. We were headed to Elephant Butte and Truth or Consequences! Can’t make up those names! This is very high desert, very dry, lots of open land with lots of stressless cows! My skin look like alligator skin!

The drive to Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte with the mountains in the distance
Elephant Butte State Park

We stayed at the Elephant Butte Lake Resort, 2 days, and got to catch up with all the necessities like laundry and cleaning the coach! We have it down to a system now, I dust and do bathrooms, Guy vacuums and washes the floors. Not bad!  We even had the coach and truck washed and waxed!

We are used to very small towns as Dadeville only has 3,186 residents, but Elephant Butte has a population of 1,382! Truth or Consequences has 6,246!!  Between the 2 towns there are more stores that we have in Dadeville, Al. There is even a Walmart for groceries, I think they have a better selection than Auburn, Al! For the 44 years of our marriage I have done the marketing alone but it was fun having Guy with me this time! We actually picked out some good stuff to eat!

SPA_2833 SPA_2843

Guy on the roof trying to decide how to install some equipment!!

Even tho we didn’t stay here long we fell in love with the area. So of course what do you do then if you are an Alexander? Yup, you go look at houses!! We found the Sierra Del Rio Golf Course and  Turtleback Mountain Resort!! We found the most wonderful house, drove by it a few times, called the realtor, found out it was empty, went back and looked in the windows!! We walked around to the back, the view was astounding!! The back deck was everything anybody would want. The inside was just as beautiful!! We did think about it long and hard but we decided we really want to travel for a few years before we decide anything that drastic!!

The front of the house
The back deck looking out at the mountains with the golf course below!
Looking at the back deck, outdoor fire pit overlooking the valley

We are going to the balloon fest in Albuquerque, NM in October and decided that we would come back to Elephant Butte for the month to stay and really check out the area as there is so much to do here.  We just may go look at the house again if its on the market still. Who knows what will happen!! Get ready kids!!

We are heading to Santa Fe, so stay tuned to “The Rovers” and find out what they are up to next!!

9 thoughts on “Truth or Consequences!!

  1. Bill and I loved Santa Fe! Be ready – will probably be cold there! Be sure to do a day trip to Taos – you won’t regret it! There’s a place (or at least was in 2010) called “O” on the road on the way from Santa Fe to Taos – we ate there for lunch – it was yummy! Be watching for their decorative overpasses – very cool! Have a great time – post plenty of pics!

    1. Yup Kelly, WE LOVED Santa Fe! Did not head to Taos this time but when we head back in September we will be taking the upper road thru NM and head there. Looking forward to checking it out.

  2. This is so much fun reading all about your trip, I am green with envy. Don’t forget to check out your relatives, well, maybe. Uncle Gus and Imogene lived in Albuquerque (sp) and although they may be “on the other side” meaning deceased, there are children who now must have grandchildren.
    Just “sayin”
    Thanks for taking time to share with us, love it.
    Guy, again congratulations on retirement, you two have got it together.

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