White Sands Missile Range and National Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico

We finally arrived in El Paso, Texas with beautiful sunny skies and nice warm weather! We stopped here in order to  meet up with some friends we met while in Key West last year, Connie and Bill. They had just moved there less than a month before. Of course, when they asked what Guy wanted for dinner he most certainly picked Mexican.


This was the first time either of us had been to El Paso and what a surprise it was, almost like culture shock (of course remember we live in Alabama).  There are over 800,000 people that live there! We went for a drive in the mountains to look at the lights down in the valley and were so amazed to see the density of lights from the houses and businesses. We found out that El Paso is the oldest city in Texas and is the 4th largest city, with 248 square miles. There are 3 border crossings into Juarez, Mexico, Texas has the largest border with Mexico in America. The Rio Grande separates Mexico from the U.S. but is dry now due to the lack of rain.


Saturday Connie and Bill picked us up at our campground which was in Anthony, New Mexico. Which was only 5 mins from them in El Paso.  We headed about two hours into the mountains to the White Sands Missile Range and then to Whites Sands Dunes. As we were walking around the area you could hear the artillery fire going on at the range. They did not allow us to drive into the area but park outside the gates and walk in. There was a small museum but it was closed while we were there.

SPA_2436 SPA_2428 SPA_2429 SPA_2422

SPA_2425The White Sand Dunes were amazing with the blazing white sand set in the valley between the mountain ranges. You could see the snow on the mountains but stand on the sand and think you were at the beach.

SPA_2458 SPA_2473 SPA_2467After leaving the dunes we headed up to CloudCroft NM, of course we got lost, even with the four of us with google maps loaded on the cell phones!! We were talking so much we were not watching the road signs. Once we left El Paso at 3,800 ft and started up the mountain and reached the 8,900 ft  the temps started changing down to the 40’s. We also were entering into snow on the ground.


Connie, Bill and Sue



SPA_2498 We decided to go get burgers for a very late lunch but lo and behold what does this western bar serve? Guys favorite again, Mexican!! After lunch we head to the next restaurant for a piece of apple pie and ice cream, but no we have to buy the whole pie, they were out of apple so we get the berry with every kind of berry they could find. We took it back to Connie and Bills, took all three dogs out for a little bit and had a wonderful dessert. It was hard saying goodbye to them as we had so much fun but we were leaving in the morning for Tuscon!!

And I will leave it at that for now!  Hugs to everyone from the The Rovers!!

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  1. Nice nice recap of your visit with Connie, seeing we couldn’t be there this seemed like second best. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep adding more, we love it.

    1. I’m glad you are reading about our journey!! One of these days we will be heading up the east coast and your way! Probably next year, we are going to be back in New Mexico in October and then out to visit Penny and Roger in Bullhead City.

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